Best Silent Gaming Mouse 2022

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Clickity Clackity 

Even if your gaming mouse doesn’t annoy the hell out of you, it’ll annoy the people living with you. 

When I started gaming I couldn’t care less about the sound my mouse makes. When I gamed for a longer period, it annoyed me and more importantly it distracted me when I was playing Dota 2. 

A gamer can’t lose his focus! 

I started looking for gaming mice that made much lesser noise than the traditional mouse that you get for gaming. 

I tested out a few of them and honestly they make quite a difference. Is it for everybody? No! 

Gaming mice that make noise acts as feedback for some players and they like that noise. I prefer noiseless and hence this review! 

The best silent gaming mouse are:

Top 10 Best Silent Gaming MouseFeaturesPrice
Razer Lancehead Tournament Edition50 Mill Clicks;
50 Hours Game Play per Charge;
16000DPI and 210 IPS Tracking
Best Competitive Silent Gaming Mouse
Logitech G502 Proteus Spectrum11 Programmable Buttons;
60 Hours per Charge;
25600DPI and 400+ IPS
Best Customizable Silent Gaming Mouse
VicTsing Silent Gaming Mouse Series 2.4gHz, 10M Connectivity;
12 Months Battery Life;
Best Long Lasting Silent Gaming Mouse
Vegcoo C10nano Receiver;
600mAh battery
Best Comfortable Silent Gaming Mouse
Mojo Pro Performance9 Programmable Buttons;
1.8M cable;
Best Wired Silent Gaming Mouse
UtechSmart Venus MMO16400DPI;
1.8M Braided Cable;
18 Macro Buttons
Best Silent Gaming Mouse with Macro Buttons
SteelSeries Sensei 31012000DPI;
8 Programmable Buttons;
Omron Mechanical Switches
Best Ambidextrous Silent Gaming Mouse
Redragon M690-1 Wireless Gaming Mouse2400DPI;
AA Battery (15 Months);
2.4GHz, 10M Connectivity
Best Energy Saving Silent Gaming Mouse
TenMos K853200DPI;
6 Programmable Buttons;
4.5 Feet Cable
Best Budget Silent Gaming Mouse
BenQ Zowie EC2 Silent Gaming Mouse3200DPI;
1000 Polling Rate;
2M Rubberized Cable
Best Silent Gaming Mouse for Good Grip

Top 10 Best Silent Gaming Mouse

Razer Lancehead Tournament Edition

Best Silent Gaming Mouse

Razer’s gaming products are indisputably the finest and the same goes with their silent gaming mouse, the Lancehead. 

It’s a programmable mouse with over nine buttons that can be changed to your specific requirement. The programmable buttons are available on the left and right side that works for right-handed and left-handed folk.

Best Silent Gaming Mouse

So how is this a silent mouse? It’s built with mechanical mouse switches that are made to make lesser noise compared to the traditional switches. 

It has an accuracy rate of 99.4% which makes it perfect for high-intense gaming environments. You get up to 50 hours of uninterrupted gaming with the better battery life compared to the competition. 

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DPI Values16000 DPI, 210 IPS tracking
Wireless Tech and RangeAFT (Adaptive Frequency Technology), 3M
Mechanical Switch 50 Million Clicks
Battery Life50 Hours per charge

Logitech G502 Proteus Spectrum

Best Silent Gaming Mouse

Logitech has been in the tech space for years and has never failed to produce some of  the best gaming gear available today, one fine example is the G502 also known as the Proteus Spectrum gaming mouse.

The G502 is built using Logitech’s latest and most responsive optical sensor that minimizes your acceleration while increasing reliable targeting. 

Equipped with 11 programmable buttons, controlling your characters in an online Battle Royale have never been easier. 

Best Silent Gaming Mouse

The RGB lighting system in the mouse let’s you choose from over 16.8 million colours to pick from and even has an option to set the lighting to sleep when you’re not gaming.

The DPI switch is so accurate that you can switch from precision shots using 200DPI to fast paced movements with 12000DPI all with the help of a click of a button on the mouse.

Logitech’s G502 uses mechanical micro-switches to help reduce the clicking sound so players can focus on the game at hand.

A plus point of the G502 is that it’s a wired mouse and does not rely on Bluetooth to stay connected.


DPI Values100 – 25600 DPI, 400+ IPS
Wireless Tech and Range2.4GHz / 3 M (Hero 16K Sensor)
Connectivity Speed1 ms
Battery Life60 Hours per charge

VicTsing Silent Gaming Mouse Series

Best Silent Gaming Mouse

The VicTsing Series 11232 is a wireless highly accurate gaming mouse with ergonomic grip for easier control.

It uses 2.4G wireless technology giving you a more stable experience even at a distance of 10 meters from your system while being quiet and durable, ideal not only for gaming but even to use at work or at a library.

Best Silent Gaming Mouse

The VicTsing is an energy saving smart gaming mouse that can last for 12 months on a single charge and comes with two customizable buttons that have been set to backwards and forwards.

With a high precision adjustable DPI setting and high Polling Rate, the VicTsing Silent Gaming Mouse is a must have if you’re on a budget.


DPI Values800,1200,1600,2000,2400 DPI
Wireless Tech and Range2.4GHz / 10 M
Polling Rate125Hz/250Hz
Battery Life12 Months

Vegcoo C10 

Best Silent Gaming Mouse

A gaming mouse that is stable and has precise tracking is what most gamer look for, especially those who are hard-core FPS fans.The Vegcoo C10 uses 2.4GHz wireless tech providing you with uninterrupted connection between the USB receiver and your PC.

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The C10 features 7 different colour schemes with light settings for different types of games you play..

Using soundless clicking buttons, the C10 has silent left and right buttons cutting out the traditional mouse clicking noise. 

Best Silent Gaming Mouse

It is built to be comfortable and has a natural curve design to fit right in the palm of your hands.

The best part about the C10 is that it has an in-built 600mAh rechargeable battery and comes with a USB port charging cable.


DPI Values800, 1600, 2400 DPI
Wireless Tech and Range2.4GHz / 10 M
Receiver TypeNano Receiver
Battery Capacity600mAh

MoJo MJ-189 Pro Performance

Created to be the best silent gaming mouse in the market, the MJ-189 Pro Performance combines the best gaming mouse sensors in the market along with a hand sculpted ergonomic design making it comfortable to use but also a monster while playing.

The mouse is customizable and comes with 9 programmable keys including a button designed specifically for rapid fire in FPS games.

It comes with a DPI setting maxed at 12000 DPI and has a whopping 1000Hz polling rate.


DPI Values500, 1000, 2000, 4000, 6000, 8000, 12000 DPI
Wire Length1.8 M Braided Cable
Programmable Buttons9 Programmable Buttons

UtechSmart Venus MMO

Best Silent Gaming Mouse

A fully programmable mid-range gaming mouse, the UtechSmart Venus MMO  provides you with the best gaming experience ever. 

Recommended by IGN, the left side of the mouse houses 12 fully programmable buttons by using the mouse driver and macro features. These customizable buttons are best while switching between game-plays and different styles of gaming.

Best Silent Gaming Mouse

The Venus MMO is an ergonomic gaming mouse that is durable and comfortable to use.

With an Avago laser sensor and 5 custom DPI settings maxing at 16400 DPI, the Venus MMO is designed to please every kind of gamer out there. 

The Macro buttons on the MMO do not produce much noise when clicked, they are rather smooth and soft while being pretty pleasant on the ears.


DPI Values200 – 16400 DPI
Wire Length1.8 M Braided Cable
Buttons18 Macro Buttons
Programmable Buttons12

SteelSeries Sensei 310

Best Silent Gaming Mouse

The SteelSeries 310 is an ambidextrous mouse that’s best suited for those with claw or palm grip. This sweet silent mouse focuses on providing you with the most competitive experience imaginable and is quite silent when in use.

With the Sensei 310, you get to experience the brand’s TrueMove3 sensor. This is considered to be the worlds first “true esports sensor” designed for gamers. The sensor lets you play at 12,000DPI and has a tracking rate of up to 350 IPS.

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Best Silent Gaming Mouse

The SteelSeries Sensei 310 comes with a total of 8 programmable buttons which can be used to enhance your game-play. The mouse sounds quite similar to Logitech’s G502 in terms of how quiet it is.


DPI Values800, 1600, 3000, 5000, 12,000 DPI
Switch TypeOmron Mechanical Rated For 50 Million Clicks
Programmable Buttons8 Programmable Buttons

Redragon M690-1 Wireless Gaming Mouse

Best Silent Gaming Mouse

This energy saving wireless gaming mouse from Redragon is comfortable to use, uses advanced wireless technology and is a precise gaming mouse for die-hard gamers.

Using advanced 2.4GHz wireless technology, the M690-1 grants up to 10 meters working distance with no delay or signal drops. With a supported polling rate of 125Hz/250Hz you’ll never miss another frame again while playing high-stakes games online. 

It comes with 5 adjustable DPI settings making it easier to switch from fast paced movement to precision based kill-shots in a fraction of a second.

The Redragon M690-1 comes with a smart energy saving setting that puts the mouse to sleep after a few seconds of not being used.


DPI Levels 800,1200,1600,2000,2400 DPI
Wireless Tech and Range2.4GHz / 10 M
Additional Buttons2 Default backward & Forward buttons
Battery Type and LifeAA Battery / 15 months

TenMos K85

Best Silent Gaming Mouse

This noiseless mouse actually looks quite like a transformer with its design and that it has breathing LED lights. It is a wired mouse that comes with noiseless buttons helping you build a quiet atmosphere without disturbing anyone around.

The DPI can be adjusted with the help of the button on the mouse allowing you to get high accuracy and consistent responsiveness from a single click. Its ergonomic design is symmetrical and streamlined providing you with a nice and comfortable claw-grip. It’s an excellent companion for casual gamers.

It features 6 buttons that are programmed with the following commands; forward, backward, left, right, scroll and DPI.

With the K85 you’re bound to have a great gaming experience, overall it’s a really good gaming mouse that is comfortable to hold.


DPI Levels 1200, 1600, 2400, 3200 DPI
Wire Length4.5 Feet
Additional Buttons6 Programmed Buttons
Compatible withWindows/Mac

BenQ Zowie EC2 Silent Gaming Mouse

The BenQ EC2 is a well known silent gaming mouse and has been dominating the professional Counter Strike: Go scene.

It features a rather simple design and comes with a single button 5+ DPI switcher for real-time change in game-play. The EC2 is considered to be a medium sized mouse and weighs in at 93 grams.

The body of the EC2 is designed to be used by individuals who have sweaty palms so there’s no lack of grip while playing online tournaments.

This mouse features Huano switches which have known to improve game-play if you’re into FPS games. You’re even able to customize the mouse settings without and additional software making it best suited for fast-paced games.


DPI Levels 400, 800, 1600, 3200 DPI
Polling Rate125, 500, 1000
Buttons5 + DPI Switcher
Cable Length2 Meters (Rubberized)

How to choose the best silent gaming mouse?

Before you pick up any mouse that’s marketed as being silent, there are couple of things you should consider in order to have a good experience.

Customization – The main thing to look for is the level of customization the mouse offers. There are mice with programmable RGB lighting, DPI settings, programmable buttons and more. Customizable buttons can greatly improve your overall game play and is something you need to consider before purchasing a silent gaming mouse.

Weight and Fit – Not all silent gaming mouse are the same, some would be heavier than others and as a gamer you will need one that’s easy to move and agile. If the mouse is heavy you will end up dragging the cursor whereas if it’s too light then you will overshoot the target.

Optical or Laser Mouse – The sensors on a mouse will determine your game play and can result in heightened accuracy. Brands that have top notch sensors are Logitech, Razer, Corsair and the SteelSeries.

Compatibility – Finally, you will need to figure out whether the mouse you want to buy is compatible with your OS. Some of these gaming mouse brands come with software that you can install on your system to customize and enhance your experience. See whether your system supports the software that comes with the Gaming mouse before buying one for yourself.


Owning a silent gaming mouse can prove beneficial on the long run as they’re much more quiet and softer to use than any traditional mouse in the market. These mice come with some of the latest upgrades making them perfect gaming accessories.

Gamers have been shelling out money to have the best of the best and we tend to pull no stops when it comes to owning something that enhances our game-play.

From wired to wireless, a gaming mouse with over 12 programmable buttons to some that light up like Christmas trees, we have one for every kind of gamer listed here.

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