Best Chinese Amplifier 2023 | Cheap & Affordable Hi-Fi Amps we found online

by Michael Dwain

If you’re an audiophile then one key component to own is a good amplifier. 

I’m not talking about the integrated amplifiers that come with smartphones and laptops, i’m referring to old-school amplifiers that are usually sold as individual units or as a home-theater.

Big brands like Yamaha, Sony, Marantz have been manufacturing high-performance amplifiers that are capable of bringing the roof down, the only drawback is that they cost quite a lot.

Today I’m going to talk about a cheaper option, Chinese Amplifiers. Some of the best amplifiers in the world are actually manufactured by Chinese companies or No-Name brands and are considered to be cheaper and at times better than big international brands. 

Here’s my take on what the Best Chinese Amplifiers and Tube Amplifiers you can buy are.

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Best Chinese Amplifier – Overview

Best Chinese AmplifiersBest for
Reisong A10 EL34 Hi-Fi Audio Stereo Tube AmplifierOverall Best Chinese Amplifier
INFI Audio Hybrid Class AB Tube AmplifierBest User Friendly Chinese Amplifier
BoyuuRange A50 MKIII 300BBest Amp for Bass Reproduction
FX AUDIO Tube Pre-amp TUBE-06Best Budget Chinese Amplifier
Fosi Audio T20 Tube AmplifierBest Hi-Fi Chinese Amplifier
Neoteck Bluetooth Stereo Tube AmplifierBest Chinese Bluetooth Amplifier
Nobsound P1 Tube AmplifierBest Chinese Tube Amplifier
Willsenton R8 Stereo Tube AmplifierBest Chinese Amplifier for Movies

How to Choose a Chinese Amplifier?

Chinese amplifiers are available in plenty, but choosing the best one from the lot can prove to be tiresome. Here are a couple of points that you should take note of before purchasing your Chinese amplifier.

  • Wattage – To help you understand better, the higher the wattage of the amplifier, the louder the music will sound. Take your residence into consideration and if you’re living in a quiet neighborhood with nosy neighbors then it wouldn’t be wise to pick up a high wattage Chinese amp. The level of power the amplifier can put out will also be directly proportional to the power your speakers can handle, so if you’re buying a Chinese amplifier for a set of speakers you already have at home, make sure they meet the power requirements or your speakers will blow if the amp is too powerful.
  • Tube amp or Regular amp – Another question you have to ask yourself is what kind of music and listening experience do you wish to have. If you want warm, homely sounding music that you’re going to play through a pair of headphones then choose a tube amp. However, those who prefer a more natural and electrifying sounding experience can choose a regular amplifier. We’ve covered mainly tube amps because they are much more efficient and better sounding than regular amps.
  • Price – Based on our experience, Chinese amplifiers are available from under $50 and can go all the way upwards of $350. One of the best things about Chinese amplifiers is that a majority of them are affordable and you wouldn’t have to shell out a lot to get your hands on something that sounds great. Conduct your research into the topic of Chinese amplifiers and see which unit is best suited for your needs and if you have the budget set aside for it.

How we Tested these Chinese Amplifiers?

In order to finalize on the top 8 best Chinese amplifiers available today, we put a bunch of amps through different tests to determine which are the best and are worth your money. The rating system is on 5 with 5/5 being the highest rating and 1/5 being the lowest.

  • Sound quality test – This test was conducted in a closed environment to determine whether there is any distortion or drop in audio quality when music is played at high volumes. We used external speakers and headphones to check the sound quality of each amplifier on this list.
  • Build and design – Budget friendly Chinese amplifiers are generally made from low-grade materials, so we took products that are not only cheap and affordable but offer high levels of durability and won’t get damaged easily. All the amps listed below have been made from high quality materials and use premium grade components such as transistors and tubes.
  • Power output – Obviously we’re going to test the power levels of these bad boys and see if they’re going to be able to power the home theater speakers or if they’re good enough only for a pair of headphones. We’ve taken their power ratings into consideration and have highlighted some of the best power efficient Chinese amps which produce Hi-Fi audio.

Top 8 Best Chinese Amplifiers

There is a wide range of Chinese Amplifiers in the market, from Chi-Fi to Tube amps. These are budget friendly and offer impressive audio amplification providing you with a warm retro sounding experience. 

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In the United States, amplifiers and vacuum tube amps cost a lot to own, even a regular amplifier can set you back a couple of hundred dollars. Chinese amplifiers that are built using high-quality components on the other hand don’t cost as much (certain exceptions are there).

This list will help you decide on which Chinese amplifier to buy depending on your budget.

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Reisong A10 EL34 Hi-Fi Audio Stereo Tube Amplifier

Best Chinese Amplifier

Overall Best Chinese Amplifier

The best Chinese amplifier without a doubt is the Reisong A10. It’s one of the most impressively designed amps we had the opportunity to test and boy did it blow our minds (and eardrums too). It’s a tube amplifier that sounds pretty decent from the get go and is capable of producing some pretty neat sounding audio as the tubes get warmer.

For under $500, this beast can make your bookshelf speakers feel like you’re at an outdoor party. The CNC aluminum body and well designed knobs/controllers are pretty premium and don’t wear out easily. Unlike other regular amplifiers that have the controls situated on their front, the A10 has toggle switches and input switches located at the back of the device which makes it a little hard to access when the amp is turned on.

Key Features of the Reisong A10

  • Build & Design:  We loved the design and build of the A10, it uses 5Z4PJ vacuum tubes and is loaded with a 0.35 thick power transformer that ensures there’s adequate power supply to the amp while keeping its overall temperature low. This in turn helps prevent the tubes from burning out sooner than they normally would.


Total Harmonic Distortions≤ 1% (1kHz)
Power SupplyAC 110V – 120V / 50Hz-60Hz
Frequency Response20Hz – 28KHz
Output Power6W * 2 (Ultra-linear)
Stereo OutputRCA Speaker Output (L&R – 0 Ω – 4 Ω – 8 Ω)


  • Sound Quality – 5/5
  • Build & Design – 5/5
  • Power Output – 4.5/5

INFI Audio Hybrid Class AB Tube Amplifier

Best Chinese Amplifier

Best User Friendly Chinese Amplifier

The iNFI Tube Amplifier is a 100W hybrid tube amp that’s designed to be user friendly. The housing unit is made from Aluminum and metal providing it extra protection, whereas the knobs are crafted from precision cut metal and offer a delicate feel while controlling the amplifier.

To deliver balanced sound, the AB tube amplifier uses PCB circuit boards specifically designed for Hi-Fi audio. While all this sound good, we haven’t gotten to the best part as yet.

The iNFI AB amplifier has a fully functional cooling system, one that we’ve never seen before and this helps keep the circuits and tubes cool even after running for a couple of hours. From what we noticed, the fan helps dissipate heat so that the amp can perform at peak capacity without any drop in performance of sound quality.

Key Features of the INFO Audio Hybrid Tube Amp

  • Stereo In & Out: The Amplifier has the ability to be connected to multiple audio sources and offers Stereo input and output. So you can hook up this amp to your CD Player, DVD Player, PC, Smartphone and practically any electronic device that supports Bluetooth, USB, Optical or Coaxial transmission methods for a fun filled listening experience.
  • Build & Design: It comes with independent treble, bass and master volume adjustment knobs to control your sound output. The body is cast from Aluminum and metal making it safe to use and pretty rugged. IT features shortened and thickened steel wiring for cooling performance and user safety.


Output Impedance4 Ω – 8 Ω
Bluetooth VersionV2.1
Bluetooth Range10 Meters
AC Power Input110V 50Hz
Stereo InputOptical, Coaxial, Aux (CD/DVD Players), Bluetooth
Stereo OutputRCA Speaker Output


  • Sound Quality – 4.5/5
  • Build & Design – 5/5
  • Power Output – 4.5/5

BoyuuRange A50 MKIII 300B

Best Chinese Amplifier

Best Amp for Bass Reproduction

The BoyuuRange A50 performs some impressive push-pull amplification capabilities. It comes with a double chassis that is made from imported stainless steel and high grade aluminum. The amplifier boasts of high-grade aluminum CNC machining and an anodic surface treatment making it a beast of an amplifier.

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The MKIII offers remarkable bass reproducing capabilities, which is stable and reliable. It’s even been proven to offer better intermediate frequency. The input methods offered are Stereo CD, Tape and Aux,  it comes with Stereo output as well.

At the front of the tube amplifier you’d find the knob to control the audio input mode and a volume knob.

Key Features of the BoyuuRange A50 MKIII 300B

  • Build & Design: The Amplifier is built to be strong and sturdy, the body is crafted from high-grade aluminum while the chassis follows a double design with a steel thickness of 2.4mm making it practically a tank of an amplifier.
  • Power Output Tube: It comes with 2 300B PSVANE vacuum tubes that deliver impressive sound with no distortion whatsoever.


Output Impedance4 Ω – 8 Ω
Rectifier5Z3PAT × 1
Frequency Response30Hz-42KHz
Volume375 W x 290 D x 180 H mm
Stereo InputAux (DVD Players), Tape, CD
Stereo OutputRCA Speaker Output (L&R – 0 Ω – 4 Ω – 8 Ω)


  • Sound Quality – 4.5/5
  • Build & Design – 5/5
  • Power Output – 5/5

FX AUDIO Tube Preamp TUBE-06

Best Chinese Amplifier

Best Budget Chinese Amplifier

The most affordable tube preamp on this list is the FX Audio that comes with both digital and analog inputs. This preamp has tone controls at the front and at the back of the amp are the digital and analog inputs. The analog outputs can provide up to 5.8V via the RCA connectors making it best suited to a wide variety of power amps.

The FX AUDIO TUBE-06 offers warm and soft sound thanks to the bass production that enables you to have a pleasant listening experience. It’s brilliant if you’re looking for something that offers analog preamp abilities and tone controls. 

This tube amp lets you drown out other unwanted sounds and focus only on what’s being played, filling the entire room with crystal clear vacuum tube sound.

Key Features of the FX AUDIO Tube Preamp TUBE-06

  • Build & Design: The casing is crafted from brushed aluminum and feels solid while looks great. There is no marking as such around the knobs and the knobs fitted on the Tube-06 produce a clicking feel every time they’re turned.
  • Chip & Sound Card: It uses a built-in CM6653 sound card that supports DAC decoding. This in-built sound card improves the sound quality of the sound card in your PC or laptop.
  • Multiple Input & Outputs: The Tube-06  has three inputs namely; RCA, Aux and PC-USB. This device can only be used for home audio systems and has to be connected to passive speakers or headphones that support the power output.


ChipsetN3 USB DAC CM6653 (24Bit / 96kHz)
Power SupplyDC 12V 1.66A
Frequency Response±2 (20Hz-20kHz)
Stereo InputPC-USB, RCA, AUX
Stereo OutputRCA Speaker Output (L&R)


  • Sound Quality – 4/5
  • Build & Design – 4.5/5
  • Power Output – 5/5

Fosi Audio T20 Tube Amplifier

Best Hi-Fi Chinese Amplifier

The Fosi Audio T20 is a Bluetooth tube amplifier that delivers 50W per channel allowing you to use even high-range headphones or speakers to create impressive audio quality. It’s designed to connect with your audio system and speaker set up via the RCA input or Bluetooth.

This particular Chinese amp even has a 3.5mm headphone port for audio output and makes sure that you receive warm sounding music at all times.

The front of the unit houses the control knobs that allow you to adjust your Bass, Treble and overall volume control.

Key Features of the Fosi Audio T20

  • Build & Design – The T20 is made up of aluminum and steel with two 6J4 tubes sitting on the top. The main power, volume and audio controls are located at the front of the unit while the RCA port and power-in are situated at the back.


Total Harmonic Distortions≤ 0.04%
Amp ChipTPA3116
Frequency Response20Hz – 28KHz
Output Power50W * 2
Stereo OutputRCA Speaker Output (L&R – 16 Ω – 64 Ω)


  • Sound Quality – 4.5/5
  • Build & Design – 5/5
  • Power Output – 4/5

Neoteck Bluetooth Stereo Tube Amplifier

Best Chinese Amplifier

Best Chinese Bluetooth Amplifier

The Neoteck Tube amplifier is an easy to use amp that allows you to connect it to any device without any installation or software to run. It’s a home Hi-Fi integrated amplifier which uses the well known TPA3116D2 chip-set that is designed to deliver Hi-Fi sound.

This tube amplifier is equipped with a Bluetooth receiver with a range of around 15 meters and supports aptX low latency codec that literally  eliminates the lag between audio and video while watching a movie.

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It comes with two 6J4 tubes that offer soft and sweet sound. The advanced circuitry design allows you to use the amplifier for long duration without any drop in the quality of sound. This even acts as a power amp or headphone amp (if your headphones support high impedance of  16-300 Ω.

Key Features of the Neoteck Bluetooth Stereo Tube Amplifier

  • Sound Quality: The Neoteck Bluetooth Stereo Tube Amplifier produces pure Hi-Fi sound thanks to the integrated Hi-Fi amp (50W RMSx2; 4 ohms, 20 Hz – 20 kHz, 0.04% THD).
  • The vacuum tubes can be replaced with other transparent tubes such as 6K4, 6J1, GE5654, 6AK5, 6ж1П, 6BC5, 403A/B, EF40 and EF95 making it ideal for customization.


Total Harmonic Distortions≤ 0.5% 
Bluetooth VersionV4.2
Bluetooth Range12-15 Meters
Frequency Range20Hz – 20KHz (±1 dB)
SNR≥ 98dB
Output Power50W + 50W
Stereo OutputRCA Speaker Output (L&R)


  • Sound Quality – 5/5
  • Build & Design – 5/5
  • Power Output – 4/5

Nobsound P1 Tube Amplifier

Best Chinese Tube Amplifier

The P1 tube amplifier from Nobsound is one of the best Hi-Fi Chinese amplifiers in the market that supports multiple input modes which allow you to connect it to almost any device out there. This versatile and compact amplifier can easily drive 32-300ohm headphones and features control knobs that let you alter the treble and bass to your liking.

This amp is powered by a CM6642+QCC3008+NE5532+classic 47 chip set that delivers Hi-Fi stereo sound with no delay. The vacuum tubes are the classic 6J5 tubes that are known for their warm, retro and smooth sounding audio reproduction.

Key Features of the Nobsound P1

  • The Nobsound P1 can be connected to via Bluetooth or through USB and RCA making it one of the most versatile Chinese amplifiers to buy. High quality audio is then relayed to your headphones either through the RCA out or via a 3.5mm audio jack.
  • It uses Bluetooth 5.0 and supports aptX and aptX-LL lossless transmission. You can connect it to a computer, mobile phone, TV, iPod, Echo Dot and more.


Total Harmonic Distortions≤ 0.01% 
Bluetooth VersionV5.0
Bluetooth Range20 Meters
Frequency Range20Hz – 20KHz (±3 dB)
SNR≥ 103dB
Stereo OutputRCA Speaker Output (L&R); 3.5mm jack, Bluetooth


  • Sound Quality – 4.5/5
  • Build & Design – 5/5
  • Power Output – 4.5/5

Willsenton R8 Stereo Tube Amplifier

Best Chinese Amplifier for Movies

If you’re a movie fanatic and enjoy the theater effect then you should consider checking out the Willsenton R8 amplifier. This tube amp comes with a large housing unit that encases the 9 beautiful sounding tubes that have been specifically designed to deliver warm and clear audio. It’s huge and is the kind of amplifier that high-end companies who charge a bomb for their amps will despise.

You can find this bad boy on Amazon for under $1500 and it comes with two listening modes; triode linear mode and ultra-linear mode. It’s a multi capable device that acts as an integrated amp, a power amp and even a headphones amp depending on the kind of experience you wish to have.

Key Features of the Willsenton R8

  • The entire amplifier has been handmade and comes with point to point wiring an welding. It’s equipped with two listening modes that you can toggle between and the button to do so is located on the face of the amplifier.
  • To help monitor voltage fluctuation, the RR8 comes with a built-in BIAS-ADJ voltage display. This display will help you keep an eye on the state of the vacuum tubes and ensure that they are running fine.


Total Harmonic Distortions≤ 1% 
Power Consumption310W
Output Impedance4Ω, 8Ω
Frequency Range10Hz – 40KHz (±5 dB)
SNR≥ 91dB
Stereo OutputRCA Speaker Output (L&R); 3.5mm jack


  • Sound Quality – 4.5/5
  • Build & Design – 5/5
  • Power Output – 5/5

FAQ’s on Buying chinese amplifiers

Are Chinese amplifiers good?

Chinese amplifiers are exceptional pieces of equipment that look good, sound great and won’t break the bank. Just because they’re retailed at such a lot cost, doesn’t mean they have been made from sub standard components. Some of the best Chinese amplifiers that cost a little under $200 are on par with leading brands like Sony and Bose in terms of sound quality and functionality.

Do tube amplifiers sound better?

Solid state amplifiers do not do a good enough job at minimizing distortions in the audio. A tube amplifier on the other hand delivers better sounding audio that’s warm and realistic. This makes them popular devices and are sought after by musicians and audiophiles.

Do Chinese amplifiers work well?

Yes, this is due to the fact that they come equipped with some of the latest technology and high quality audio processing capabilities that are normally found on high-end devices, fora bargain.


Choosing the right Chinese amplifier is kind of hard because there are too many out there with different specifications. I have managed to filter out the top five Chinese amplifiers in the market today. 

These are both cheap and built to last making them perfect choices for any type of audiophile.

In my opinion, the best Chinese amp is the Reisong A10 Hi-Fi Amp as it’s quite powerful, priced under 500 and is one of the most popular Chinese made amplifiers in the world.

Which one’s your favorite?

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