Best Headphone for Hip Hop and Rap Music 2022

by Michael Dwain

If you’re looking for the best headphone for Hip Hop and Rap music then you’re at the right place. 

It is rather difficult to find the right pair of headphones and it’s evident that all headphones are not equal or created the same way. For those looking to enjoy true bass lines such as those that are present in Hip Hop and Rap, a good pair of closed-back headphones will do the trick.

Our team at Audio-Sandwich have tried and tested well over 20 headphones from different brands and after putting them through a series of tests, we determined that there are 6 different headphones that are worth the money and are best suited for Hip Hop and Rap genres of music. After pushing these 6 through another series of rigorous tests, we determined the following.

The best headphone for Hip Hop and Rap music is the Audio-Technica ATH-MX50. Audio-Technica have been in the game for a really long time and one of their most sought after headphones are the professional-grade ATH-MX50. These closed-back headphones deliver the right frequency response that Hip Hop and Rap music need to sound good.

Read on as we’ll take you through a list of the top 6 best headphones for hip hop and rap music. We’ll even guide you through what to look for when buying a pair of headphones for rap or hip hop.

Top 6 Best Headphone for Hip Hop and Rap MusicSpecificationsBest For
Audio-Technica ATH-MX50Driver: 45mm Dynamic;
Frequency Response: 15-28Hz;
Connectivity: Wired;
Overall Best Headphone for Hip Hop and Rap Music
Beyerdynamic Custom One Pro PlusDriver: 40mm Dynamic;
Frequency Response: 10-24000Hz;
Connectivity: Wired;
Best Customizable Headphones for Deep Bass
Bose SoundLink Around-Ear Wireless HeadphonesDriver: 45mm Dynamic;
Battery Life: 15 hours;
Connectivity: Wired/Wireless;
Best Premium Headphones for Hip Hop and Rap Music
Skullcandy Crusher Wireless Over-Ear HeadphonesDriver: 40mm Dynamic;
Battery Life: 40 hours;
Connectivity: Wired/Wireless;
Best Over-ear Headphones for Hip Hop and Rap Music
Anker Soundcore Life Q20 Hybrid ANC HeadphonesDriver: 40mm Dynamic;
Noise Cancellation: ANC;
Battery Life: 40-60 hours;
Connectivity: Wireless;
Best Budget Friendly Bluetooth Headphones for Hip Hop
Sennheiser HD280 Pro Closed-Back Studio HeadphonesDriver: 40mm Neodymium Drivers;
Frequency Response: 8-25Hz;
Connectivity: Wired;
Best Studio Headphones for Hip Hop and Rap Music

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Top 6 Best Headphone for Hip Hop and Rap Music

Audio-Technica ATH-MX50

The ATH-M50x is clearly the best headphone for hip hop and rap music that delivers stellar performance that has been recognized by pro audio reviewers and audio engineers. It’s definitely our favorite and can be used wired or wireless depending on your preference.

It’s equipped with Audio-Technica’s proprietary 45mm large aperture drivers that comprises rare earth magnets and copper clad aluminum wire voice coils to deliver crystal clear sound.

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This is one of the most popular and sought after headphones mainly for their impressive sound isolation, comfort levels and sonic performance. It comes with a detachable 1.2m long coiled cable and has built-in Bluetooth that you can use to stay wireless.

The ear cups can swivel 90-degrees and they have been made from a high quality memory foam material that contours around the ears delivering brilliant sound isolation regardless of where you are.

Beyerdynamic Custom One Pro Plus

The Beyerdynamic Custom One Pro Plus is another set of headphones that are ideal for hip hop and rap music. They are one of the best headphones that have ever been made and are capable of delivering clear and deep bass which is everything you need if your music preference revolves around deep bass, rap and hip hop amongst others.

These headphones are customizable and you pick one of the 16 changeable cover designs to personalize your own pair. 

On its own, they deliver exceptional bass, but with the help of the custom slider located at the side of the ear cup, you can set one of the profiles and you will then be able to experience heavy-bass and rich-clean audio reproduction every time.

It comes with an optional attachment where you can convert your headphones into a headset with the help of the 3m long spiral cable and microphone. This setup transforms the Custom One Pro Plus into your all-in-one solution.

Bose SoundLink Around-Ear Wireless Headphones

Bose has always been a favorite among music enthusiasts who are looking for detail and high-quality audio reproduction. The SoundLink headphones are one of their best headphones to buy for deep bass music such as rap and hip hop.

The studio-grade wireless headphones run on the latest Bluetooth technology that lets you connect and sync with both audio and video. They’re built to last for up to 15 hours on a single charge and are equipped with a high-performance li-ion rechargeable battery.

You have the option to make use of the Active EQ if you’re looking to customize and enhance your music listening experience. 

While everything about these headphones sound sound, they are actually not that comfortable to wear over long periods of time and we noticed that there was sound sound leakage with these headphones on higher frequencies.

Skullcandy Crusher Wireless Over-Ear Headphones

The Skullcandy Crushers are pretty popular around the world for their immersive experience and deep  bass production. These over-ear headphones are so good that it literally feels like you are at a concert or there’s a live performance taking place right in front of you.

They come with a built-in microphone and buttons built into the ear cup that allow you to pick up and disconnect calls, increase or decrease the volume and more. 

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It’s equipped with a high-capacity rechargeable batter that can last for up to an impressive 40 hours on a single charge and come with Rapid Charge that provides you with 3 hours of playback from a single 10 minute charge.

These hip hop certified headphones unfortunately could have been a bit bigger and maybe a little more comfortable to wear. All-in-all, these headphones are great and sound perfect when you use them for deep bass and hip hop tracks.

Anker Soundcore Life Q20 Hybrid ANC Headphones

Another brilliant set of headphones to own especially if you’re into hip hop or rap music is the Anker Soundcore Life Q20. These headphones are affordable, deliver Hi-Res audio and are equipped with top notch A-grade active noise cancelling microphones that can detect and cancel out a wide range of low and mid-frequency noises and keep you immersed in what’s playing.

They’re powered by custom oversized 40mm dynamic drivers that are capable of reproducing music at extended frequencies allowing you to experience impressive clarity and levels of detail. 

The Q20 is also equipped with Anker’s proprietary BassUp technology which is able to strengthen the bass reproduction of low frequencies and provide you with an amplified listening experience.

With up to 40 hours of playtime, the Q20’s life can be extended to 60 hours if you use the standard mode without any adjustments to the sound quality. These headphones also come with Rush Charge where you can get up to 4 hours of playback from hardly 5 minutes of charge.

Sennheiser HD280 Pro Closed-Back Studio Headphones

Sennheiser headphones are truly magnificent gadgets to have and the HD280 considered to be one of the best closed-back headphones for hip hop and rap music. They’re ideal for recording professionals because they’re comfortable, affordable, cover a wide range of frequencies and come with replaceable ear cups in case yours happens to wear with time.

These professional studio headphones are made from a high-grade lightweight plastic material that are equipped with neodymium drivers that are known for their powerful audio deliverance.

You can fold and swivel the ear cups allowing them to be transported easily and each pair comes with a 3.5mm and a 6.3mm audio jack so you can practically plug them into any audio source wherever you are and listen to music.

At under $100, these headphones are definitely something you will want to own as they are durable, are comfortable to wear, affordable and deliver clear bass at an SPL of 113dB.

Best headphone for Hip Hop and Rap music – Buyer’s Guide

All headphones are not the same and now that you’re familiar with our list of the best headphones for Hip Hop and Rap music, it’s time for us to show you how we were able to come up with this list. 

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With headphones and selecting the right one, there are multiple factors to consider. Things such as comfort, portability, budget and whether they are open-back or closed-back should be considered so you are able to pick the perfect headphones.

  • Budget – One of the biggest concerns of most enthusiasts will be their budget and the cost of these headphones. It’s always a good idea to set your budget first because this will make it easier to pick a pair of headphones that falls within a particular price range. 

    Take time to consider how much you’re willing to spend simply because there are thousands of headphones out there and you may not be able to find the right one in your first attempt.
  • Comfort – Another thing to look for is the comfort level offered by a particular pair of headphones. This basically means, look for one that will be comfortable to wear even for a long period of time. 

    The best set of headphones you should buy will be one that has added comfort features such as an adjustable headband, padded ear cups and are lightweight so they can be worn without them hurting your head.
  • Open or Closed-back – This is solely based on personal preference and it’s up to whether you will use the headphones indoors or outdoors. 

    Open-back headphones are good for rap and hip hop, but only if you’re going to use them in your home. Whereas, closed-back headphones are ideal if you’re outdoors or indoors and you want added bass enhancing capabilities.
  • Connectivity – The final thing to consider will be whether you want a pair of wired headphones or wireless that lets you roam around freely without having the wire getting snagged in almost anything around you.

    In my opinion, headphones that provide you with both connection options are best simply because you get to listen to music without any wire and when the battery is low you can go ahead and plug in the 3.5mm/6.3mm audio jack and resume your playback where you left off.


Well, there you have it, the best headphone for Hip Hop and Rap music is the Audio-Technica ATH-MX50. They are one of the most sought after closed-back headphones for Hip Hop and Rap music that sound good.

Which was your favorite?

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