Best Competition Subwoofers for Car 2022

by Michael Dwain

Do you want to feel bass like never before? Something so intense that it makes your insides vibrate like jelly? 

If yes, then you’re on the right page.

Shopping for the best competition subwoofer can be a daunting task and I know this first hand because hardly a few months ago I was doing just that.

With the wide variety of competition Subwoofers in the market, either you may not know which to pick or you’ll be overwhelmed with how many there are that you may end up going for something random. 

So, today i’m going to break it down for you by taking you through what you should look for in a competition subwoofer and how to ideally make your choice. 

This list of the best competition subs are what I’ve curated to help you make your decision. They’re some of the best Subwoofers that you can fit in your car and I guarantee you’ll never regret.

Here are the top 6 best competition subwoofers for cars:

  • DS18 Hooligan X15.1D Subwoofer
  • Skar Audio VXF-15 15” Competition Car Subwoofer
  • Earthquake HoleeS-15 15” Subwoofer
  • Orion HCCA 154-CK  Subwoofer
  • Massive Audio SUMMO XL104 10” Subwoofer
  • Power Acoustik MOFO-154X 15” Subwoofer

Best Competition Subwoofers for Car

The best competition subwoofers for cars are capable of delivering fantastic low end sounds and smooth, crisp bass. They transform your listening experience by adding the deep-powerful bass you need. 

Before you can go out there and buy a competition subwoofer for your car, there are a couple of tips you can follow to ensure you don’t waste your money or time.

  • Size and Dimensions – Bigger is not always better. The right competition subwoofer to buy is the one that fits well in your car. You will need something that sits nicely in the back and is not too big that it obstructs your view or cargo space. Ideally 10” to 15” subwoofers are perfect for all types of cars as they sound just right and don’t occupy much space.
  • Durability – A subwoofer that’s made by a reputed company using premium components goes a long way. So make sure that the subwoofer is not a cheap rip-off and comes with a valid warranty. While some woofers come with 90 days warranty, there are some brands that offer warranty for a full year so make sure you buy something that can be covered under warranty in case there’s any damage.
  • Power Output – A good subwoofer is one that is capable of maximum power handling and can offer better performance on the long run. It’s best to pick a competition subwoofer that offers high RMS and ohm impedance as these can greatly affect your listening experience.
  • Voice Coils and Bass Quality – You will have to pick a subwoofer with perfect voice coils. It’s suggested that dual voice coils are great but you can even opt for single coil woofers as they produce some crazy sound. Keep an eye on the frequencies as well because this will help you understand if the subwoofer will deliver the right type of bass.
  • Enclosure and Price – Competition subwoofers are normally sold as the unit (speaker) and not with an enclosure. Opting for one that comes with an enclosure will produce high quality sound as compared to those without one. Subwoofers are not cheap, they cost a bit to own and if  you’re going to resort to one that’s available for under $100 then you’re probably going to end up spending more on its repairs in the long run. 

Here are the best competition subwoofers for cars:

Best Competition Subwoofers for CarSpecificationsLink
DS18 Hooligan X15.1D SubwooferSpeaker Size: 15”;
Max Power: 6,000W;
SNL: 85.8dBa;
Voice Coil Size: 4”
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Skar Audio VXF-15 15” Competition Car SubwooferSpeaker Size: 15”;
Max Power: 3,000W;
SNL: 88.7dBa;
Voice Coil Size: 3”
View on Amazon
Earthquake HoleeS-15 15” SubwooferSpeaker Size: 15”;
Max Power: 15,000W;
SNL: 86.7dBa;
Voice Coil Size: Dual 4” & 8”
View on Amazon
Orion HCCA 154-CK  SubwooferSpeaker Size: 15”;
Max Power: 5,000W;
SNL: 87.4dBa;
Voice Coil Size: Dual 2” 
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Massive Audio SUMMO XL104 10” SubwooferSpeaker Size: 10”;
Max Power: 3,000W;
SNL: 90.3dBa;
Voice Coil Size: Dual 3”
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Power Acoustik MOFO-154X 15” SubwooferSpeaker Size: 15”;
Max Power: 3,000W;
SNL: 87dBa;
Voice Coil Size: Dual 2.5”
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DS18 Hooligan X15.1D Subwoofer

Best Competition Subwoofers for Car

The DS18 Hooligan is a high-performance subwoofer built for competitions. It’s the subwoofer of your dreams and is a low-frequency powerhouse that takes in all the power your amp has to give. 

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It’s well known for its ability to deliver 6000W max power and 4000W RMS at dual 1ohm. 


  • It features a unique DS18 X-clusive design and comes fitted with a kevlar reinforced paper cone and carbon fiber dust cap for the best protection. 
Best Competition Subwoofers for Car
  • This 15” competition sub uses Quad Magnet Technology and is equipped with four 150oz ferrite magnets providing you with a wide range of tones while being able to handle incredible power at extremely high volumes.
  • You are able to connect the DS18 Hooligan either in parallel, series or independently and the dual voice coil ensures that you get the most this unit has to offer.
Speaker Size15”
RMS Power4,000W
Max Power6,000W
Voice Coil Size4”
Mounting Depth11.22”
Weight81.5 lbs

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Skar Audio VXF-15 D4 15” Competition Car Subwoofer

Best Competition Subwoofers for Car

This subwoofer from Skar Audio is one of the best competition subwoofers in the market and is packed with some impressive features. You’re guaranteed a first class listening experience as it’s able to handle the lows well and sounds great across a range of music genres. 


  • The VXF-15 D4 follows the dual 4-ohm voice coil configuration and comes with high roll foam that’s surrounded by a competition grade paper cone. Underneath the stitched foam, you will find a 4-layer spider with stitched leads. This ensures that you experience the best the sub has to offer.
  • It’s equipped with a massive 300oz ferrite motor that is built for intense power handling over extended periods of time. This woofer offers a maximum power rating of 3,000W and a decent RMS rating of 1,500W, enough to blow your  socks off.
  • This sub is designed to achieve an extremely low “Fs” and is able to deliver low end response with complete authority while being versatile and maintaining great sound across a range of music.
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Speaker Size15”
RMS Power1,500W
Max Power3,000W
Voice Coil Size3”
Mounting Depth9.88”
Weight54.3 lbs

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Earthquake HoleeS-15 15” Subwoofer

Best Competition Subwoofers for Car

The earthquake HoLeeS-15 is a great competition subwoofer to own as it’s both powerful and capable of deep bass delivery. It comes with an eye-catching design and is built to last for a long time. This subwoofer feels great and sounds better than most other subs with similar specs and the best part is it’s affordable. 


  • The HoLeeS-15 is a 15” competition sub that has impressive power handling capabilities of up to 15,000W peak and 7,000W RMS. It uses a triangular lattice structure to prevent wobbles and with the dual 4” & 8” high temp military grade flat wire voice coils, you’re able to experience high-quality super wide poly-ether sounds.
Best Competition Subwoofers for Car
  • It comes equipped with quad monax/romax spiders and uses an 8 gauge speaker connection flow to sound epic. 
  • This sub is slightly heavy and offers an Xmax of 4”, that’s at peak power output. 
Speaker Size15”
RMS Power7,000W
Max Power15,000W
Voice Coil SizeDual Voice Coils 4” and 8”
Mounting Depth14.25”
Weight112 lbs

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Orion HCCA 154-CK  Subwoofer

Best Competition Subwoofers for Car

The HCCA154-CK is a 15” dual 4ohm subwoofer that’s designed for high-end performance. This bad-boy offers a peak handling power rating of 4000W and 2000W RMS. It’s capable of producing crisp bass and even comes with an impressive cooling system that makes it safe to use for prolonged time periods.


  • This competition subwoofer uses dust-proof dual 2ohm voice coils and comes with a sound sensitivity level of 87.4dBa so it doesn’t blow you windows out.
Best Competition Subwoofers for Car
  • It’s capable of handling high power and is equipped with a polypropylene cone that produces a rubber tri-radial symmetrical surround sound. 
  • The enhanced voice coil cooling system regulates the temperature of the sub and makes it safe to use for longer periods of time. This along with the dual flat conex spiders with loop stitched tinsel leads make it one of the best competition subs around.
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Speaker Size15”
RMS Power2,500W
Max Power5,000W
Voice Coil SizeDual 2” Voice Coils
Mounting Depth11.96”
Weight90 lbs

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Massive Audio SUMMO XL104 10” Subwoofer

Best Competition Subwoofers for Car

Though the Massive Audio SUMMO XL108 is relatively smaller than the others on this list, it packs quite a punch. This competition sub is a heavy duty, high-performance woofer that comes equipped with some nice technological upgrades to deliver loud, thumping bass and clear sound.


  • It comes with a customized rubber gasket and magnet boot along with dual impedance black anodized voice coils to deliver those low-end sounds.
Best Competition Subwoofers for Car
  • The body is made from rugged industrial cast aluminum and has a kevlar fiber paper cone for added strength making this speaker one of the most popular competition subs that’s used by hundreds of car audio enthusiasts around the world.
  • This 10” sub features a 1500W RMS dual 4ohm 3” voice coils that improve the overall sound quality of your car’s audio system. It even features a black anodized one piece pole-plate for added motor force and has reinforced fiberglass dust caps for high power output.
Speaker Size10”
RMS Power1,500W
Max Power3,000W
Voice Coil Size4ohm Dual 3” Voice Coils
Mounting Depth6.81”
Weight32.5 lbs

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Power Acoustik MOFO-154X 15” Subwoofer

Best Competition Subwoofers for Car

The MOFO-154X is an inexpensive competition subwoofer that’s rated as one of the best that you can find in the market today. It is capable of a peak power output of 3000W and 1700W RMS. It’s dust-proof and works really well in the long run.


  • This competition subwoofer uses nickel plated 8 gauge compression wire terminals that have been designed to keep the wires in place when the speakers are on at maximum power. It even comes equipped with aluminum reinforcement fins and a dust cap so that dust does not settle on the speaker. 
Best Competition Subwoofers for Car
  • The MOFO-154X comes with dual Conex spiders and 2.5” dual 4ohm 4 layer voice coils on an aluminum heat-sink, thus improving the durability of this sub.
  • Though the warranty of this sub is for a max of 90 days, it’s not something that will get damaged easily. It’s quite rugged and offers long life.
Speaker Size15”
RMS Power1,700W
Max Power3,000W
Voice Coil Size4ohm Dual 2.5” Voice Coils
Mounting Depth8.12”
Weight34.5 lbs

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It’s always easy to choose the best competition subwoofer for your car if you know what to look for. It’s always good to keep in mind that subwoofers don’t come cheap and if you’re looking for a decent competition subwoofer then you will have to shell out a little bit to be on the safe side.

Make sure to check the warranty period, the size, the mounting depth and so on, to be sure that that particular subwoofer will fit easily in the back of your car.

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