5 Best Fake AirPods Pro with Noise Cancelling 2022

by Michael Dwain

Active Noise Cancellation is one of the most important things to have in a good set of earbuds, but what if you can’t afford something like the AirPods Pro?

Well, if you’re keen on buying the AirPods Pro but don’t have the dough ready in hand, there are a couple of good clones available in the market that cost a fraction of the price of the original AirPods Pro.

The best part is that these clones come with ANC pre-enabled, so you won’t be missing out on much. 

After reviewing around 100 different fake AirPods Pro, I’ve been able to zero in on a total of 5 devices that have passed every kind of test imaginable. This list will surely please every kind of audiophile who is on a budget.

Here are the best fake AirPods Pro with noise cancelling capabilities.

  • i200000 Pro
  • i200000 Pro TWS MX
  • KiwiPods Pro
  • TicPods 2 Pro TWS
  • i500 TWS Pro
  • Airpods Max Clone

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Best Fake AirPods Pro with Noise Cancelling

Based on our review and tests conducted, the best fake AirPods Pro with noise cancelling capabilities is the i200000 Pro. This bad boy is available for under $17 on AliExpress and comes with some pretty impressive specs that make it seem much like the original. You get the in-ear detection feature, wireless charging capability and even access to Siri for a hands-off experience.

Here are the top 5 best fake AirPods Pro with noise cancelling

Top 5 Best Fake AirPods Pro with Noise CancellingTech SpecsFeatures
i200000 ProOS: Android, iOS;
Battery Life: 4 hours;
Charging: Wireless
Squeeze sensor;
Active noise cancellation;
GPS enabled;
Built-in volume controls;
Hi-Fi Stereo sound
i200000 Pro TWS MXOS: Android, iOS;
Battery Life: 4-5 hours;
Charging: Wireless
In-ear smart sensor;
Auto On/Off;
GPS enabled;
Device renaming;
Noise cancellation
KiwiPods ProOS: Android, iOS;
Battery Life: 3-4 hours;
Charging: Wireless
In-ear smart sensor;
Siri voice control;
GPS enabled;
Power display window;
Active noise cancellation
TicPods 2 Pro TWSOS: Android, iOS;
Battery Life: 4 hours;
Charging: Wired
Bluetooth 5.0 aptX;
Dual Mic – ANC;
Touch controls;
Hand gesture controls;
OTA updates
i500 TWS ProOS: Android, iOS 13.2;
Battery Life: 4 hours;
Charging: Wireless
Noise cancellation;
Battery  indicator;
Touch control;
GPS enabled;
Device rename;
Voice control

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i200000 Pro

Best Fake AirPods Pro with Noise Cancelling

Best Fake AirPods Pro with Noise Cancelling

The i200000 Pro is the best clone of the AirPods Pro you can buy today. It actually comes equipped with every feature that’s available in the original AirPods Pro for a fraction of the price. These are pretty impressive fake AirPods Pro and you can find them on Chinese eCommerce sites like AliExpress or DHgate.

  • The i200000 Pro is an exact replica of the Apple AirPods Pro down to even the smallest detail. So it’s pretty difficult to distinguish between the original ones and these.
  • In terms of capabilities, the i200000 Pro comes with in-ear detection, enhanced audio quality with deep bass, Voice control for Siri and audio transparent mode.
  • It’s built for those looking to get the most from a pair of fake AirPods Pro without breaking their bank balance.
  • These fake AirPods Pro come with another built-in feature that’s found in the original AirPods Pro – Transparency mode. With this mode you can play music as well as listen to your surroundings with the press of a button on the earbud.
  • You have GPS capabilities built-in so these AirPods Pro clones can be tracked if you do happen to lose them at home.
  • Another brilliant feature that the manufacturers of the i200000 Pro didn’t miss out on is the Squeeze sensor that handles the playback and volume controls. 
  • Finally, the i200000 Pro comes with Active noise cancellation. The ANC features of the i200000 Pro are far superior than the other fake AirPods Pro covered in this list.

i200000 Pro TWS MX

Best Fake AirPods Pro with Noise Cancelling

The i200000 Pro TWS MX is the updated version of the i200000 Pro that I covered earlier. These true wireless earbuds are some of the best fake AirPods Pro available and are one of the most popular items on AliExpress. Quite like the i200000 Pro, these earbuds look and feel just like the Apple AirPods Pro in every way possible. The only difference is that they cost a lot less and are compatible with every type of Bluetooth device in the market.

  • These TWS earbuds have all the original AirPods Pro features such as Auto power on and off, GPS capabilities, squeeze sensors and more.
  • The i200000 Pro TWX MX can be charged wirelessly by using a Qi charger. Simply place the buds in the charging case and place the case on the charging mat to recharge the batteries.
  • It runs on a decent battery that delivers up to 5 hours of playback even with noise cancellation enabled. This makes it one of the longest lasting battery packs available in a fake AirPods Pro.
  • Noise cancellation is another great feature that was included in the price. It works really well though it is not on par with the original AirPods Pro.
  • While these fake AirPods are not a 1:1 replica, it does fare well in terms of design. The manufacturers have managed to provide us with a device that looks and feels quite like the AirPods Pro.
  • You are able to control these fake AirPods Pro using Siri voice commands. Simply tap the side and say “Hey Siri” to wake her up and then proceed to ask her anything.

KiwiPods Pro

Best Fake AirPods Pro with Noise Cancelling

At a slightly higher premium than the i200000 Pro, the KiwiPods Pro are worth every cent. It’s design matches that of the original AirPods Pro down to the last detail. So, unless you’re a certified Apple technician, you won’t know the difference. These fake AirPods Pro are available on AliExpress and would fall under the top 3 best fake AirPods Pro with noise cancelling capabilities.

  • The KiwiPods Pro comes equipped with plenty of advanced features such as a squeeze sensor, GPS capabilities and the ability to charge wirelessly.
  • You are able to check the battery life of each earbud as well as the charging case directly from your smartphone. 
  • The drivers are high-performance units so you can expect to experience enhanced audio quality with deep bass reflex. The touch controls are sensitive and won’t feel like buttons, quite like the original AirPods Pro. 
  • These are premium cloned TWS earbuds that include Active noise cancellation and auto on/off sensors that enable or disable the earbuds depending on whether they are in your ear or in the charging case.
  • One of the important additions is that of highly sensitive microphones. So if you’re looking for a pair of fake AirPods Pro earbuds to handle calls, then the KiwiPods Pro is the one for you.

TicPods 2 Pro TWS

Best Fake AirPods Pro with Noise Cancelling

The TicPods 2 Pro TWS are some of the sleekest looking fake AirPods Pro you can find. It’s mainly due to the fact that the manufacturers used premium grade materials to make these wonderful TWS earbuds. They have even received the Red Dot Good design award thanks to their top notch design and construction.

  • At an extremely lightweight of 8.4g, these earbuds sit comfortably within your ears. Not only are they lightweight, the charging case is smaller and more compact making it easier to carry around or to pocket.
  • The TicPods 2 Pro are equipped with 12mm moving coils that deliver stellar sound and help create an immersive experience. The depth and quality of the audio is so good that you’d feel like you’re in a recording booth, listening to music.
  • It is powered by Bluetooth 5.0 and supports high quality audio codecs such as aptX and AAC. Thanks to this updated Bluetooth technology, the TicPods 2 Pro can stay paired for up to 10m away.
  • In terms of battery life, I’ll give the TicPods 2 Pro a 3.5 as it offers only a maximum of 4 hours playback on a single charge. With the charging case around, you can expect to power these earbuds for up to 23 hours.
  • They are compatible with iOS, Android and basically any device that runs on Bluetooth technology.

i500 TWS Pro

Best Fake AirPods Pro with Noise Cancelling

The i500 TWS Pro is a 1:1 replica of the Apple AirPods Pro 3. The components of the box are the same and they even provide you with silicone ear tips of different sizes, so there’s one for every ear size available. Priced at under $60, these TWS earbuds are pretty affordable considering what’s under the hood.

  • The i500 TWS, while connecting to your iPhone, shows you the exact same pop-ups as you  would have seen from a set of original AirPods Pro. The only drawback though is that in order for the pop-ups to appear on your iPhone, you will have to be running iOS13.2 and above. When it comes to Android or other devices, you will not be able to view any pop-up on your phone.
  • It’s equipped with an advanced touch sensor that’s sensitive enough so you don’t have to apply too much pressure to change the song or adjust the volume.
  • You can easily track these fake AirPods Pro earbuds using the “Find My” app on your iPhone. This is only possible because the i500 comes with GPS capabilities.
  • Apart from these features, you can control the i500 TWS using Siri voice commands. You will be able to change the track playing, set the volume and even ask Siri any question.
  • Finally, the noise cancelling capability of the i500 TWS is on par with the i200000 Pro and you are able to hear everything that’s playing crystal clear with no loss of sound.

Taotronics SoundLiberty 53

With the release of the SoundLiberty 53, Taotronics have put together a great package with good looks, clear and bass filled sound, good water resistance and also amazing battery life.

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When compared with its predecessor the Taotronics BH 052, they sound better, have more battery life, almost twice as much and come with a more sleek case.

They come with an in ear touch control surface, which reacts well and is not over sensitive. Although Taotronics have assigned quite a few presets which may need some getting used too.

It comes with Bluetooth v5.0 which provides amazing range even a few rooms away.

The SoundLiberty 53 is also IPX7 rated, so is quite water and sweat proof.

They have an in built microphone as well, making it easy to take calls.

Battery life is good too with the pods lasting 5 to 6 hours.

If you are looking for pods on a budget, these are definitely ones to consider.

Tech Specs

Bluetooth version5.0
Battery life5 to 6 hours
Waterproof ratingIPX7
ControlsTouch sensitive

How to choose the best fake AirPods Pro with noise cancelling capabilities?

If you’re in the market for a good pair of noise cancelling clone AirPods Pro, then there are a couple of things you should consider.

  • Design – Since there are a ton of AirPods Pro replicas floating around on the internet. It’s best to choose one that carries the same design and structure as the original. Super Copies of AirPods pro are some of the most accurately designed replicas that make it hard to tell whether they’re the real deal or not. 
  • Sound – Since you’re investing in replicas of the AirPods Pro,  you should be comfortable with the fact that you’re not going to experience the same audio quality as the original. Look for a fake AirPods Pro that comes equipped with decent sized drivers, if the drivers deliver crackling sound at higher frequencies, then they’re not of good quality and you can skip them.
  • Performance – This is another sacrifice to make considering you’re going to spend hardly $100 on a pair of the fake AirPods Pro. First thing is, the average battery life of a fake AirPods Pro is around 3-4 hours, so if  you find something that can grant you more than that, go for it. Include other factors as well such as wireless charging capabilities, noise cancellation technology before deciding on a particular set of fake AirPods Pro.
  • Features – While fake AirPods Pro might not come equipped with all the features that you’d find in the original Apple AirPods Pro, there are certain features they do come with that make them worth every cent. Look for inclusions such as squeeze sensors, noise cancellation technology, latest Bluetooth chip-set amongst others.
  • Price – Now considering that these are fake AirPods Pro earbuds, I wouldn’t expect you to shell out anything more than $100. They normally start at under $20, but the really good Super Clones can go up to $100 for a set.

 How can you identify fake airpods?

There are several ways to identify fake airpods: 

  • Check the serial number against Apples records.
  • The box can also be checked, the Apple logo and the text Airpods on the original box are matt grey, on the fake ones it’s a shiny reflective material.
  • Check the diffuser at the bottom, fakes are more round than the original oval.
  • The diffuser at the top should always be aligned to the circle next to it, on most fakes these are not aligned properly.
  • Check the speaker grills/mesh, on the originals they are see through and you should be able to see the speakers behind, on the fakes this should not be possible.
  • Check the lightning port at the bottom of the case, fakes never have a clean finish and the metal ring is always thicker on the fakes.
  • The circle button on the case is almost always placed higher on fakes.

Best Fake Airpods with Noise Cancelling: FAQs

Are fake airpods good?

Fake airpods are a great alternative for the real ones. You pretty have the same features as the real airpods along with its look and feel. The best part is that you get fake airpods that look just like the real ones for an extremely low price!

Do fake airpods have noise cancellation?

Some fake airpods do come with noise cancellation. Though, you might notice a slight increase in price. However, the noise cancellation feature may not be as good as the real airpods but for the price it’s worth it. 

Are fake airpods waterproof?

Not all fake airpods are proof. However, you will find some waterproof fake airpods models like the SoundLiberty 53 are IPX7 rated which means that the earbuds are waterproof up until 1 meter of water for not more than 30 minutes. 

Are cheap airpods any good?

Fake cheap airpods are good and definitely worth the price. They deliver decent sound, call quality and battery life for less than half the price of the originals airpods

Worth to buy Airpods Pro clone?

While there are many fake AirPods Pro in the market, not all of them are equipped with Noise cancelling capabilities.

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The ones that do have been covered above and are truly some of the best fake AirPods Pro with noise cancelling that can even outperform the original AirPods Pro.

Before buying a pair, try going through the list of main features to look for and then decide on which is the best one for you.

Source: bestaliproducts.com

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