Best Music Making Apps for iPhone 2023

by Michael Dwain

It was only until recently that I decided to try and create music on my iPhone and I have to say it’s easier than ever, even if you don’t come from a music producing background.

With music production apps for the iPhone you don’t need to know how to play an instrument, read music or understand musical terms like loops and samples. You can simply download the application and learn from scratch. 

The App Store has a wide range of music making apps for every kind of skill level, genre of music and budget so it was tough compiling the list of the best music making apps for iPhone. 

However, I have managed to gather the following 8 applications that are budget friendly, great to use and fun to work on.

Here are the best music making apps for iPhone

  • Korg Gadget 2
  • Auxy – Music & Beat Maker
  • Figure
  • Cubasis 3
  • GarageBand
  • Korg iKaossilator
  • AudioBus 3
  • Akai iMPC Pro 2
  • Native Instruments iMaschine 2
  • Image-Line FL Studio Mobile HD

Best Music Making Apps for iPhone

These great music making applications for iPhones can be downloaded from the App Store. 

So if you’re unable to head to your regular studio or do not have the appropriate recording gear at home, then you can resort to one of these brilliant music production apps depending on your budget and what kind of music you’re looking to create.

Here are the Top 10 Best Music Making Apps for iPhone

Top 10 Best Music Making Apps for iPhonePrice
Korg Gadget 2$39.99
Auxy – Music & Beat MakerFree
Cubasis 3$49.99
Korg iKaossilator$19.99
AudioBus 3$9.99
Akai iMPC Pro 2$8.99
Native  Instruments iMaschine 2$9.99
Image-Line FL Studio Mobile HD$13.99

Korg Gadget  2

Best Music Making Apps for iPhone

Korg is known for their lineup of iOS applications that are just as good as their range of hardware. Korg Gadget 2 is a complete audio workstation that lets you work with lead and bass synthesizers, samplers for recording audio and even analog/sample-based drum machines.

Though they originally developed this app for iPad because of their large display, Korg has been able to make the app work flawlessly on iPhones too.

Best Music Making Apps for iPhone

The Korg Gadget 2 features full automation with MIDI support and includes a powerful sequencer. There’s also access to a built-in community so you can share your creations with others.

This app is not cheap and if you’re looking to try it out then you can download the Lite version of Korg Gadget 2 before you proceed with the purchase.  (The Lite version of Korg Gadget lets you use only a maximum of 3 gadgets over 3 tracks.)

Click here to download Korg Gadget Le (Free – Demo)

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Click here to download Korg Gadget 2

Auxy – Music & Beat Maker

Best Music Making Apps for iPhone

Auxy is a down-to-earth music making application for iPhone that rewrites the rules of creating loops and beats. It’s free to download and comes with additional instruments and samples that can be unlocked by subscribing to the app.

With Auxy, you can use the piano roll editor to write loops of melodies and bass lines, create drum patterns and use custom drums kits.

Best Music Making Apps for iPhone

The app allows you to share your work on Social platforms like SoundCloud or if you want you can download the file as ‘uncompressed WAV’ so you can further work on it via your desktops DAW.

Click here to download Auxy


Best Music Making Apps for iPhone

Figure is a great free music creating app on the App Store that provides every possible feature required to create some mind-boggling tracks. Figure is proof that your limitations can make you more creative.

With Figure you’re given access to a drum machine, bass synth and lead synth and with there being multiple instruments available for each element, you are able to mix and match until you get the right tune.

Best Music Making Apps for iPhone

You’re even allowed to record synths by tapping, holding or swiping the XY pads,adjust the range, change keys and fine-tune sounds. The full version of Figure is available for free on the App store. 

Click here to download Figure

Cubasis 3

Best Music Making Apps for iPhone

Considered a very popular digital workstation for music producers, Steinberg’s Cubasis has come a long way. Cubasis 3 is a polished and compact version that’s compatible with iPhone’ and is available on the App Store for $49.99.

With the iOS app, you can have an unlimited number of MIDI tracks and audio files in a single project. It comes with 24 inputs and outputs, built-in VST’s and synthesizers. 

Best Music Making Apps for iPhone

The best part about Cubasis 3 is that you’re able to connect with your desktop Cubase to pick up from where you left off. A plus point is that you get a Lite version of Cubasis that can be downloaded for free from the App Store.

Click here to download Cubasis LE 3 (Free – Demo)

Click here to download Cubasis 3


Best Music Making Apps for iPhone

As i’ve mentioned before, GarageBand is a brilliant free music and voice recorder but what it’s best known for is the ability to let you flawlessly create music on your iPhone. GarageBand offers you a flexible user interface that lets you produce music in a variety of genres, master tracks, design sounds, make beats or compile sample packs.

Best Music Making Apps for iPhone

GarageBand is one of the most popular music production applications you can download and it has everything you need to deliver professional sounding tunes.

As a user, you’re allowed to record MIDI or audio with access to several instruments that can be used to cover background scores. As GarageBand was developed by Apple, it’s not available outside iOS or iPad OS and not on other platforms like Android.

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Click here to download GarageBand

Korg iKaossilator

The iKaossilator is a tool that is capable of breaking down musical boundaries by allowing you to manipulate over 100 built-in sounds to create something unique and wonderful.

You are provided with five channels of sound that you can switch between at any point in time. With these channels you are able to create remixes and control your loops in real time.

Best Music Making Apps for iPhone

It allows you to import audio loops, record and save your work, upload them to SoundCloud or export them to your Mac or PC via iTunes.

The Korg iKaossilator is a palm sized synthesizer providing you with a modern feel and allows wireless sync-start with other known music applications.

Click here to download the iKaossilator

AudioBus 3

Best Music Making Apps for iPhone

Though AudioBus is not a music producing app, I felt it deserved a mention on this list for its ability to route audio from one source to another. So basically, w ith AudioBus you can take the output from any drum machine or synthesizer, add effects using an audio processor and finally record the audio file on your actual workstation.

Best Music Making Apps for iPhone

AudioBus 3 is an upgraded version of AudioBus 2 as it has retained all the features of the predecessor while providing you with more options for routing apps and support for MIDI.

Currently, apps like KORG Gadget, GarageBand and Cubasis 3 support AudioBus.

Click here to download AudioBus 3 

Akai iMPC Pro 2

iMPC Pro 2 for iPhone

Akai has been a name in the music industry for decades and now you’re able to experience their best hardware transformed into an app for your iPhones. This pocket friendly music making app is loaded with sample packs, though they may not seem like much you can always purchase additional sample packs online.

Best Music Making Apps for iPhone

It allows you to record music, cut tracks and even edit your own samples. Though this software was developed solely for Apple’s iPad, there is an app available for iPhones at a slightly lower rate. 

The only difference between the two is that the app for your iPhone is not easy to use as compared to how it works on the iPad. Maybe it’s because of the screen size.

Click here to download Akai’s iMPC Pro 2

Native Instruments iMaschine 2

Best Music Making Apps for iPhone

Native Instruments is a well known company that develops music producing hardware and software. They’re one of the biggest names in the music equipment scene and this particular application the iMaschine 2 is their mobile version of their piece of gear.

With the iMaschine 2 you get a handheld drum machine which comes with a total of 16 buttons for real-time music production. 

Best Music Making Apps for iPhone

The built-in library comes equipped with over 400 sample sounds which means that you’re set right from the get-go. This super affordable app lets you record vocals to put in your tracks, use the keyboard mode and even use the live-mode sequencer. 

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Click here to download iMaschine 2

Image-Line FL Studio Mobile HD

Best Music Making Apps for iPhone

Yet another famous DAW (digital audio workstation) from Image-Line, FL Studio is truly a legendary music making app and is cheaper than competitors like Cubasis 3.

With FL Studio you get a MiniSynth with upto 70 presets, over 130 instrument kits and loops, step sequencer with upto 99 tracks, pitch blending, wave editing, samplers, effects and much more.

Best Music Making Apps for iPhone

The best thing about FL Studio Mobile HD is that once you’re done making your music you can immediately download the file as an MP3 or upload it to cloud service like Dropbox or SoundCloud. 

I recommend using Image-Line FL Studio Mobile HD as it’s a great tool for beginners and intermediate music producers. With this app, the possibilities are endless.

Click here to download FL Studio Mobile HD

Final Thoughts

With there being hundreds of apps on the App Store that claim to let you produce music from your iPhone, there are only a few that will be capable of making the cut. The lineup features some of the most notable audio production software in the market and while they’re all not free to download they’re rather affordable.

I’d suggest apps like FL Studio, Cubasis 3, GarageBand and Figure as some fine apps you can start off with. 

A simple suggestion would be to find something that lines up with your requirement and go for it. Even if it costs a bit, don’t fret. These apps come pre-loaded with all the features you’d require to create some of the best music out there.

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