Best Quietest Wall Mounted Fans in 2022

by Michael Dwain

If you’re looking for something to cool down an entire room, nothing comes close to the efficiency of a high-performance wall mounted fan. 

While they may not be ideal for a living room or hall because they tend to look out of place, wall mounted fans are the best kind of fans to have in your bedroom, work studio or even outdoors. 

The quietest wall mounted fan is one that can effectively cool down an entire room in a manner of seconds and does not produce much noise. 

Our team at Audio-Sandwich have tested over 15 different wall mounted fans and have shortlisted the following 6 products for being the quietest fans in the market. These highly efficient devices are affordable and easy to install

Here are the top 6 best quietest wall mounted fans you can buy today.

Top 6 Best Quietest Wall Mounted FansFeatures
HydroMist F10 Oscillating Fan18″ Stainless Steel Blades,
3 Speed Modes,
181W Silent Motor,
Supports misting ring and nozzle
iLiving 18” Wall Mounted Fan18″ Industrial Curved Blades,
3 Speed Modes,
Mist Cooling,
Weather Resistant UPx4
Lasko 20” Convertible Wall Fan20″ Polymer Blades,
3 Speed Modes,
Tabletop/Wall Mount,
Rubber Padded Feet
Hurricane 12” Supreme Wall Mounted Fan12: Plastic Blades,
3 Speed Modes,
ETL Listed,
90-degree Oscillation
Maxx Air 18” Wall Mounted Fan18″ Stainless Steel Blades,
3 Speed Modes,
180-degree Tilt Capabilities,
High Velocity 120V 60Hz PSC Motor
Air King 9518 18” Industrial Grade Wall Fan18″ Powder Dusted Steel Blades,
3 Speed Modes,
ETL Listed & OSHA Compliant,
Dust-proof Motor Casing

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Top 6 Best Quietest Wall Mounted Fans

HydroMist F10 Oscillating Fan

The HydroMist F10 is a high-performance oscillating fan that comes equipped with a powerful 180W motor that drives the four 18” blades to cool down a large room. This is one of the best quietest wall mounted fans in the market and the only drawback we found with this  product is that it’s slightly expensive.

It features a table fan design and can easily be mounted on the wall with the mounting brackets. There is a black metal shroud fitted on the fan that helps with focusing the air flow and cutting down on any noise production while running at peak performance.

As with many HydroMist fans, the F10 can be retrofitted with high pressure misting rings and nozzles in case you wish to mount the fan outdoors during the summer. It comes with 3 speed modes that can be controlled via the in-line regulator.

iLiving 18” Wall Mounted Fan

The iLiving wall mounted fan is another brilliant indoor/outdoor fan that comes in 3 variants, 14-inches, 18-inches and 20-inches. This fan is designed to be weatherproof and is the ideal choice for your patio, workshop, garage or loading dock.

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It’s equipped with large curved blades and a completely sealed motor making it ideal for wet regions or outdoor placements. Another great thing about this fan is that it can be converted into a misting fan and you would have to purchase the misting kit separately.

The blades, shell casing and even the housing unit for the motor are weather resistant and are resistant to corrosion. It’s one of the best wall mounted fans with a quiet motor that you can get for under $150 and it comes equipped with 3 speed settings that can be changed by tugging on the hanging cord.

Lasko 20” Convertible Wall Fan

The Lasko quiet fan is a large and powerful 3-blade fan that can either be positioned on the table or mounted with the help of the wall mounting brackets. This fan is built for the  summer and is equipped with a high performance motor that delivers cool breeze throughout your entire room.

It features a tubular steel frame that is built to withstand vibrations and is equipped with rubber pads on the base to minimize any surface damage. Each fan comes with a built-in control unit that lets you choose any of the 3 fan speeds and thanks to the pivotal head, this fan can be positioned in any angle to deliver the perfect amount of airflow in the right direction.

With the mounting bracket, you can change the position of this fan from the table onto the wall in under 5 seconds. Lasko is definitely a brand to consider since you’re getting the same levels of performance as the HydroMist F10 at a fraction of the price.

Hurricane 12” Supreme Wall Mounted Fan

The Hurricane 12” Supreme wall mounted fan is a rather  small yet powerful device that comes with multiple speed settings, an adjustable head and highly durable 12” fan blades. It’s known as one of the best, quietest affordable wall fans in the market and is the perfect choice for offices, apartments, and garages.

This fan has the ability to tilt 90-degrees in the vertical direction and the pull cords that come with the fan can control the oscillating capabilities and adjust the speed of the fan. The 3-blades are made from polymer allowing them to be durable and while the shell is made from plastic, the neck (also one of the most important components) is made from a durable metal.

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Hurricane has been around for a while now and their Supreme range of fans are economical to use and carry a 1 year warranty from the manufacturer. We loved the fact that Hurricane makes these fans in a range of sizes, so if you’re someone who wants more power, you can always consider their 16-inch or 18-inch Supreme wall mounted fans.

Maxx Air 18” Wall Mounted Fan

Probably one of the best wall mounted quiet fans under $100, the Maxx Air is a high velocity fan that comes with a dust proof motor and large 18” blades to rapidly cool down any room it’s placed in. This wall mounted fan is easy to operate and features a hanging bar allowing you to position it anywhere on the wall without any hassle.

This fan comes fully loaded with a rugged steel body and industrial grade blades making it the best choice for large rooms and halls. Simply screw the hanging bar into the wall, angle it appropriately and pull the cord to be blown away.

Maxx Air is also one of the few manufacturers to develop a 30” wall mounted fan for homes and you can find that on Amazon as well, but it would be priced in the same region as the HydroMist F10. With OSHA compliant grills and a 10 foot long power cord, this fan is the safest budget friendly silent wall mounted fan you can get.

Air King 9518 18” Industrial Grade Wall Fan

The Air King 9518 wall mounted fan is a fine example of low maintenance, high velocity fan that you can buy, which not only looks great, but also performs phenomenally well in closed spaces. This fan is ideal for offices, green houses, and any industrial space. 

It’s equipped with durable powder coated steel blades that are powered by a 120V 2-speed motor that is permanently lubricated. This fan also features a pivoting head that you can use to direct the airflow and can also be manually rotated to any direction of the room.

We found the fan to run at under 67 decibels depending on the speed chosen which is extremely quiet as compared to other fans such as the Maxx Air that maxes out at slightly over 65dB. All-in-all, this is a brilliant wall mounted fan and thanks to the extremely long 9-foot cable, you can position the fan high up on the  wall and have a larger space cooled  down in a short span of time.

Best Quietest Wall Mounted Fan – Buyer’s Guide

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While picking out the best wall mounted fan that has a quiet motor, there are a few things you need to consider. These points will help you understand what to look for in a quiet wall mounted fan and how to pick the best one from the lot.

  • Noise Levels – Since you’re in the market for a quiet wall fan, the first thing you need to take into consideration is the noise levels of the fan. These levels are measured in decibels and the dB rating of the fan will be given on the packaging. Ensure you pick a wall mounted fan with a low rating or something below 65dB.
  • Fan Size – The second thing to look for is the size of the fan. You will need to pick one that’s best suited for the size of the room and not  based on the idea that larger is better. Wall mounted fans are available in sizes ranging from 12” all the way to extremely large 30” blades, so pick one that will suit your room and not get in the way of your movements.
  • Speed Settings – Another important factor to consider is the amount of power produced and whether you will be able to control the speed of the fan. Many fans feature a single running speed so ensure the fan comes with a built-in regulator that lets you control how fast it should run.
  • Design – There are many wall mounted fans that are versatile and can be used either as a table fan or a wall fan. Brands such as Lasko have a number of versatile units in store and any one of their fans can be easily positioned on the wall or desk in under a few seconds. Check if the fans come with rubber bases as this can help protect your wall or tabletop from damage.

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