Best Home Theater Seating 2022

by Michael Dwain

If you’re setting up your first home theater, then you will need a good seating arrangement to have the most comfortable experience ever. 

There are many things to consider when buying a home theater seating arrangement and since there are a wide variety of chairs and recliners available, it can get rather difficult picking the right one.

Over the course of this article, I’m going to make it easier for you to pick the most appropriate seating arrangement to use in your personal home theater. We’ve covered a range of products such as single recliners, love seats, sofas, reclining seats and even multi-row split seating that can be bought today.

Now, keep in mind that not all of them are the same and there are some major differences between them all. We’ve taken factors such as size, material, level of comfort, additional features and price into consideration while developing this list.

On that note, here are the top 7 best home theater seating arrangements that you can find online which will definitely improve your movie viewing experience.

  • Seatcraft Equinox Recliner Seat
  • Valencia Piacenza Home Theater Seating
  • Pulaski Larson Theater Recliner
  • Valencia Oslo Home Theater Seating
  • Yaheetech 2-seat Fabric Pushback Recliner
  • Homall Gaming Recliner Chair
  • Pawnova PU Leather Chair with Massager

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Top 7 Best Home Theater Seating

Seatcraft Equinox Recliner Seat

The Seatcraft equinox is a top notch reclining leather seat that is one of the best home theater seating units you can find online. It’s not that expensive as a couple of others i’ll cover in this list which is what makes it sought after.

This recliner seat is made from hand-selected top grain leather offering a premium feel and look. It’s highly durable and comes equipped with power reclining functions, an adjustable power headrest along with an adjustable power lumbar support.

What really caught our attention was the additional features of the chair such as light-up cup holders, secret arm storage compartments, a swivel tray and the fact that it comes with a built-in soundshaker bass shaker. 

While the soundshaker comes built into the seat, you would require an external amplifier to power it and that would be a separate purchase. The power recline control panel on the chair comes with a handy USB port that you can use to either charge your smartphone or if you’re a  gamer, then you can use it to keep your controller charged at all times.

MaterialTop Grain Leather, Cool Gel Foam
Additional FunctionsTray table, In-arm storage, Light up cup holders, USB charger, Built-in SoundShaker

Valencia Piacenza Home Theater Seating

If you’re looking for a home theater seating set up that can accommodate at least 4 people, then the Valencia Piacenza seating unit is the perfect choice. This home theater seating arrangement comes with a total of 4 seats where two are joined to form a loveseat whereas the two seats on the extreme ends are meant for one person each.

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This unit is made from high-quality Nappa 9000 leather which is both soft and comfortable to sit on for long periods of time. There is a built-in control system which lets you adjust the ambient base LEDs, the LED cup holder and even carries USB ports to charge your devices while watching your movie.

Each seat reclines allowing you to get into the most comfortable position and with the wall hugging feature, you can rest assured that the Valencia Piacenza will not take up too much space. Each seat has been designed to provide you with postural support and will evenly distribute your body weight on the seat.

MaterialNappa 9000 Leather
Additional FunctionsHidden storage, LED cup holder, USB chargers, Ambient base lighting, Removable accessories

Pulaski Larson Theater Recliner

The Pulaski store has some premium quality budget friendly home theater seating units and one that was worth the review is the Pulaski Larson theater recliner. It uses a breathable faux leather upholstery that is highly durable and very easy to clean. 

Each Larson home theater seating arrangement comes with a single outlet along with 2 USB charging ports that have been concealed in the arm storage. This makes it easier to charge portable devices such as a controller or your mobile phone while watching a movie.

It comes equipped with a power recline footrest and headrest and this seat can be reclined all the way back till it’s in a sleeping position. Each arm rest has a detachable swivel tray that fits easily in the arm storage when not in use and is perfectly capable of holding your laptop or snacks while you watch your movie or show.

Material80% Polyester, 20% Polyurethane
Additional FunctionsRemovable tray, Built-in recliner, Arm storage, USB charging ports

Valencia Oslo Home Theater Seating

The Valencia Oslo is a premium 3 seater home theater arrangement that has been manufactured with high-quality top grain Nappa 11000 leather. It’s available in black or brown and comes equipped with both power lumbar support and power headrests.

The seats have a high-quality diamond quilted pattern on the lumbar support and leg rests and offer a luxurious look to your home theater room. Each seat comes with a personal control system, an LED cup holder and USB charging ports to charge your phone or game controller while you watch a movie.

We found that the reclining system of the Valencia Oslo is rather comfortable and is built in such a way that it hugs the wall and saves space in the room. It’s one of the best home theater seating arrangements available online. You will not want to get up from this seat once you’ve comfortably positioned yourself.

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MaterialTop Grain Nappa 11000 Leather
Additional FunctionsReclining Lumbar support and headrest, USB charging ports, LED cup holders

Yaheetech 2-seat Fabric Pushback Recliner

A simple looking, yet affordable home theater seating arrangement is the Yaheetech 2-seat pushback recliner chair that uses thick cushioning and is equipped with a reclining backrest for added comfort while you watch a movie.

This chair offers 3 relaxation modes and can recline anywhere from between 0-90-degrees. Each seat is built around a sturdy wooden frame and uses high-density foam and quality pocket springs to give you a comfortable experience.

Each chair has been upholstered with soft linen fabric and rayon fibers to ensure your whole body fits comfortably within the seat. We found that this unit does not come with swivel trays, a control panel for the reclining function or cup holders. But then again, considering it’s priced at under $300, you can’t expect every additional feature to be added in this model.

MaterialWood, Linen, Foam
Additional FunctionsStackable reclining back and headrest

Homall Gaming Recliner Chair

If you’re in the market for a nice home theater chair that doubles up as a premium gaming recliner, then the Homall gaming recliner is the one for you. This chair is one of the most affordable home theater chairs in the market and has been made out of PU leather and high-density sponge to give you the level of comfort you truly deserve.

This chair can be reclined from between 90-180-degrees allowing you to get into any position you like, including a sleeping position and is best suited for those looking to game or simply watch movies on the big screen.

It’s perfectly built for those looking to sit for long periods of time and is equipped with a built-in waist massager which can eliminate any discomfort you may experience from sitting too long. 

We found that this chair can support up to 265lbs which is perfect for adults and bigger people and considering the fact that it’s quite affordable, we’d suggest picking up 4 of these units to complete your home theater experience.

MaterialPU Leather, High-density Foam
Additional FunctionsRecliner, Built-in massager, Control remote for massage intensity

Pawnova PU Leather Chair with Massager

The Pawnova PU leather recliner chair is definitely one to consider buying if you’re in the market for a budget-friendly home theater seat with bonus functions. This recliner sofa chair comes with a smooth and exquisite finish and has been made from high-quality metal.

The base of the chair can swivel allowing you to turn a complete 360-degrees and each chair comes equipped with two cup holders, a built-in full body massager and is built in a way that it does not take up too much space in your home theater room.

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We found this chair to be easy to assemble and were able to completely set it up within 20 minutes from unpacking. Thanks to the faux leather material, this chair is rather easy to clean and all you’d need is a wet or damp towel to remove any stains or grime.

MaterialMetal, Foam, PU Leather
Additional Functions360-swivel, Built-in cup holders, Full-body massager with 8 levels of vibration

What should you consider when buying a home theater seating arrangement?

  • Room Size – The first and most important thing to consider is the size of your home theater room. Based on the dimensions of the room, you can choose an appropriate seating arrangement to fit that size. There are many options out there and one more thing you should keep in mind is that for a better viewing experience, you will need to arrange your seats at a distance from your screen. 
  • Number of Seats Required – This factor depends on the number of people who will be present in the home theater room. Are planning on hosting a group screening or if it’s only going to be for you and your immediate family? That’s a question you’re going to ask yourself in order to determine how many seats you’d need.
  • Material and Build – Another important criteria to look into is the build and make of the seating units. You will need one that offers comfort because you and your family are going to sit through an entire 2-3 hour long movie. Ensure that the material is easy to clean in case you happen to drop something on it by accident. Stuff like faux leather or PU leather are easy to clean. 
  • Additional Features – Not all chairs are made the same, as you would have seen from the products mentioned above. Some come with built-in massagers, cup holders, automatic reclining function and more whereas others would be simple and lack these add-ons like the Pulaski Larson. Remember, the more additional features the chair comes with, the more expensive it’s likely to be.

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