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by Michael Dwain

Monitor stands are essential pieces of equipment to own if you have a recording studio or even at home for personal use. They offer flexibility and can help enhance your overall listening experience by keeping your monitors positioned the right way.

The best studio monitor stands are those that have an adjustable height, are extremely stable, offer superior levels of sonic decoupling and can easily be maneuvered. 

You can find different studio monitor stands for different applications with prices ranging from $50 up. But in order to find the right stand for your needs, there is a lot to consider.

Below, we have reviewed 6 of the best studio monitor stands you can buy today. 

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How to choose the best studio monitor stand?

Since there are many different studio monitor stands available for different reasons it gets rather difficult choosing the most appropriate one for your needs. By taking the following points into consideration, we’re sure that you will find the best studio monitor stand for you in no time.

  • Height Adjustability – Studio monitor stands are meant to position your monitors at a particular level. Not all stands are adjustable and a majority would have a standard  height of your ear level. But there are some that  you can adjust to suit your requirements and position your monitors either above head level or lower level in case you’re chilling on a beanbag.
  • Stability – In order to check the stability of a good studio monitor stand, you need to ensure that the upper and lower base of the stand are sturdy, leveled and have rubber or foam padding. Ensure the stand does not have wheels at the base and that they are equipped with a sturdy locking mechanism.
  • Sonic Decoupling – There are a few studio monitor stands like the Raxxess that have a hollow central column which can be filled with any ballast of your choice. Stands which offer sonic decoupling can help in delivering clean and precise sounding audio.
  • Maneuverability – When considering buying a studio monitor stand you need to make sure that they can be moved sound and adjusted in ways that you receive the best sounding audio. The best studio monitor stands can help clean up your space and will ensure that you hear every key detail in your recording.
  • Portability – Finally, the best studio monitor stand will be portable and can be included in your luggage in case you need to carry them elsewhere. It’s also good to note that while considering portability, make sure the stands are not made of any laminate or material that can be susceptible to scratches or chipping.

Top 6 Best Studio Monitor Stands

Ultimate Support JSMS70

Overall Best Studio Monitor Stands

These studio monitor stands from Ultimate Support are highly sought after, not only for their high levels of stability but also because they’re some of the best studio monitor stands you can get for under $100. 

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They are equipped with leveling floor spikes and rubber feet so they can be used on any treated surface and the lower base is made in such a unique way that you can position this stand practically anywhere, even into tight spaces.

The monitor stand is lightweight and weighs approximately 9lbs making it easy to handle and carry. But, don’t let the lightweight material fool you, this bad boy can easily erect a 50lbs monitor with ease. You can disassemble this stand and have it packed along with your luggage if you’re heading on a trip.


  • Reasonably priced
  • Lightweight and durable
  • Capable of carrying a 50lbs monitor
  • Equipped with a safety locking pin
  • Adjustable height

Definitive Technology Professional 600/800

Best ProMonitor Stands

Designed specifically for the Definitive Technology’s ProMonitor speakers, this stand is exceptionally sturdy and is constructed from a high tensile steel. This stand is by far one of the best studio monitor stands around that positions the monitors at exactly ear level to ensure precise sound reproduction.

The central stand is hollow and comes with an internal cable guide giving it a professional and minimal look with no wires around. It’s compact and measures just 36” off the ground and is equipped with a 2×2” upper plate and a screwing mount to fasten your monitor, along with a leveled out base that has either rubber glides or leveling spikes depending on the type of flooring in the room.


  • Well designed and sturdy body
  • Inner cable guide
  • Positions the monitor at ear level


  • Not adjustable
  • Supports only Definitive Technology Series 600 & 800 monitors

Ultimate Support MS-100B

Best Premium Studio Monitor Stands

The Ultimate Support MS-100B is definitely one of our favorites as it is sold in pairs which is convenient. These stands are useful and have been crafted from high-grade materials which is exactly what you need from a  good studio monitor stand. 

The MS-100B  offers high levels of audio decoupling and comes with 4 points of sonic isolation which has been made possible by the rubber pads on the upper base and leveling spikes on the lower base. You will find 3 internal channels within the metal stand, one to be filled with sand or shot to manage the weight and create balance, whereas the two smaller channels can be used for wiring.

The two inner channels are made from 6000-series conductive aluminum that can prevent noise and interference in your recording, so ensure you run your cables and wires through them for the best sounding audio.

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  • Heavy duty metal, rugged design
  • 3 Internal channels for ballast and to help manage the cables
  • Equipped with MS-80B speaker platforms


  • Pricey
  • Height can not be adjusted

VideoSecu 2 Monitor Stand

Best Adjustable Studio Monitor Stand

The VideoSecu 2 is a highly durable studio monitor stand that’s built to support up to 30lbs at a time. It’s an extremely versatile stand that is compatible with brands like  Sony, Bose, Yamaha, JBL and more. This monitor stand is adjustable and the center stand can extend from between 26.5” to 47”, allowing you to position your monitors at any height you desire.

It is equipped with side clamping top plates that are also adjustable and the width can be set from 5.5” to 11” depending on the width of your monitor. The top plate can be panned or tilted and the base comes with screw-in rubber feet that ensures the stand is leveled out even on a carpeted surface.

The VideoSecu 2 is one of the most impressive stands available in the market today. It offers concealed wire management and can be used for stereo or surround sound. Considering that these stands cost around $50, they’re one of the best affordable studio monitor stands you can find today.


  • Built-in cavity for cable management
  • Top plate can pan and be tilted
  • Height is adjustable
  • Width of the top plate can be adjusted
  • Compatible with different monitor brands


  • Wouldn’t recommend using the VideoSecu 2 for heavy monitor speakers

Dr. Pro SMS1BK 36” Monitor Stand

Best Designed Studio Monitor Stands

The Dr. Pro SMS1BK monitor stand is specifically designed for those looking for a wooden studio monitor stand over an aluminum or steel one. It’s a top rated product that comes with a 5-year warranty and is equipped with a central steel column that you can use to add your own choice of ballast.

It’s not adjustable and would stand at a standard 36” off the ground which is perfect if you’re going to position  your monitors at ear level. The wood finish gives it an elegant and premium look which sits well in any room of the house and will look great in a professional setting as well.

The SMS1BK are sold in pairs and you will get cable clips to help with wire management. It’s gasket sealed and each stand comes along with leveling carpet spikes and rubber feet which are perfect for carpeted floors.


  • Comes with a 5-year warranty
  • Wood finish
  • Hollow central stand for ballast
  • Gasket sealed 
  • Comes with spikes and rubber feet


  • Height can not be adjusted
  • Slightly pricey

Raxxess ERSS-42e Stand

Best Studio Monitor Stand

Best Budget-Friendly Studio Monitor Stands

If you’re looking for a truly budget friendly studio monitor stand that’s made from high quality hardboard and can support up to 35lbs with ease, then  you should seriously consider the Raxxess ERSS-42e stand. This highly durable and lightweight stand can be moved around and positioned to your liking. 

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The central stand is hollow and you can fill sand or other material to counterweight the speakers. However, it’s good to note that the base is not gasket sealed so there may be a possibility of sand leaking if you don’t seal it properly. 

While these stands are not height adjustable, they allow for decoupling which improves the overall quality of sound you hear at ear level. You should try these stands out, they are impressive and simple to use.


  • Premium wood-laminate finish
  • Durable and lightweight
  • Brilliant sonic decoupling
  • Budget friendly


  • Can not adjust the height
  • Base is not gasket sealed


Are studio monitor stands necessary?

Studio monitor stands are necessary if you’re experiencing sonic reflections from your surroundings. They also help you listen to details in your recording that you’d normally miss with headphones or wall-backed speakers.

What is the best studio monitor stand?

In our opinion and based on user reviews, the Ultimate Support JSMS70 is the best studio monitor stand in the market. It’s functional, adjustable and is reasonably priced. Moreover, it’s lightweight and can carry monitors up to 50lbs which is pretty impressive.

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