Best Mics for YouTube Videos 2022

by Michael Dwain

Streaming content online is a  good way for you to reach the masses and there’s no platform out there better than YouTube. 

Content creators who use YouTube can record their videos without the use of a professional microphone, but if you want a high quality video with good sounding audio/vocals, you will need to use an external microphone.

The best mics for YouTube videos are those that do not compromise the quality, are affordable and can be hooked up to your PC/laptop/mobile with ease. 

Some professional YouTuber’s swear by these mics so we decided to test them remotely and determine which are truly the best mics to use if you’re recording a video for YouTube.

Here are the top 8 best mics for YouTube videos you can buy today.

  • Rode NT-USB
  • Razer Seiren X
  • Blue Yeti
  • Blue Snowball
  • Audio-Technica AT2035
  • Shure SM7B
  • Rode SmartLav+
  • Shure VP83F

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Top 8 Best Mics for YouTube Videos


The Rode NT-USB is a highly versatile USB microphone that can be connected to your computer or laptop via a USB cable. You can also connect a pair of headphones to it through the 3.5mm audio port for latency-free monitoring.

This microphone delivers excellent sound quality and comes with a headphone jack along with a line-in volume controller and a mix control dial. 

These components allow you to easily blend or merge recorded audio with your voice and unfortunately, thie Rode NT-USB does not come equipped with an onboard gain control so you would have to manually adjust the input volume on your laptop/PC.

  • JFET impedance converter
  • 0.50” capsule
  • 16-bit audio resolution
  • Maximum SPL level of 110dBa

Razer Seiren X

Razer is a pro gaming brand that specializes in internal and external gaming and video streaming devices. One of the best mics for YouTube videos that comes with background noise reduction is the Razer Seiren X. This device comes equipped with a supercardioid pickup mic that can restrict external sounds and record clear audio.

We loved using this USB mic mainly because it is budget friendly and extremely easy to use. Simply plug in the mic to your system and begin recording, it literally doesn’t take more than that. 

The Seiren X even comes equipped with a built-in shock mount that prevents bumps or jumps in the recording and is one of the most effective microphones when it comes to zero latency monitoring.

  • Condenser microphone
  • Supercardioid polar pattern
  • Mute, Volume and Add volume built-in controls 

Blue Yeti

The Blue Yeti is another highly functional microphone that connects via USB and offers low latency audio recording capabilities. It’s a sleek looking mic that is equipped with a three capsule array capable of recording clear audio for your YouTube stream.

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It’s made from a metallic alloy and would require the Blue Vo!ce software if you want to make good use of this mic. You can take advantage of the built-in controls such as headphone volume, instant mute, mic gain and pattern selection while recording your video.

The Yeti is highly portable and lightweight making it easy to carry in case you’re heading out on a trip. For ultimate versatility, the Blue Yeti comes equipped with four patterns allowing you to stream ro record audio from any direction.

  • USB microphone
  • Maximum SPL level of 120dBa
  • Requires a Li-ion battery
  • Multipattern polar pickups

Blue Snowball

Another extremely popular mic for YouTube is the Blue Snowball iCE microphone. This is a USB microphone that’s perfect for recording, podcasts and streaming. It’s designed to resemble a ball and comes equipped with a custom condenser capsule to deliver premium audio quality without any disturbance.

This mic has a cardioid pickup pattern that can zone in on your voice and ensure your recording is clear and focused. The stand is adjustable so you can extend the legs till you’re comfortable with the position and height.

The Blue Snowball is Discord and Skype certified which means that it’s one of the best mics to use while handling video calls or recording a live stream. It does not require any additional software to run and is a plug and play microphone that’s compatible with laptops or desktops.

  • Equipped with a custom condenser capsule
  • Cardioid pickup pattern
  • 16-bit audio depth
  • Plug and play module
  • Discord and Skype certified

Audio-Technica AT2035

The Audio-Technica AT2035 is an XLR microphone has a unidirectional polar microphone, large diaphragm cardioid condenser and Knox gear pop filter to deliver some studio-grade audio. This microphone comes with a boom arm and a long XLR male to female cable.

It is equipped with an adjustable 80Hz high-pass filter and can handle high sound pressure without any loss of quality. The design of the mic will let it pickup sounds only from the front of the microphone and thus will eliminate or omit any background noise that could arise from behind the mic.

This is a complete kit for anyone looking to take on their YouTube videos with studio quality audio and is one of the most durable mics out there. At around $170, this mic is not meant for everyone and would be the best choice for professional YouTubers or gamers.

  • Unidirectional mic
  • Diaphragm cardioid condenser microphone
  • Equipped with Knox gear pop filter and boom arm
  • Comes with a long XLR male-female cable

Shure SM7B

The Shure AM7B is an extremely pricey microphone that comes with everything you need to make you sound good on your videos. This microphone is ideal for studio recording, home recording and live streaming. It also comes with a pop filter that’s designed to isolate and eliminate unwanted mechanical sound and deep breaths.

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This mic for YouTube offers at least 60dB of gain audio and will ensure your voice is left sounding warm and balanced throughout your streaming experience. Though the SM7B is priced at an astronomical price of over $350, it’s probably the only mic on this list to be rated 5 stars.

You have more control over the sound with the SM7B since it comes with a dynamic XLR connector and this unit will help deliver better audio quality than many other mics in the market. This is definitely one of the best mics for YouTube videos and is highly recommended to those who can afford the high price tag.

  • Unidirectional microphone with cardioid pattern
  • Electromagnetic shield to erase hums
  • Ideal for recording, streaming or podcasts
  • XLR connector

Rode SmartLav+

If you’re a streamer on the go, then you’d probably need something really compact so you can carry it with you throughout your journey. The SmartLav+ is the best lavalier mic in the market that’s designed for iPhones and android smartphones. 

This microphone comes with an omnidirectional mic and a TRRS jack to record clear and precise audio. The 4.5mm miniature microphone is discreet and can easily be concealed under your shirt.

One of the most remarkable features of the SmartLav+ is the kevlar reinforced audio cable which is designed to be snap proof and won’t stretch. You can rest assured that this mic, though small, is quite powerful and capable of recording high quality audio on your phone while streaming it live on YouTube.

  • 4.5mm Omnidirectional mic
  • Kevlar reinforced TRRS audio cable
  • 67dBa signal to noise ratio

Shure VP83F

The Shure VP83F is another high end microphone  that comes with a camera mount. This is not your run-off-the-mill microphone and is designed specifically for high-def audio and low-end response. The VP83F uses an omnidirectional super cardioid polar pattern that captures and records clear audio.

 It comes with a shock-proof mounting system from Rycote Lyre and is capable of minimizing shocks and vibrations in your audio. 

Each VP83F requires a AA battery to function and you can expect an average of 10 hours runtime from a single battery. All in all, this dedicated high-end microphone will sit perfectly well on your DSLR or Camcorder while recording videos to upload onto your YouTube channel.

  • Omnidirectional microphone
  • Supercardioid condenser
  • Built-in  MicroSDHC card slot up to 32GB
  • 10 hours battery life
  • Audio recorded at 24-bit/48kHz in WAV format

How to choose the right microphone for YouTube videos?

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When choosing a microphone you need to take certain things into consideration such as what type or video you’re going to make and where you are going to record the video. While there are many microphones to choose from it ultimately boils down to the following microphones you can choose from.

  • Condenser microphones – These microphones are designed specifically for those recording in quiet environments or closed rooms. They are known for their ability to record your voice in detail and will not lack any clarity.
  • Dynamic microphones – Dynamic range of microphones are those that offer the best recording quality in noisy environments. These microphones are normally equipped with a level of noise cancellation and are designed to focus on your voice.
  • Lavalier microphones – These are highly portable microphones that can be worn on your clothes. They can be connected to your smartphone via an audio cable and you will be able to record crystal clear audio and grant you the ability to move around freely.
  • Shotgun microphones – Shotgun microphones are created specifically for cameras or camcorders. These devices are perfect to use if you’re recording something that’s facing your camera. An example of the shotgun microphone is the Shure VP83F.

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