Best Floor Standing Speakers under $5000 in 2022

by Michael Dwain

Floor standing speakers are designed to supercharge your entire sound system and provide you with an experience like no other.  They are considered to be an important component of home theaters and are responsible for producing detailed surround sound. 

Earlier, we covered budget friendly floor standing speakers that retailed at under $1000. Today, we’re taking it up a notch by listing out the best floor standing speakers under $5000.

To come up with the list of the best floor standing speakers priced under 5000 USD, our team at Audio-Sandwich have tried and tested well over 15 different tower speakers and managed to shortlist 7 floor standing speakers. 

These speakers were further put through a series of tests such as sensitivity, frequency response range and even checked their power ratings to determine that the best floor standing speaker under $5000 in the market today is the Klipsch RP-8060 FA Dolby Atmos Speakers. These are high-performance speakers that use up to date technology to deliver high-precision audio with absolutely no loss in sound quality.

Let’s take a look at the top 7 best floor standing speakers under $5000.

Top 7 Best Floor Standing Speakers under $5000FeaturesBest For
Klipsch RP-8060 FA Dolby AtmosSensitivity: 98dB;
Power Output: 600W
Overall Best Floor Standing Speakers
Klipsch RP-280F SpeakersSensitivity: 98dB;
Power Output: 150W
Best Hi-Fi Floor Standing Speakers
SVS Ultra Tower Flagship 3-Way SpeakersSensitivity: 88dB;
Power Output: 300W
Best Floor Standing Speakers for Large Rooms
Martin Logan Motion 60XT SpeakerSensitivity: 94dB;
Power Output: 20-400W
Best Floor Standing Speakers for Natural Sound Quality
Definitive Technology BP9020 & CS904Sensitivity: 92dB;
Power Output: 150-300W
Best Portable Floor Standing Speakers
Klipsch 1064559 RF-7 3Sensitivity: 100dB;
Power Output: 250W
Best Flagship Floor Standing Speakers
Polk Audio LSiM 707 UltimateSensitivity: 88dB;
Power Output: 20-300W
Tallest Floor Standing Speakers

Top 7 Best Floor Standing Speakers under $5000

Klipsch RP-8060 FA Dolby Atmos

The Klipsch RP-8060 FA is by far the best floor standing speaker unit we’ve reviewed. It does a phenomenal job at sound production and you will not find a mid-range tower speaker with its capabilities.

It features sleek trim rings, a satin finish and aluminum-plated spikes. These feet have been designed so that the speaker itself does not touch the ground and you don’t feel the vibrations under your feet. This even helps with dispersion of sound when you’re watching a movie or simply listening to music.

Not only does the RP-8060 look great, it  comes with everything you need from a set of standing speakers. The peak power output is 600W and its maximum continuous power level is 150W which is truly impressive for a home theater speaker. It’s equipped with two 8-inch spun copper woofers and an upward facing 6.5 inch woofer that helps deliver spectacular 3D surround sound.

Klipsch RP-280F Speakers

Another fine floor standing speaker unit from Klipsch is the RP-280F. This beast of a unit features the traditional Klipsch vibe in its design and uses MDF cabinets that have a spun copper finish. Each tower comes with three speaker drivers, it boasts dual 8” driver and a 1” tweeter that are positioned within the Tractrix horn.

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This unit delivers high-performance everytime thanks to its 150W RMS power and 98dB sensitivity. It produces clear and deep bass that is jaw-dropping insane and considering the price of this unit, I honestly don’t think there’s anything else you would want to buy.

RP in the name stands for Reference Premiere, which takes into account the 75 years of Klipsch acoustic experience along with cutting-edge technology to deliver premium, hi-fidelity audio playback.

SVS Ultra Tower Flagship 3-Way Speakers

SVS is another name in the industry which manufactures high-performance speaker units and follows the rule – bigger is better. These loudspeakers are an ideal choice for those looking for immense power by paying a base premium.

These tower speakers stand 45.6” tall and are large enough to easily take up an entire room. It does not have standard size definitions and that is one of the things that make this unit unique. The front panel of the speaker houses a 1” aluminum dome tweeter and between two glass-fiber composite panels sits the 6.5” mid-range drivers.

The powerhouse of this set is the 8” woofers that are positioned horizontally at the base of the speaker and are coupled with a rear-firing bass port. The unit as a whole clocks in at 300W and a sensitivity level of 88dB which may not sound overly impressive for few. Overall, it’s a great floor standing speaker that does not have any  major flaws. 

Martin Logan Motion 60XT Speaker

The Martin Logan 60XT motion is an innovative speaker system that is considered to be one of the best floor standing speakers under $5000. It’s 48” tall and features a sleek design with a glossy finish.

In total, there are three woofers, a set of dual 8” woofers and a dedicated midrange driver that delivers sound over an increased area. The speakers are front facing and sit cozily under a nice mesh panel which helps reduce any disturbance.

It offers between 20-400W of power per channel and has a sensitivity level of 94dB. The speakers deliver high-quality audio that’s clear, detailed and maintains a natural sound quality that is kind of hard to achieve with other brands. It’s definitely something you will want to consider buying as it will blow you away.

Definitive Technology BP9020 & CS904

Definitive Technology is a fine brand that’s been manufacturing high-end speakers for a while now. They have well over 19 different top-notch speakers in their collection and the best of their lot are the BP9020 and the CS904.

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These speakers measure 8” tall and can easily be moved between rooms. It can be paired with a high-performance home theater unit to produce some of the best sound quality we’ve heard from such a compact set of speakers.

The tower speakers come with 16 individual speakers with 8 positioned in each unit and three in the center speaker. These 3.5” drivers and 1” tweeters in the tower speakers and the 4.5” driver in the center help deliver exquisite sound that’s excellent in terms of clarity, accuracy, frequency and bass delivery.

Klipsch 1064559 RF-7 3

Here’s the third Klipsch to be featured on this list, the 1064559 RF-7 3. This is a floor standing speaker that is considered to be their flagship unit and features a whole load of changes and improvements to its performance.

It features a traditional standing speaker design that is slightly larger than its predecessor the RF-7 2 and stands at 49” tall with a width of 13.9” and a depth of 17.9”. Each speaker case is made from thick quality wood and comes with a removable front grille that you can take off if you want to change the appearance.

 The 1064559 RF-7 3 delivers an impressive 1000W of power with 250W RMS that will literally bring your roof down. Especially when you consider the 100dB sensitivity, this speaker setup will be everything you need and more especially when there’s so much power being delivered at one time.

Polk Audio LSiM 707 Ultimate

Polk Audio is another name that we all are too familiar with thanks to their vast product line and high-performance units that are worth every cent. The 707 is Polk audio’s flagship speaker that is 50” tall and uses a curved housing which conceals the large rubberized woofers at the base of each speaker.

It’s pretty heavy and is not something that can easily be moved around your home. The body has been made with Mahogany and features a funnel-like opening at the bottom that directs the airflow out.

The M707 delivers between 20-300W RMS and has a recorded sensitivity level of 88dB. These speakers are built to produce crystal clear sound as long as you don’t push the volume levels too high. It does require a lot of power to function at a higher volume level and these speakers require a break-in period or they would end up getting damaged.

Best Floor Standing Speakers under $5000 – Buyer’s Guide

When you look for the best floor standing speakers, it’s very important to consider a few factors first as they would help determine whether the speaker is right for you. Here’s a few of the criteria we at Audio-Sandwich took into consideration before deciding on the best floor standing speakers that you can buy under $5000.

  • Power Rating – The first thing you should consider when it comes to floor standing speakers is their wattage and power output. The thing about wattage is that it’s split into two categories – RMS and Peak power. Figure out what the maximum and minimum handling capacity of these speakers is so you ultimately know whether it will handle the load or not.
  • Frequency Response Range – Speakers that have a wider frequency range will be able to deliver detailed and crisp audio clarity. A speaker that covers the lower and higher end of the spectrum will noticeably increase the detail and precision of what’s playing.
  • Sensitivity – Sensitivity of the speaker determines how loud it can be in terms of dB levels and whether or not it will be able to deliver the power you’re looking for. Speakers that have a sensitivity level of between 88dB to 100dB would be perfect to own especially if you’re looking for one to use at home.
  • Drivers – When it comes to looking at the driver units of a floor standing speaker, you must take into consideration the size of the drivers and the amount of power they can deliver. Typically there are 3 types of drivers that can be found in floor standing speakers, the tweeters, mid-range drivers and a woofer. Keep an eye on their frequency range and power output while picking the right one.
  • Design – Finally, consider the design of the unit. There are different types of speakers that are available in a range of sizes and designs. It’s always best to consider one that will fit perfectly in your home and that does not accumulate too much space. While larger speakers do deliver louder sound, you will first need to see whether the speaker will fit in the designated space. You can cross check the dimensions of the unit by referring to the product description.

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