Best Floor Standing Speakers under $10000 in 2022

by Michael Dwain

The best floor standing speakers are those that deliver impressive sound quality, produce low sound reflection and offer distinct details even at full volume.

If this is something you’re looking for then you’ve come to the right place.

We have reviewed numerous standing speakers over the last few months and picked the best standing speakers under $1000 and $5000. Now we’re going to list out the best floor standing speakers under $10000.

These bad boys might end up breaking your bank balance and are not meant for everyone. But if you’re a true audiophile then you’re going to love what they have to offer.

Here are the top 7 best floor standing speakers that you can buy if you have a budget of $10000.

Top 7 Best Floor Standing Speakers under $10000FeaturesBest For
Earthquake Tigris 3 Way 1 x Silk Dome NEO Tweeter;
2 x Ball Loaded Silk Dome Tweeter;
8 Kevlar Mid-Bass Woofers
Overall Best Floor Standing Speakers
ELAC FS509VXSignature drivers;
Equipped with floor protectors;
Detailed audio quality
Best Sounding Floor Standing Speaker
Piega Premium 701LDR Ribbon Tweeter;
140mm Low Mid-range Drivers;
Floor protectors
Best Wireless Floor Standing Speakers
Earthquake TelestoSignature earthquake drivers;
350W RMS output;
Chrome polished body
Best Floor Standing Speakers for Sound Detail
Klipsch CornwallFull-range audio production;
Tractrix horn speakers;
Durable build
Best Engineered Floor Standing Speakers
Q Acoustics Concept 500>0.2% Harmonic distortion;
HelmHoltz pressure equalizer;
Sold as a pair
Most Durable Floor Standing Speakers
Focal Aria K2 936 Limited EditionHi-fi audio production;
3 Woofers;
Impressive power handling
Best Designed Floor Standing Speakers

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Top 7 Best Floor Standing Speakers under $10000

Earthquake Tigris 3 Way

Overall Best Floor Standing Speakers

The Earthquake Tigris Dual is probably the best floor standing speaker that you can buy today. The Tigris is considered to be the bigger brother of the Earthquake Telesto which we’ll cover in this article as well.

Each tower speaker is equipped with a silk dome NEO tweeter, a 2 ball loaded silk dome tweeter and dual 8 Kevlar long excursion mid-bass woofers that are capable of delivering crystal clear audio with minimal sound reflections.

It’s available in an elegant piano black finish that looks good in any room and is quite heavy so I wouldn’t recommend moving it around from place to place.

What’s impressive about this tower speaker is that even at full volume it performs well and there’s no drop in sound quality. At 500W it’s surely one powerhouse that you must definitely consider buying.

Note: The Earthquake Tigris is sold as a single unit and not a pair.


Best Sounding Floor Standing Speaker

The ELAC FS509VX is another fine floor standing speaker that has been made from walnut wood and comes with a floor protector. This floor standing speaker allows you to customize the sound emanating from the tweeters with the help of a sound dial.

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It is equipped with ELAC’s signature drivers which run in tandem with the tweeters so you receive audio playback that’s suited to your room layout and taste. Because of this setup, the FS509VX lets you create unique sound profiles based on the room they are in..

The speaker unit is heavy and unlike the Tigris, the FS509VX comes with sharp edges which can be a problem if you have children at home. The floor protectors will however keep your floor safe if you have to move this speaker to another room.

All-in-all, this speaker delivers excellent bass with detailed audio quality, it’s one of the best floor standing speakers under $10000 and is one of my personal favorites.

Piega Premium 701

Best Wireless Floor Standing Speakers

The Piega premium 701 is a truly wireless set of tower speakers. The 701 is a flagship of their Premium series that comes with an aluminum casing, and Bluetooth wireless connectivity so you can connect any smartphone or computer directly to the speakers.

It is equipped with LDR Ribbon tweeters and two 140mm low mid-range drivers. Together you are guaranteed low ranging bass, a balanced mid-range and precise vocals and highs. 

These speakers come with a built-in floor protector that protects your floor while moving the speaker around. It looks good and performs well in any room size but make sure not to use the Premier 701 in an extremely large room as it does not do so well if you’re into deep bass or high sensitivity.

It clearly is luxurious to look at and sounds equally good at nominal volume levels which is what makes it one of the best floor standing speakers under $10000.

Earthquake Telesto

Best Floor Standing Speakers for Sound Detail

The Earthquake Telesto is one of the best sounding floor standing speakers under $10000 namely for its sleek black profile and that it delivers audiophile grade sound quality. These speakers come with a Chrome polished body and is smaller than the Tigris.

It is equipped with high-performance Earthquake drivers which ensure that you receive detailed and crisp audio quality from all angles. They are ideal for mid-sized to large rooms and instantly makes even your TV sound good.

While we noticed that the bass is not heavy with the Telesto, it does pack quite a punch in terms of highs, mids and lows. Moreover, each speaker is capable of a 350W power output and that’s impressive but we felt that they could have at least included a Bluetooth option for wireless connectivity.

Klipsch Cornwall 

Best Engineered Floor Standing Speakers

Another fine product of German engineering is the Klipsch Cornwall. These floor standing speakers are horn-loaded speakers which ensures that you hear every detail of the music playing, no matter which corner of the room you are in.

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These speakers have been built using a tough and durable enclosure that houses the new compression speaker along with an additional Tractrix horn that’s capable of delivering better clarity and detail as compared with traditional tweeters.

The Klipsch Cornwall is a next-gen floor standing speaker and should definitely be on your list of the best floor standing speakers to buy. They are the largest of the heritage speakers which have been designed to produce full-range audio and are probably one of the est commercially produced center channel speakers we’ve reviewed.

Q Acoustics Concept 500

Most Durable Floor Standing Speakers

The Q Acoustics Concept 500 has a reputation of being a class-leading loudspeaker which can reach sonic perfection. This floor standing speaker is sold in a pair which is more than other brands listed above offer.

They have been designed to deliver less than 0.2% harmonic distortion and pretty good sound reproduction. The body is built to be durable and sturdy and has been dampened with 3 different layers of non-setting gel that helps dissipate heat.

Each Concept 500 speaker comes with a special HelmHoltz pressure equalizer that balances out the resonance and maintains tonal balance by regulating the speaker’s overall performance. 

These speakers are available in three different colors and are quite heavy, so constantly repositioning them is out of the question.

Focal Aria K2 936 Limited Edition

Best Designed Floor Standing Speakers

One product we couldn’t leave out of this list is the Focal Aria K2. This is a limited edition floor standing speaker unit that sounds smooth and looks sleek. They’re high-performance hi-fi speakers that rely on 3 woofers to produce naturally sounding music in stereo.

The Aria K2 offers impressive power handling and  dynamics for a floor standing speaker and comes with a floor-facing vent that has been constructed for low vibrations and brilliant sound neutrality. 

These speakers are fun-filled units that catch the eye and when they’re connected in stereo, they provide you with a listening experience like no other. They’re ideal for audiophiles who desire the best and while these speakers are priced at slightly above the halfway mark, they’re worth every cent.

How to pick the right floor standing speaker under $10000

Since you’re going to be spending a lot of money on these speakers, it’s best to understand what to look for before going in blindly. 

  • Build Quality – Since you’re paying upwards of $5000 on your speakers, it’s a good idea to invest in a floor standing speaker that is durable and has been made from high-quality materials. The cabinet should not create any sound distortion, rubber padded feet for hardwood flooring and a decent heat vent are important things to consider especially if you want the best sound possible.
  • Audio Performance – Another factor to consider is the overall sensitivity and efficiency of the speakers. You will need one that offers a high sensitivity as speakers that offer a higher sensitivity often put out a larger amount of volume for a fraction of the power,
  • Connectivity – Now this is based on personal preference and would vary from individual to individual. The type of setup you want determines the kind of speaker you must buy. If you prefer wireless connectivity then the best speakers would be those that are equipped with Bluetooth. But if you want unaltered sound quality, you will need to go in for the wired models.
  • Specifications – Floor standing speakers come in two variants, either 2-way configurations or 3-way configurations. These configurations refer to the total number of speakers housed in each speaker.
    2-way models will be able to easily manage high frequencies with a single speaker and the mids and lows with the secondary speaker.
    3-way configurations normally have an additional speaker that targets only mid-range sound frequencies.
    The 3-way configuration offers more clarity whereas the 2-way offers better performance. 


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Here are the best floor standing speakers under $10000 that you can buy online. They’re big, equipped with high-performance drivers and are some of the best sounding speakers in the market.

Our favorite was the Earthquake Tigris 3 Way which really blew us away with its performance and clear sounding audio even at high volumes. It was definitely one of the best, if not the best floor standing speakers under 10000.

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