Best Stereo Receiver 2022

by Michael Dwain

Stereo receivers or stereo amplifiers are not what they used to be. These days they are futuristic pieces of technology that support a wide range of devices and can even be connected to units wirelessly over Bluetooth or Wi-Fi.

If you’re wondering which is the best stereo receiver to buy, this article will surely help you decide on that.

Our team at Audio-Sandwich have tried and tested over 30 different stereo receivers and have managed to shortlist it to a total of 6. These stereo receivers are the best in their class and probably the best in the world. 

Here are the top 6 best stereo receivers you can buy today.

Top 6 Best Stereo ReceiversFeaturesBest For
Marantz PM6007Hi-Fi Music Production;
90W Power Output;
Built-in DAC
Overall Best Stereo Receiver
Cambridge Audio CXA81160W Power;
Bluetooth with aptX;
Built-in DAC;
Highly Durable Build
Best Premium Stereo Receiver
Rega io60W Power;
RCA input;
RCA output
Best Compact Stereo Receiver
Pyle Wireless PT390BTU300W Power;
DSP Sound Processing Technology;
Bluetooth 5.0
Best Budget Stereo Receiver
Onkyo TX-8220300W Power;
Hi-Fi Audio Production;
Multiple Input Modes;
Bluetooth 5.0
Best Low Impedance Stereo Receiver
Denon DRA-800H200W Power;
HEOS Built In;
Alexa, Siri, Google Assistant compatible
Best Efficient Stereo Receiver

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Top 6 Best Stereo Receivers

Marantz PM6007

The Marantz PM6007 is an award winning digital stereo receiver that you can find on Amazon for under $800. This unit is flawless in terms of the design and sound production quality. But the main thing we noticed was that unlike the other receivers on this list, the PM6007 does not have any Bluetooth or wireless connectivity.

It has been built to be durable and is equipped with an integrated amplifier that is capable of delivering Hi-Fi music all the time. This model from Marantz comes with an improved DAC built into the unit and apart from that it also comes with updated digital inputs, phono stages and a robust power-amp.

We found the sound delivery to be smooth and well-balanced in large rooms and even those that have a medium size. While it does not come with a USB port or Bluetooth capabilities, the PM6007 can be connected to other devices via the multiple RCA ports, optical ports, Phono and even connect a home theater unit.

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Power2 x 45W
InputDC, Phono, Tuner, Recorder, Network, Coaxial, Optical
OutputRCA 2 Channels
Wireless ConnectionsN/A

Cambridge Audio CXA81

Here’s a slightly expensive stereo receiver, the CXA81 from Cambridge Audio is a Hi-Fi stereo amplifier that has been designed to deliver unmatched sound quality. This receiver is built to be stable and durable with a sleek metallic body and ample amount of ventilation. 

This stereo receiver comes equipped with the latest ESS Sabre ES9016 DAC chipset that you can take advantage of and ensure you experience every detail of sound the receiver has to offer. It is highly flexible and can  be connected to a wide range of devices.

It comes with Bluetooth connectivity and built-in aptX audio to ensure there’s no lag in the playback. The CXA81 delivers up to 80W of power per channel which is way more than the PM6007 and this is what makes this receiver rather interesting. 


Power2 x 80W
InputS/PDIF, Toslink, USB Audio, Bluetooth
OutputRCA 2 Channels
Wireless ConnectionsBluetooth 5.0

Rega io

The Rega io is an affordable yet powerful stereo amplifier that delivers an impressive 60W of audio at peak volume. This stereo receiver does not come with Bluetooth or any wireless capabilities and has absolutely no digital input slots.

This stereo receiver has impressive dynamics and detail regardless of the volume level and though you can connect pretty much any set of stereo speakers to the Rega io, it’s recommended that you use high-frequency speakers so you get to hear everything in detail.

While this is a brilliant stereo receiver to buy, it’s good to note that there are no digital ports and you will have to rely only on analogue ports and slots. Apart from this, the Rega io is priced at a premium of $600 so unless it’s something you truly need, I would suggest picking another model from the lineup.


Power2 x 30W
InputRCA Input
OutputRCA 2 Channels
Wireless ConnectionsN/A

Pyle Wireless PT390BTU

Pyle is an American brand that specializes in audio equipment. They’re an affordable option for those looking to receive high-quality sound within a tight budget. The 4 channel Hi-Fi stereo receiver is a 300W system that is Bluetooth compatible and supports a wide range of devices that can be plugged in wirelessly.

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This unit comes equipped with a range of input and output modes making it one of the most versatile stereo receivers available under $100. It has a digital AM/FM receiver and comes with  next generation DSP sound processing technology allowing you to control and modify the bass, treble, and echo with the push of a button.

Thankfully it comes with a remote control so you wouldn’t have to worry about pressing buttons on the receiver, trust me there are a lot of them. All-in-all, this is one real competitive stereo receiver out there and in terms of power it you get what you pay for. You wouldn’t regret using it to power your home theater or to host an evening event at home.


Power4 x 45W
InputRCA Audio In
OutputRCA 4 Channels
Wireless ConnectionsBluetooth 5.0

Onkyo TX-8220

One of the best stereo receivers to buy is the Onkyo Onkyo TX-8220. This bad boy comes equipped with some of the best features you could ask for in a receiver of this day and age. It’s designed to deliver a massive 45W per channel and is capable of achieving low impedance wide-range amplification. 

The Onkyo TX-8220 delivers Hi-Fi quality audio that ensures you have the best sounding audio of all time. This unit is compatible with Bluetooth devices such as smartphones, laptops and even wireless TVs.

It houses phono inputs, CD, Blu-ray, Satellite, Line and even Optical input modes. You can connect this receiver to a stereo system at home and you’re good to go. It comes equipped with two sets of RCA output ports that you can use to either connect one set of speakers in one room with another set of speakers in a different room, or you can connect a full-range 4 channel of speakers in a single room.


Power4 x 45W
InputDC, Phono, Tuner, Recorder, Network, Coaxial, Optical
OutputRCA 2 x 2 Channels
Wireless ConnectionsBluetooth 5.0

Denon DRA-800H

The DRA-800H is one of Denon’s most efficient stereo receivers that you can find for under $600 on Amazon. This unit comes equipped with the latest HDCP 2.3 processing and ARC support which is certainly something you need in this digital age.

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It comes equipped with HEOS built-in that supports wireless speaker connectivity and allows the receiver to pair with other wireless devices like Alexa, Siri and Google Assistant regardless of what room they’re placed in. 

It’s one of the easiest stereo receivers to use and permits wireless music streaming via services like Spotify, Pandora, Tidal and can be paired with a range of Bluetooth devices as well. There are 5 HDMI ports, an RCA port, and two optical ports at the back allowing you to easily connect the receiver to your TV, speakers, gaming system and more.


Power2 x 100W
InputDC, Phono, Tuner, Recorder, Network, Coaxial, Optical, HEOS, Bluetooth, AirPlay 2
OutputRCA 2 Channels
Wireless ConnectionsBluetooth 5.0


How can we add Bluetooth connectivity to a stereo receiver?

There are a wide range of stereo receivers that are not Bluetooth enabled and this can be a hassle if you want to play music wirelessly. The solution you have is to pick up a Bluetooth adapter like the one from Esinkin on Amazon.

Can we connect a subwoofer to a stereo receiver?

The answer here is both yes and no. It entirely depends on the power output of the receiver and whether it’s designed to handle a subwoofer. Another thing to consider is the type of ports available on the receiver, you will need either an RCA port, LFE cables or spring clips.

How do you clean a stereo receiver?

Stereo receivers are expensive and while they don’t require much maintenance, you will have to regularly dust it and keep it clean. Because they’re not built to be waterproof, cleaning them with a nice soft cloth time and again will be sufficient. You can also remove the knobs, switches and even faceplate (if there is one) and clean for dust beneath them.

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