Beats Solo Pro vs Beats Studio 3 Wireless 2022

by Michael Dwain and Ron Phillip

Beats has been one of the best audio equipment brands in the 21st century with revolutionary headphones, earphones, and portable speakers. With celebrity brand ambassadors supporting the brand you can expect nothing but the best from their whole line of products that get a facelift every year offering better quality and listening pleasure. 

Today I’m going to be comparing two of their premium products in Beats Solo Pro vs Beats Studio 3 Wireless. Without a doubt, both these headphones are from the top shelf of the brand, let’s see who stands out among each other. I’m going to be comparing every single detail of both headphones from connectivity to audio quality to help you make a decision between the two. 

So let’s get started with Beats Solo Pro vs Beats Studio 3 Wireless.

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Product Overview

FeatureBeats Solo ProBeats Studio 3 Wireless
DesignOn-Ear HeadphonesOver-Ear Headphones
Connectivity BluetoothBluetooth, Wired 
ChargingUSB A-type chargingUSB C-type charging
BatteryWith ANC off it lasts 22 hoursWith ANC off it lasts 22 hours
Format SupportedCodec: AACCodec: AAC, SBC
Bluetooth VersionW1 Chip with BT 5.0vW1 Chip with BT 4.2v

Beats Solo Pro vs Beats Studio 3 Wireless

What’s Inside the Box

The Solo Pro comes in a well-secured box that opens up from the bottom in a flap design with a small compartment holding the necessary accessories. Inside the compartment, you will be provided with a small carabiner that is used to hook the case of the headphones to the side of your bag or the belt loop of your jeans for early portability. 

It also comes with an original charger cable for the headphones which is lighting to USB A type. Inside the box, you will find the headphones inside a soft travel case that feels quite comfortable to hold and carry. It uses a zipper system to open and close the headphones. 

 Once opened you will find your swanky-looking Beats Solo Pro that is ready to use by just folding out the headphones and you’re ready to pair, which happens in seconds. 

The Studio 3 on the other hand, has a rather large box big with two layers, with one being the exterior cover. Once you’ve removed the top layer you will find a premium box that opens up. Upon lifting the lid, you will find another cover with the brand’s tagline, I have to say it feels a whole lot better and premium compared to the Beats Solo Pro.

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When you remove the second cover you will find the leather case with the headphones inside, this case feels and looks more durable than the Solo Pro soft case cover. Beneath the headphones shell case, you will find the user manual, stickers, and cables for the Beats Studio 3. You also get a carabiner, 3.5mm audio cable, multimedia dock and a micro-USB fast charging cable.

The case of the Studio 3 is larger than the headphones with enough space to keep a flash drive or charging cable which is quite convenient. 

Beats Solo Pro vs Beats Studio 3 Wireless

Verdict: The Beats Studio Pro has better packing and accessories when compared to the Beats Solo Pro. 


Both these premium headphones look a lot alike when you have them in front of you. They have a similar hold-out design where it turns on when folded out and turns off when folded back in. 

Both the headphones follow a closed-back design which gives you a snug and comfy fit when putting them on. Not much of a difference again in the fit but the Studio 3 felt like it had a better fit because of the larger drivers. This makes sense since one of the main differences in their design is that the Solo Pro has an on-ear design and the Studio 3 is an Over-ear.

Beats Solo Pro vs Beats Studio 3 Wireless

There is only a difference of 8 grams between the two with the Solo Pro being the heavier headphones. I feel the weight is just perfect so you don’t experience a lot of fatigue when wearing them during your workouts. 

The material used to make these headphones are of the highest quality given its premium price tags. Though light in weight, both headphones felt sturdy and durable. 

To support the plastic body of the Beats Solo Pro it has a metal headband that helps with adjusting the headphones to your comfort. I found that the headphones didn’t feel comfortable on my head because of the limited adjustment options which the Studio Pro offered for a better fit. 

Both headphones have comfortable padding and ear cups, but the Beats Studio 3 offered better comfort thanks to the dense plastic.

Verdict: The Studio Pro 3 is the winner for me as I have a large head and find most headphones don’t exactly fit the bill but the Studio 3 felt great and comfortable compared to the Beats Solo Pro.


The Beat Solo Pro is a more recent edition of headphones from the brand and is fitted with a more recent updated version of Bluetooth. With that said you can expect a better seamless connection with a reduced chance of connection drops when moving around. 

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Both headphones have a Class 1 Bluetooth interface installed this allows both headphones to work up to 33ft without having any interruption in connectivity. Technically the Class 1 Bluetooth can hold a solid connection up to 300 ft, so you don’t need to carry your phone around the gym when listening to your favorite tunes while working out. 

Beats Solo Pro vs Beats Studio 3 Wireless

The Studio 3 comes with an added unique connectivity feature which the Solo pro falls short on, that is a 3.5mm RemoteTalk Cable making connectivity easy compared to the lighting to ⅛ inch TRRS cable for the Beat Solo Pro.

Verdict: Both headphones have Class 1 Bluetooth but the Solo Pro has a more updated version that provides a more seamless listening experience.

Sound Quality

If you’ve ever used Beats headphones in the past, all of them have one thing in common. They have a low-end focused EQ preset done on their phones which now feels like their signature nature of sound. 

I tested both headphones with some of my favorite house and hip hop tracks that were in WAV format for the best sound response. 

The Beat Solo Pro had exceptional mids and treble with the combo of tight bassy low end that Beats is famous for. 

I felt the Beats Studio 3 had a more flat response and felt less bright compared to the Solo Pro.

Verdict: After Listening to both headphones, there is no doubt both headphones sound great but the Solo Pro had better highs and provided a better listening experience.

Noise Cancellation/ANC

Both headphones come with ANC and have excellent sound isolation, but the Beats Solo Pro stood out for its transparency mode. In this mode the headphones allow a certain level of surrounding sound giving a sense of awareness.

It is also possible to have a conversation with your friends and still listen to your music running in the background. 

Verdict: Beats Solo Pro wins for its transparency mode which Studio 3 lacks. But both headphones provide excellent sound isolation.

Battery Life

As per the brand both headphones have the same battery support but have variable charge time as the Beats Solo Pro comes with fast-fuel charging and the Studio 3 comes with fast charging but with micro USB charging. So it’s definitely not as fast as the Solo Pro.

Both claim for a 22 hours backup; this depends on the levels you keep the headphones on and used with or without ANC. So it’s safe to say Solo Pro is the winner here. 

Verdict: The Solo Pro for its fast Fuel Fast Charging capabilities.


The Solo Pro is priced at $199.99 whereas the Studio Pro is priced at $269.49

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Verdict : Beats Solo Pro for excellent value for money.

Pros and Cons

Studio 3 Pros Studio 3 Cons
22 hours battery lifeTransparency Mode
ANCLacks Brightness Compared to Solo Pro 
Excellent Sound Isolation 
Bluetooth Class 1
Metal Frame 
Large Drivers
Solo Pro ProsSolo Pro Cons
22 hours Battery LifeSmall Driver 
ANCNot advisable for people with large heads
Metal Frame Lighting TRRS for wired connection.
Excellent Sound Isolation
Bluetooth Class 1
Transparency Mode

Beats Solo Pro vs Beats Studio 3 Wireless : Which Is Better?

The Beats Solo Pro is our clear winner here because it’s more recent with better parts and connectivity compared to Studio 3. The Transparency mode is a huge up for the headphones as well. 

You have to understand both headphones sound excellent and we are helping you decide the better from two goods.


Is Beats Solo Pro or Studio 3 better?

The Beats Solo Pro has better mids and highs compared to Studio 3 with Transparency mode. 

What does the Transparency mode offer?

With the transparency mode on you will be able to hear the noise from the surrounding ambiance as well as the music from your playlist giving you a sense of your surroundings. 

Are the Beats Headphones Flexible?

Yes apart from having a plastic body, the frame is made of metal offering a combination of flexibility and sturdiness. 

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