Best Free Music Apps For iPhone Offline 2023

by Michael Dwain

Music is a part of life and helps us relax after a long and tiring day. 

Online streaming services have made it quite easy to listen to your favorite songs within a matter of seconds. These applications allow you to search for music from around the world and have them played from the palm of your hand. 

As an iPhone user I can tell you that finding the right music application with offline capabilities is pretty hard. Most of the apps developed for iOS are online music players and streaming applications that would play your music/videos but require a stable internet connection to work properly. 

I’ve managed to compile a list of the best music applications that support offline playback and can be downloaded for your iPhone.

Here are the best free music apps for iPhone offline:

  • AudioMack
  • Pandora Radio
  • Tidal
  • Tubizu
  • Musify
  • hiMusic
  • YouTube Music
  • Spotify

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Using iTunes to sync music onto your iPhone

With iTunes, you are able to add music onto your iPhone and these tracks can be played offline. For this you’d have to plug in your iPhone to a Windows PC or any Mac running on macOS Mojave or earlier. 

Once you’re in iTunes, simply proceed to select the songs you wish to transfer onto your iPhone, click sync and voila, you’re able to listen to music offline without having to download any third-party application. 

iTunes is by far the easiest and oldest method available for iOS devices to have songs and videos imported so that they can be viewed or listened to at a later point in time when there’s no network connection. 

Top 8 Best Free Music Apps For iPhone Offline

Music players are some of the most commonly used applications on a smartphone, iPhones included. They let you search for the music you’re looking for and allow you to stream them right off the internet for free. 

There are other variants of music players that support offline playback, these can be used at any time, even when there’s no internet connection. They allow you to download music to your iPhone for free and these downloaded songs can be played when you’re on a trip, in a plane or if you’ve simply run out of data on your phone.

Let’s take a look at the best offline music applications for iPhones.


Best Free Music Apps For iPhone Offline

AudioMack is one of the best music sharing and discovery platform that’s completely free to use. This wonderful application allows you to upload and download music apart from having your playlists shared with millions of users.

You can download AudioMack from the App Store.


  • This application has a robust content-filtering system in place to make sure you have good quality music to listen to at all times.
Best Free Music Apps For iPhone Offline
  • AudioMack is a free to use platform that lets you find and stream music that is either trending or new in the industry. It features a “Trending” section that provides you with the best songs and albums out now.
  • The free version of AudioMack permits you to download songs to your smartphone so that you can listen to it at a later time or whenever there’s no network
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Best Free Music Apps For iPhone Offline
  • .As a creator,  you have the ability to monetize your music along with c
  • Creating customizable embed players which can be placed on third-party sites. This lets you broadcast your music to the masses.

Pandora Radio

Best Free Music Apps For iPhone Offline

Pandora radio is one of the best apps to listen to music offline. It’s simple to use as the interface is not too complicated. With Pandora Radio you can search for music, listen to radio stations and download tracks to be played back at a later time when there’s no network.

You can download Pandora Radio from the App Store.


  • Pandora Radio comes with a user interface that is easy to navigate. At the footer of the app you can select the stations you want to listen to, your most liked songs and others giving you easy access to everything you like listening to.
Best Free Music Apps For iPhone Offline
  • You can have a personalized experience with Pandora Radio simply because the app allows you to create customized stations from your desired genres of music.
  • There are no more annoying ads in-between songs and every song you play will have high audio quality.
Best Free Music Apps For iPhone Offline
  • Your music can be downloaded for free and played back at any time you want without having to consume your mobile data.


Best Free Music Apps For iPhone Offline

Tidal is another offline music listening application for iOS that can;t be ignored at all.It’s a beautiful audio streaming app where you can explore your desired music genre with ease. 

This app has one of the most hassle free user interfaces and is capable of downloading music onto your iPhone for free so you can play them offline. 

You can download Tidal from the App Store.


  • With Tidal you can listen to music on your terms, be it online, offline or by having an add free experience. 
Best Free Music Apps For iPhone Offline
  • Unlike other streaming services and music download applications, Tidal lets you play music in HiFi and MQA quality and uses immersive formats such as Dolby Atmos and 360 Reality Audio.
Best Free Music Apps For iPhone Offline
  • The playlists and music selection is hand curated by some of the best in the music industry. The discovery section lets you hear new tracks and even keeps you up to date with the latest releases.
Best Free Music Apps For iPhone Offline
  • Tidal has the ability to create playlists for a personalized listening experience. These playlists are generated by taking your listening history into account.


Best Free Music Apps For iPhone Offline

Tubizu is an online music player client that is powered by SoundCloud API. This application allows you to search for music based on keywords and have them either played real-time or downloaded for offline playback.

You can download Tubizu from the App Store.


  • Tubizu allows you to discover new music by auto-populating the discovery page with curated music based on your listening history.
Best Free Music Apps For iPhone Offline
  • You can also search for music based on genres like; Pop, R&B, Soul, Rock, Classical, Country, Dance & EDM.
  • It lets you either add music to a favorites section, download them to be played offline or you can use Tubizu to play music stored on your iPhone.
  • The user interface is rather down to earth. The footer of the application has four tabs with a selection to choose from, top chart, discovery, favorite or playlist.


Best Free Music Apps For iPhone Offline

Musify is an easy to use music downloader that lets you listen to music offline for free. It allows you to create customized playlists that can be accessed on all your devices anywhere and at any time.

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You can download Tubizu from the App Store.


  • With Musify you can download music for offline access, the music can be downloaded with WiFi or internet and can be stored for free on cloud services like Google Drive, iCloud, OneDrive etc.
Best Free Music Apps For iPhone Offline
  • Music can be imported to Musify via a PC/Mac, iPod, Email, WiFi Transfer or by iiTunes file sharing.
  • The application supports background music playback and lets you create playlists according to the type of music you like listening to.
Best Free Music Apps For iPhone Offline
  • The playlists can be shuffled and repeated as you wish, you will also be able to control the application via the in-line headphone controller.


Best Free Music Apps For iPhone Offline

hiMusic is a free media client that lets you stream and download music in MP3 format. This open-source app allows you to enjoy a vast collection of music and videos all in one place. 

hiMusic works on iPhones running iOS 7 and above and would require an active internet connection to search for music and download content.

Unfortunately, hiMusic is not available on the App Store but it can be downloaded from a third party file hosting site.


  • hiMusic is one application that is free from those annoying advertisements. Simply open the app and start streaming with no disturbances whatsoever.
Best Free Music Apps For iPhone Offline
  • You can watch and play paid music for free on hiMusic, you’re even able to access the music radio which streams music 24 hours a day.

Since hiMusic is open-source, it’s not available on the App Store due to certain policy violations but can be downloaded on your iPhone by following these steps.

  • Begin by opening Safari browser on your iPhone and download the hiMusic App.
  • Once the application has been installed, open Settings and proceed to trust the certificate under Device Management. Now launch the app and search for the songs you wish to hear.

YouTube Music

Best Free Music Apps For iPhone Offline

YouTube Music is an awesome tool to use if you’re looking to download music for offline playback. It’s a Google proprietary app that you can download onto your iPhone via the App Store. YouTube Music grants access to millions of songs that are available online and is equipped with some pretty impressive features that allow you to download music onto your iPhone.


  • YouTube Music includes content from live performances, remixes, remixes and more. There are thousands of specially curated playlists available to download and play on your iPhone.
Best Free Music Apps For iPhone Offline
  • With YouTube music you’re able to sync your playlist and downloads across your devices. You can play your music on your desktop, laptop, smart speaker, on your TV and even in your car.
  • The app is available to download on the App Store and would require iOS 12.0 or later to run. It comes with different packages that you can select from such as YouTube Music Family, YouTube Music, YouTube Premium and so on.


Best Free Music Apps For iPhone Offline

Spotify is one of the most popular music streaming and download services available with such a large library to choose from. The app lets you download music onto your iPhone and listen to them when your network is off or if you have finished your data pack.

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  • Spotify creates special playlists for your music depending on your preferences, you can make a playlist of any genre or you can try out Spotify’s self-created playlist that highlights all your favorite tracks.
Best Free Music Apps For iPhone Offline
  • The app comes with an ad-free version that you can activate by purchasing a subscription. They even provide users with offers based on whether it’s for a family account or if it’s a personal account.
  • You can download music onto your iPhone and play them from within the app but you will not be able to download the music files externally or transfer them to anyone.


While there are a number of applications that claim to be offline players, there are a handful which actually stand out among the rest. These music applications are free to download and easy to use.

Hands-down, the best music apps for listening to music offline are AudioMack, Pandora Radio and Tidal as these three have some of the best features and are easy to use. While they do not require any payment to have songs downloaded, they will have a couple of advertisements here and there which are not so bad.

You must check the user feedback and reviews before downloading any of these applications. Check the privacy and security options that come with them and what they require access to so that you stay protected.

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