Best SPL Subwoofer Brands 2022 | High Performance Woofers on a Budget

by Michael Dwain

If you’re looking for a good subwoofer to drive your neighbors crazy then you must go in for an SPL Subwoofer. These subwoofers are not the typical ones you use in your car, in fact they’re much more powerful and are capable of delivering deeper bass but one small hiccup – a slight drop in the audio quality.

Ideal for competitions and mobile DJ’s, the best SPL Subwoofers will surely give you the volume and bass you’re looking for. 

SPL Subs are known for their versatility but how would you know what the best SPL Subwoofers brands are? 

To help you understand how to determine which is the best SPL Subwoofer brand out there, I have been able to curate the following list of the best SPL Subwoofer brands that are available in the market today. These are not going to burn a hole through your pocket and are available in a range of sizes so you can pick one that will fit easily in your car.

The best SPL subwofer brands are:

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What Are SPL Subwoofers?

SPL Subwoofers are those woofers that are not made to target clarity or fidelity, but are built to be extremely loud. SPL Stands for Sound Pressure level, so basically SPL Subwoofers are those that come with a higher decibel rating and can end up being extremely loud.

What Are SQ Subwoofers?

SQ Subwoofers are woofers designed to be clear and offer Hi-Fi sound by allowing you to experience every single frequency of the song that’s playing. You may not get the bass you’re looking for with SQ Sub, but you will definitely have a balanced car audio system.

Best SPL Subwoofer Brands: An Overview

Skar Audio ZVX-12V2Best 12″ SPL Subwoofer
Massive Audio SUMMO XL-154Best 15″ SPL Subwoofer
CT Sounds Meso 8” SPL SubwooferBest 8″ SPL Subwoofer
Sundown Audio X-12 V.2 D2 SPLBest 3000W SPL Subwoofer
DS18 EXL-XXB12.4D SPL SubwooferBest 4000W SPL Subwoofer
Harmony Audio HA-ML182 MonolithBest 18″ SPL Subwoofer

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Best SPL Subwoofer Brands

Skar Audio ZVX-12V2

Best SPL Subwoofer Brands

Best 12″ SPL Subwoofer

Skar Audio SPL Subs are some of the best in the market and they deliver high-class performance while not breaking the bank. Founded in 2010 by Kevin Schlenker, Skar is based in Tampa, Florida and specializes in high-end speakers and amplifiers for cars and boats. 

The ZVX – 12V2 SPL Subwoofer from Skar Audio is basically one of the best subwoofers that have a high sound pressure level and produce phenomenal sound without being overly expensive. 

This subwoofer has a peak output power of 3000W and is capable of 1500W RMS making it able to withstand high-volumes and still deliver clear deep bass. 

In terms of size, the ZVX 12V2 is a 12” driver that’s equipped with 3” high-temp voice coils and large triple slug magnets. 

The voice coils are covered by high-roll foam surround and a competition grade paper cone that allow this subwoofer to be extremely loud, irrespective of its size.

Best SPL Subwoofer Brands
Powerful Performance considering the sizeSlightly lower SPL than those on this list but considered one of the best
Worth every penny
Durable and built to last

Verdict: It’s an affordable SPL subwoofer that deliver high quality sound and performance. If you are looking for something that’s budget friendly and can blow the hood off your car then check out the Skar Audio ZVX-12v2 Sub

Massive Audio SUMMO XL-154

Best SPL Subwoofer Brands

Best 15″ SPL Subwoofer

Massive Audio has been around for over 20 years and are the leaders in high performance audio products. They specialize in both types of subwoofers that you can use at home or in your cars – competition grade SPL and SQ Subwoofers. 

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Their most notable SPL Subwoofer is the SUMMO XL – 154 which is a 15” subwoofer that is built for big sound and bass and is capable of easily making your surroundings vibrate. 

It comes with a set of 250oz triple stacked high energy strontium magnets along with triple black poly cotton spiders and a mirror image layout that’s encased in cast aluminum making it rugged and durable.

Its voice coil is a 3” dual 4 Ohm coil that has a maximum RMS output of 1500W and a peak power of 3000W. 

The SUMMO XL-154 can deliver powerful performance without compromising on sound quality and uses reinforced fiberglass woven dust caps along with a Kevlar fiber non-pressed paper cone for high power amplifications.

Loud and clear even at loud volumesAverage performance with low-frequencies
Durable and built to last
Hi-Fi Sound with premium components

Verdict: Massive Audio SUMMOXL104 is a great subwoofer for those on a budget and with the decent 1500W rating, it is capable of delivering crisp and clear sounding order without any distortion.

CT Sounds Meso 8” SPL Subwoofer

Best SPL Subwoofer Brands

Best 8″ SPL Subwoofer

CT Sounds is a relatively new brand in the market and have been producing high-quality car audio products at an affordable cost. This is a strictly online brand with stores on Amazon and Shopify. 

When it comes to their best SPL Subwoofers, I don’t think there’s anything that can compare to the sheer performance of the Meso 8” Subwoofer. This is the smallest subwoofer on this list but it’s capable of so much that there are times you may not realize there’s a sub in your car. 

It comes with a max power output of 1600W and max RMS of 800W, so you really get to experience high-performance from such a compact size. 

This SPL Subwoofer offers loud bass thanks to the dual 4 Ohm voice coils and advanced cooling system. 

The triple stacked ferrite magnets offer tremendous force and can perform at peak levels for extended periods of time. 

It’s built around a heavy-duty stamp steel basket frame and uses a double stitched competition grade nylon cone along with poly-cotton blend spiders for a rugged finish with absolutely no compromise in sound quality.

Best SPL Subwoofer Brands
High-performance despite the small sizeConsidering the size, playing it at high volume for extended periods of time can damage the speaker
No drop in performance while playing low-frequencies
Durable and Versatile

Verdict: The CT sounds SPL subwoofer is designed to handle high frequencies without getting damaged. Audio sounds crystal clear at both high and low frequencies and is an amazing SPL sub considering its price.

Sundown Audio X-12 V.2 D2 SPL

Best 3000W SPL Subwoofer

Sundown Audio is ranked as one of the best SPL subwoofer brands in the market thanks to their X-series Subwoofers. They are well known for their quality of products and though they may seem a little pricey, what you get is worth every penny.

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The most notable SPL Subwoofer from Sundown Audio is the X-12 V.2 D2. It is a monster 12” SPL Subwoofer that does not produce distortion even at high volumes. 

This subwoofer was designed to have a uniform sound quality across all frequencies and volume levels giving you clear sound even when played at max volume. 

It’s a dual 2 Ohm sub that has a maximum power output of 3000W and a max RMS power of 1500W, enabling it to deliver exceptional sound and powerful performance.

There’s a black aluminum 3” Voice coil former for heat dissipation and is one of the few SPL Subwoofers in the market to come with a headphone jack for your iPhone or any other smartphone.

Best SPL Subwoofer Brands
Crisp and clear bass that’s deep and cleanSlightly pricey
Offers extreme durability
Uniform sound quality across all volume levels and frequencies

Verdict: This SPL subwoofer is ideal for those who love blasting their music. It is capable of handling large amounts of power without giving up and you wouldn’t have to worry about it blowing out at high volumes.

DS18 EXL-XXB12.4D SPL Subwoofer

Best 4000W SPL Subwoofer

An audiophile’s brand, DS18 has been manufacturing electronic audio equipment from their base in Miami for over 10 years. Their EXL series have been considered renowned SPL Subwoofers among car audio enthusiasts around the world simply because of its massive power handling capabilities.

The EXL-XXB12.4D is a great example of their sheer dedication to high-performance car audio products. It is capable of churning out all the power it has to offer without reducing the quality of sound. 

This 12” SPL Subwoofer will surely make you a bass head thanks to the dual 4 Ohm voice coils, impressive 4000W peak power and a RMS rating of 2000W. 

It comes with multiple options and wiring flexibility allowing you to have it connected in parallel, series or independent and unlike most other SPL Subwoofers, this particular model uses two voice coils.

With two 102oz ferrite magnets, the XXB12.4D can produce a wider range of tones and is capable of handling incredible power at extremely high volumes without blowing the speaker itself.

Manufactured with high quality componentsHeavy usage may lower the speakers durability 
Mid-range price with great power output
Covers all frequencies and performs at low volumes too
Multiple wiring capabilities

Verdict: One of the most powerful SPL subs on this list, this device is made from high-quality components and is priced well. It also comes with multiple connectivity options that most other SPL subs don’t offer.

Harmony Audio HA-ML182 Monolith

Best SPL Subwoofer Brands

Best 18″ SPL Subwoofer

Harmony Audio produces some fine car audio products that range from SPL and SQ Subwoofers to full range amplifiers that are available at reasonable prices. They have received a decent rating over the last couple of years and are one of the most talked about brands out there.

Their most complete and powerful SPL Subwoofer is the HA-ML182 Monolith. This is one of a kind woofer that comes with superior heat dissipation technology so it can perform at high power levels for a longer period of time without overheating. 

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It’s equipped with a large 18” driver that uses a competition grade paper cone with high roll foam surround and a tinsel lead woven Spider to deliver unmatched bass and clear sound.

This SPL Subwoofer is capable of performing at a peak power rating of 3500W and has a RMS rating of 1750W. 

It comes equipped with Black Aluminum 3” Dual 2 Ohm CCAW Voice Coils and uses 8 high-flux ferrite magnets encased in a nicely vented shell for optimum heat displacement at high volume levels.

Best SPL Subwoofer Brands
Easy setup and wiring processSlightly large, won’t fit in all cars
Increased durability and performance
Custom fin-shaped heat sink for the best heat dissipation
Offers ultimate connectivity and power transfer

Verdict: This is more like a competition sub and might not fit in smaller compact cars. It’s durable and has a built-in heat-sink to dissipate heat and maintain peak performance.

SPL or SQL?: Which is Better?

Now that you have gotten an idea about what SPL and SQL subwoofers are, it’s time to finally choose the best one for your needs. Now, choosing between SPL and SQL subwoofers varies from user to user and while some would want deep thumping bass, others would prefer something with a little more emphasis on the mids and highs.

There are many things to consider in order to figure out which one is best for your needs such as the size of your car, the enclosure for the subwoofer, whether you have or require an amp and if there are multiple subs in the picture. While it is important to decide on which one is best for you, that decision is left to you and only you can pick between SPL and SQL subwoofers.

If you want a clear sounding car audio system then opt for an SQL subwoofer. However, if you want something that’s rather loud then you can choose a SPL subwoofer.


Are SPL subwoofers good?

Yes, SPL subwoofers are good at producing loud and clear audio. They are also not expensive and can be used on a daily basis with no drop in performance.

What does high SPL mean?

High SPL basically means how loud a speaker is. The higher the rating, the louder the subfoor can get.

What is SPL competition?

An SPL competition is where car enthusiasts gather to see who has the loudest subwoofer or car audio system. The participants cars are equipped with multiple SPL subwoofers and amplifiers in union that deliver extremely powerful bass.


With there being hundreds of subwoofer brands in the market, none can come close to the sheer performance that these 6 best SPL Subwoofer brands have to offer.

They’re ideal for competitions and daily use as they are loud and not that expensive. You can always go in for an SPL Subwoofer whether you’re someone who likes the vibrations or something that’s extremely powerful.

Whatever you do, do not play music on SPL Subwoofers at extremely high volumes for prolonged periods of time as it can lead to loss of hearing.

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