Best AV Receiver under $300 in 2022

by Michael Dwain

Whether you like watching live sporting events, movies or you just want to kick back and play some video games, a high-performance AV receiver will be able to deliver the full range of sounds and enhance your viewing experience on your TV.

Most of the major brands have developed AV receivers that cater to every kind of budget. 

Our team at Audio-Sandwich have managed to round up the following 6 receivers that we have tested from the 20 we got our hands on, and have to say that these are some of the best AV receivers you can get for within a budget of $300.

We took various factors into consideration such as connectivity, power output, maximum resolution and supported formats before drawing the conclusion that the best AV receiver under $300 is the Onkyo TX-SR393. This AV receiver is one of the best budget receivers to buy that supports 4K resolution, is equipped with Bluetooth wireless connectivity and can deliver up to 155W per channel that can bring your roof down.

Without further ado, here’s the top 6 best AV receivers under $300 that you can buy online.

  • Onkyo TX-SR393 AV Receiver
  • Sony STRDH590 5.2 Channel AV Receiver
  • Denon AVR-S540BT-R Receiver
  • Pyle 7.1 Channel Hi-Fi AV Receiver
  • Yamaha RX-V385 4K UHD AV Receiver 
  • Pioneer VSX-534 4K AV Receiver

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Top 6 Best AV Receiver under $300

Onkyo TX-SR393 AV Receiver

One of the best budget AV receivers to buy is the Onkyo TX-SR393. This bad boy comes equipped with some of the best features you could ask for in an AV receiver of this day and age. It’s designed to deliver a massive 155W per channel and is capable of supporting a video resolution of 4K with a refresh rate of 60fps.

The Onkyo TX-SR393 delivers HDR quality video with Dolby vision codecs and to match that quality,  Onkyo has thrown in Dolby Atmos, DTS:X playback and Height Virtualizers to ensure you have the best sounding audio of all time.

It houses four HDMI inputs and the HDMI outputs come ARC enabled allowing you to easily transfer movies to your TV. The main reason to consider this AV receiver is for the fact that it offers Bluetooth 5.0 which means that you can transfer or stream content from any other Bluetooth enabled device.

Resolution Supported4K/60fps, HDR
Dolby SupportAtmos, DTS Virtual: X, Dolby Height Virtualizer
Power Output155W per Channel
ConnectivityBluetooth, HDMI, RCA, Optical, Coaxial

Sony STRDH590 5.2 Channel AV Receiver

Sony has been making some pretty impressive AV receivers and sound systems for ages and they have only been getting better at what they do. The STRDH590 is surely one to consider buying since it comes equipped with an auto calibration feature, 4K picture quality and 5.1 channel true surround sound.

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One of the highlights of using the STRDH590 is that not only does it come equipped with Bluetooth, but it also features a Bluetooth standby function that lets you play music directly from a paired device without changing the source or selecting Bluetooth on the remote.

This 5.2 channel receiver is capable of delivering 4K video resolution with HDR passthrough and Dolby vision, which means you get to watch movies and play games in the best clarity possible. It is compatible with a multi channel stereo setup, has a built-in FM radio and can be connected via either the RCA port, Optical port, Coaxial or HDMI.

Resolution Supported4K/60fps, HDR
Dolby SupportAtmos, DTS Virtual: X, Dolby Vision
Power Output145W per Channel
ConnectivityBluetooth, HDMI, RCA, Optical, Coaxial

Denon AVR-S540BT-R Receiver

The AVR-S540BT is one of Denon’s most affordable and powerful AV receivers that you can find for under $300 on Amazon. This unit lets you make the most of your UHD TV at home and can deliver up to 140W per channel for exceptional and immersive sound.

It comes equipped with Bluetooth allowing you to connect up to 8 devices at a time to it and with which you can create an integrated multi-room audio set up at home thanks to the Denon HEOS link.

It’s one of the easiest AV receivers to use and uses an on-screen setup assistant that helps you set up and calibrate your receiver depending on the layout of your speakers or on the size of the room you’re in. There are 5 HDMI ports, an RCA port, and two optical ports to connect either your TV audio or an external media player.

Resolution Supported4K, HDR, HLG, Wide Color Gamut
Dolby SupportDolby Surround Sound, TrueHD, DTS HD Master Stereo
Power Output140W per Channel
ConnectivityBluetooth, HDMI, RCA, Optical

Pyle 7.1 Channel Hi-Fi AV Receiver

Pyle is an American brand that specializes in audio and video equipment. They’re an affordable option for those looking to receive high-quality sound and visuals. The 7.1 channel Hi-Fi AV receiver is a 2000W system that is Bluetooth compatible and supports 4K UHD with 3D and blu-Ray pass-through support.

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This unit comes equipped with a range of input and output modes making it one of the most versatile AV receivers available under $300. It has 2 x ¼” microphone inputs and comes with a next generation DSP sound processing technology letting you control and modify the bass, treble, echo and adjust the microphones.

Thankfully it comes with a remote control so you wouldn’t have to worry about pressing buttons on the receiver, trust me there are a lot of them. All-in-all, this is one real competitive AV receiver out there and in terms of power it surely beats the Onkyo, Denon or Sony. You wouldn’t regret using it to power your home theater.

Resolution Supported4K, HDR, HD TV, 3D, Blu-Ray
Dolby SupportN/A
Power Output2000W Max
ConnectivityBluetooth, HDMI, RCA, Optical, Coaxial

Yamaha RX-V385 4K UHD AV Receiver

When it comes to music Yamaha is one of the best. They have been creating amplifiers and AV receivers for ages now and are masters at what they do. While they may be a premium brand, their RX-V385 is one of their most efficient and affordable AV receivers out there.

This 5.1 channel surround sound system runs on Bluetooth for wireless connectivity, supports HDMI 2.1 with HDCP and comes equipped with 4K 60fps UHD support allowing you to play games or watch movies wired or wireless at the highest quality possible.

It’s equipped with YPAO auto calibration technology and uses Cinema DSP to deliver precise sounding clear audio. You can even enable Dolby TrueHD and DTS HD Master audio to enhance your viewing and listening experience. 

Resolution Supported4K/60fps, HDR, UHD, HDR10, Dolby Vision
Dolby SupportVision, DTS HD Master Audio
Power Output145W per Channel
ConnectivityBluetooth, HDMI, RCA, Optical, Coaxial

Pioneer VSX-534 4K AV Receiver

The Pioneer VSX-534 is a sturdy and well-built Smart AV receiver that supports a 5.1.2 channel audio system with enhanced Dolby Vision, Dolby Atmos and DTS:X. It’s currently one of the best AV receivers to get that’s priced under $300 and one you should definitely consider.

It’s Bluetooth compatible and can be connected to your phone, laptop or TV wirelessly and it uses a smart memory bank that recognises which device is connected to it over Bluetooth and automatically begins playback without you having to press any button on the remote control.

This high-performance machine is built to support 4K video while passing it through HDR10, Dolby vision, HLG and Bt.2020 to deliver the best looking video. The DTS:X lets you set up anywhere from 2 channels all the way to a 7.1.4 channel system (input) and deliver between 2 to 5.1 channels out.

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Resolution Supported4K UHD, HDR10, HLG, BT.2020
Dolby SupportVision, DTS:X, DTS Virtual:X, Atmos, Neural:X
Power Output150W per Channel
ConnectivityBluetooth, HDMI, RCA, Optical, Coaxial, USB


Can I use 5.1 speakers with a 7.1 AV receiver?

AV receivers with 7.1 channels are capable of running a 5.1 speaker setup. All you’d have to do is skip 2 ports while connecting the speakers in their configuration and stick to just 5 plus the subwoofer. You will receive more power to your speakers and may be able to drive larger speakers via this method. However, it’s also a good idea to try sticking with a 5.1 channel receiver in that case as you would most likely save some money this way.

What type of connection is ideal in an AV receiver?

This depends on the TV and speaker setup you have going on at home. These days, AV receivers come with multiple input and output ports allowing you to connect them to a wide range of devices and speakers. Pick one that has multiple HDMI ports including a HDMI ARC port, an optical port, RCA input, Bluetooth enabled and can support anywhere from 2 to 7 channels at the same time.

Which is better, Wired or Wireless AV Receivers?

Again, this would depend on your personal preference. If you have Bluetooth speakers you wish to connect to the receiver then the receiver will need to come with Bluetooth connectivity. Not all AV receivers support Bluetooth as it would relate mainly to the transmission of audio and not the video. Most of the new age AV receivers come with Bluetooth by default so it’s best to check the details of the product before purchasing. Bluetooth enabled AV receivers are good for those looking to stay mobile or those who want to setup a completely wireless home theater.

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