Best Free Music Download Sites For Android Phones 2022

by Michael Dwain

These days, most of us think that by using streaming services like Spotify or YouTube Music we have it all, but that’s not always the case. Though you get access to millions of songs at a premium, you don’t own any of that music.

With other solutions like Amazon Music or iTunes, you’re paying a lot to utilize their services and this can get to be too much over time. Instead, you’d rather go out and buy the CD or go online and pick up a digital copy of the music which is actually cheaper.

To save you some time we’re going to go back to the early 2000’s when downloading sites were all we had. Though not so common anymore, there are some popular sites that are still up and running, with millions of legal downloads available at the click of a button.

Here are the Best Free Music Download Sites for Android Phones

Site NameKnown For
BandcampMultiple Music Formats and Song Availability
DatPiffHip-Hop and Rap Music
SoundCloudAlternate to Spotify with downloading capabilities
ReverbNationHip-Hop, Alternative and Pop
MusopenSheet Music and Royalty Free Music
Last.fmCurated Radio Stations
Free Music ArchiveCurated Collection of Music
RockMyRunFor Sports and Fitness Enthusiasts

Best Free Music Download Sites For Android Phones

There are a lot of people who are not quite sure where to download free music onto their Android phones and that’s because there are a lot of copyright restrictions in place that you have to end up either paying for the music or downloading them from a pirated website which is illegal.

The sites I’m going to take you through are free to use and provide you with legal music to download. You can access these sites from your Android browser and download songs on the go.


Best Free Music Download Sites For Android Phones

Bandcamp is much like an online music portal where artists can add their music and set the price for the songs or albums they upload. You can download songs from Bandcamp in MP3, AAC, Ogg Vorbis, Lossless FLAC, ALAC, WAV and AIFF formats.

You are permitted to search for music you wish to download. These songs don’t necessarily require you to pay for them. 

In order to download from Bandcamp you’d have to use the search bar and type out tags like “Free downloads” or “Free” to have the list of available songs populated that you can have downloaded.

However if you’re using the mobile application (iOS & Android) then you’d have to dig a bit deeper and search for “custom genres”.

Best Free Music Download Sites For Android Phones

Bandcamp is a great site to download from but has its limitations, you’d have to create an account and the range of music is a mix of Indie, Pop, Jazz, Electronic among others.


  • Founded in: 2008
  • Head Quarters: San Francisco Bay Area, US
  • Genres: Hip-Hop, Rap, Metal, Alternative, Rock, Experimental, Funk, World, Jazz


Best Free Music Download Sites For Android Phones

This website is dedicated to the Hip-Hop community and offers a wide selection of music in the form of mix-tapes. The site hosts a lot of original content from artists situated around the world and the best part is the songs are free to download. 

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There’s an upcoming section which lists out the new music yet to be released and offers a news section to keep you informed with the latest updates from the music industry.

Best Free Music Download Sites For Android Phones

The best part about DatPiff is that it offers free songs to download on a consistent basis, from artists like LilWayne, Drake, French Montana, etc.With DatPiff, you’re able to download new tapes as well as listen to fan-made compilation albums.


  • Founded in: 2005
  • Head Quarters: Great Lakes, US
  • Genres: Hip-Hop, Rap, Urban


Best Free Music Download Sites For Android Phones

SoundCloud is literally one of the most popular music sites where you can stream and download songs for free. SoundCloud was rated as the best alternative to Spotify and as one of the best download sites where you can get music without paying.

Best Free Music Download Sites For Android Phones

This site is basically an online music streaming community where content is uploaded by famous musicians or independent artists and you can search for music by typing out the artist or band tags in the search bar.

Best Free Music Download Sites For Android Phones

With SoundCloud you can tap on the song you want to download and then click on the download button that’s just beneath the name of the song to save the file. Some of the songs may require you to either like the artists Social Media pages to get the song or by paying a small fee, but the majority of the music on SoundCloud is available for free.


  • Founded in: 2007
  • Head Quarters: Berlin, Germany
  • Genres: LoFi Hip-Hop, Soca, Future Bass, Trance, Electronica, Rap, Pop, Soul


Best Free Music Download Sites For Android Phones

ReverbNation is a music hosting platform where artists can upload their music for fans to hear. You have the discovery tab that provides you with a curated selection of the type of music you’re into, there’s also the crowd favorites and chart topper tabs to select from.

Best Free Music Download Sites For Android Phones

With ReverbNation you can either host music or download the songs you want for free. While listening to the song, click on the download button in the embed player to have the file downloaded in MP3 format.

Best Free Music Download Sites For Android Phones

Another way you can download music from ReverbNation is by accessing the artists page and tapping on the plus button next to the name of the song. This will let you download the file to your desktop/smartphone in MP3 format so it’s compatible with all music players.

Best Free Music Download Sites For Android Phones

There may be some songs where the artist may ask you to share your email address in exchange for the song, this is just to keep you in the loop about any other upcoming releases.


  • Founded in: 2006
  • Head Quarters: North Carolina, US
  • Genres: Country, Folk, Metal, Hip-Hop, Rock, R&B/Soul, Dance, Alternative


Best Free Music Download Sites For Android Phones

Musopen is a royalty-free music site that has managed to make music available to everyone, free of copyright restrictions. Here, songs are obtained from the public domain and include but not limited to classic compositions which can be found either by searching for the time-period or the composer. 

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Best Free Music Download Sites For Android Phones

Downloading music on Musopen is easy, you’d have to create a free account with them to be able to download music. However, the only problem is that as a free user you’re only provided with the ability to download up to 5 tracks a day and these songs will be downloaded in standard quality and HQ.

Best Free Music Download Sites For Android Phones

It’s a great site to use and though does not cover every kind of music out there, it won’t be something we’d subscribe to.


  • Founded in: 2005
  • Head Quarters: Palo Alto, California
  • Genres: Classical, Sheet Music, Renaissance, Medieval, Romantic, Traditional

Best Free Music Download Sites For Android Phones is primarily a music recommendation site that provides users with the latest music and videos on the internet. The only issue with is that when you select a song to play you’d be provided with YouTube videos instead. 

Best Free Music Download Sites For Android Phones

While downloading music, it’s another hassle. You’re taken to a paid site to download music from such as Amazon or iTunes depending on your selection. 

Best Free Music Download Sites For Android Phones

However, there is a way to download music for free from and that’s by navigating to the footer and clicking on Free Music Downloads. Here you’d be taken to a page filled with music that can be downloaded for free. 

Another plus point for is that you won’t have to create any account or subscribe to them before downloading songs. 


  • Founded in: 2002
  • Head Quarters: London, England
  • Genres: Rock, Hip-Hop, Indie, Hardcore, R&B, Acoustic, Country, Classical, British, Jazz, Punk

Free Music Archive

Best Free Music Download Sites For Android Phones

Free Music Archive is a website that was created by several community radio stations whose intention was to provide music for free that can be downloaded and used in any form of creative work without having to worry about licensing issues. 

Best Free Music Download Sites For Android Phones

You’re able to find new music by searching through the vast collection, specifically curated for your liking. With Free Music Archive, all you’d have to do is find a song you like, play it and download the song in MP3 by clicking on the download button next to the songs name.

Best Free Music Download Sites For Android Phones

Also considered as one of the best sites to download music for free, FMA is currently online but their service is sort of in a transitional phase as they have come under new ownership. 

Best Free Music Download Sites For Android Phones

According to their Twitter page, they’re apparently overhauling the platform to improve the free product and also offer premium content to those who wish to subscribe.


  • Founded in: 2009
  • Head Quarters: Jersey City, New Jersey
  • Genres: Blues, Classical, Country, Jazz, Novelty, Rock Soul, R&B, International, Hip-Hop 


If you’re looking for a music download site for your Android phone that is designed for sports and workout lovers, then RockMyRun is meant for you. There is even an app which is available on the Play Store for free and comes with in-app purchases. It will provide you with access to over 1000 mixes from the worlds best DJ’s.

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RockMyRun was featured in the New York Times, LA Times, TIME Magazine and the Today Show simply because it’s that good. It will recommend music to you on a daily basis depending on your workout performance. If you’re choosing a mix, then as you work out RockMyRun will gradually increase the BPM of the tracks playing to get you pumped up and motivated.

The app allows you to download music onto your Android device so you can play them back at a later time. Also, you’re able to choose from a wide variety of genres such as Pop, Rock, Hip-Hop/ Rap and so many more.


  • Founded in: 2011
  • Head Quarters: San Diego, California
  • Genres: Blues, Classical, Country, Jazz, Novelty, Rock Soul, R&B, International, Hip-Hop 


Most of us are smart and know many loop-holes while downloading music and we really won’t need these sites. But the main problem is the ownership of the song, the tracks are not yours so if they’re played back at any time without consent then you’re liable for copyright infringement. 

Now that’s not something we want now do we? 

Of all the sites I have listed, I’d recommend SoundCloud simply because I’ve been using their services for nearly a decade and have not been let down even once in terms of quality of music and selection. 

Try them all out, see which one suits your requirements and go for it. 

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