Best Subwoofer Cables in 2022 | RCA Cables To Improve your Listening Experience

by Michael Dwain

If you’re in the market for the best subwoofer cable, then you’re at the right place.

One of the most common things people tend to overlook when setting up their home theater is not the quality of equipment you have or where the speakers are placed. It is the quality of signal strength sent to these speakers that matters the most. 

A weak signal strength automatically leads to poor quality of sound and the only way you can avoid this is by purchasing a good set of high-quality cables. When it comes to your subwoofer you have to be extra careful so you don’t get unwanted distortion from low-quality cables. 

So, which is the best subwoofer cable?

The best subwoofer cable you can pick up today is the Audioquest Black Lab RCA Subwoofer cable. This unit uses long-grain copper plugs that help enhance your audio and uses a NDS (noise dissipation system) to prevent any unwanted buzz or static from building up. The cable is quite affordable and is backed by a 5-year warranty which is one of the reasons why we love this subwoofer cable.

So I’ve put together a couple of my favorite cables that are of top-notch quality to bring out the best in your home theater system.

So let’s start with the Best Subwoofer Cables.

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What to Look for When Choosing a Subwoofer Cable?

There are many factors to consider when buying a subwoofer cable. The following points are key things to look at when choosing a subwoofer cable for your needs.

  • Shielding and Noise – When using a cable to transmit audio you need to remember that it’s subjected to all kinds of interference. Cables that are shielded prevent any interference,static or hums that might arise This happens when the cable wires are lose and exposed. A good quality cable will be well shielded and regardless of the fit, you should not hear any noise.
  • Thickness – The thickness of the cable also helps prolong the life of the cable. Whatever you do, stick to a cable that is between 20-25 AWG as this is ideal for most home theater subwoofers.
  • Metal used in the Cable – Subwoofer cable pins are generally made from copper and silver. The main difference is the quality of audio and the overall price of the cable. Copper cables are cheaper and don’t have the conducting capabilities like silver cables, but silver cables cost way more than copper cables.
  • Cable Length – The length of the cable depends directly on how you want to arrange your subwoofer and home theater. Try and keep the cables as short as possible so there is no electrical delay or loss in resistance.

Are RCA and Coaxial Cables the Same?

Though RCA cables look like Coaxial cables in some ways, there are a couple of differences in how they function.

  • RCA cables transmit analog and not digital signals
  • RCA cables are thinner and more affordable than Coaxial cables
  • They cover a narrow bandwidth as compared to Coaxial

Coaxial cables transmit digital signals and are shielded to prevent distortions and static. They are ideal for connecting your TV with your AMP or Soundbar.

Top 7 Best Subwoofer Cables

#1 Audioquest Black Lab Subwoofer Cable

Here is another great subwoofer audio cable from Audioquest called the Black lab. It is male to male RCA subwoofer audio cable that falls in the premium cable range from Audioquest. It comes with unique noise protection features that are a big plus when you are dealing with low-frequency signals for your subwoofer. 

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The subwoofer cable is designed with the latest NDS (Noise-Dissipation System) that offers 100% shield coverage thanks to its metal-layer NDS that comes as a signature shield from premium Audioquest products.

The conductors used are made of long-grain copper that helps remove strand-interaction distortion which helps provide clean, smooth, and robust low end. 

The cable is insulated with high-quality foamed-polyethylene insulation that helps reduce the effects of imperfect circuitry from other devices that could disturb the signal. Audioquest is known for its high-quality air-filled Foamed Polyethylene that dissipates any unwanted energy flow. 

The plugs in this subwoofer cable are gold-plated and are cold-welded, this is done to avoid unwanted sound distortion. This is one of the most important things to get right in a subwoofer cable and Audioquest has done just that. 


  • Highly flexible cable
  • Comes with a grounding wire that can eliminate static and hums
  • Very durable and will last for ages


  • Is not braided

#2 Better Cables Silver Serpent Carbon Edition

Here is a versatile cable that can be used as a subwoofer cable as well as a multi-channel audio application. They are an excellent choice for under carpet audio cable installation hence, they made it to our list for high quality with medium insulation. 

The conductors are coated with a high-purity silver coating that offers excellent lossless connection and signal transfer. The coating is done so well that it is equivalent to some of the premium quality cables from the audio quest for double the price. 

What you can expect from this cable is a smooth tactile midrange with robust low end and softening roll-off at 5khz. The bass on your subs will sound tight and centered.


  • Great for sound delivery
  • Can manage high loads with no distortions
  • Copper braiding has 95% coverage


  • Could have been made better

#3 Mediabridge Ultra Series RCA Subwoofer Cable

Here is a cable company that needs no introduction called Mediabridge, they have been making audio cable and equipment over the years and are really good at it. The Mediabridge Ultra is my favorite from the brand because it’s dual shielded and comes with gold-plated RCA connectors and a copper based center.

With a 100 ft long wire, the signal loss is as little as .3db which is quite impressive.  I found the cable plugs to be a bit tight when using them for the first time, but noticed that they tend to get lose and fit well after some time.

An Aluminum braided shield is wrapped around the wire to reduce noise pick up and provide extra support making the wire sturdy for long-term use. Without a doubt, this is an excellent choice to improve the low end of your home theater set up and if you’re on a budget. 


  • Has some pretty effective noise rejection capabilities
  • Does not distort sound
  • The braided cable is flexible


  • Braiding can wear out with time

#4 Blue Jeans Cable LC-1 Double-Shielded Subwoofer Cable

First on my list is the Blue Jeans Cable LC-1, Blue Jeans is new in the market but is standing out for its excellent quality products. The high-quality rubber insulation is .30 in diameter that makes this cable quite thick. 

The copper wire used in the cables is made of low-capacitance copper for maximum signal flow. 

The cables have two individual braided shields that are securely connected to gold-plated high-quality RCA connectors. 

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This subwoofer cable is available in different lengths and is also available to customize as per your desire. The cable is UL listed and CM rated making it perfect to use for in-wall installments. 

With the advantage of the subwoofer wire being thick, it is not what you want to use for under carpet wiring as it can create a hindrance.


  • Clear sound and crisp bass
  • Cable is nice and durable
  • The pins are designed to sit snug and won’t become lose


  • Could deliver better response
  • Does not come with a grounding wire

#5 Audioquest Boxer Subwoofer Cable

An alternative for the Audioquest Black lab is the Audioquest Boxer that is also in the premium category with some changes that make this cable an excellent choice as a subwoofer connector. 

The conductors used in this wire are made of high-purity silver conductors that ensure no signal is lost when received from the deck or sound system. 

A three-layer NDS system that is carbon-based dissipates unwanted frequencies from altering your signal and sound and is an excellent feature to have for a subwoofer wire. 

The cables are well insulated with lossless foam polyethylene that ensures no unwanted energy is picked up never by faulty circuitry. It also adds to the protection of the wires from external hit or damage. 

Ground wires are provided to further reduce unwanted energy to pass in the wires that are double-balanced. The grounding is provided on both sides of the wires. It also has 5% of true red copper that amplifies signal strength and quality. 

It comes with a 5-year warranty that shows this subwoofer cable is built to last and is worth every penny. 

Best Subwoofer Cables


  • Designed to provide a distortion-free experience
  • Grounding wire is effective
  • Sound quality is unmatched


  • N/A

#6 JIB Boaacoustic Blueberry Series 6N OCC Cable

If German quality is what you desire, that’s what you’ll get with this JIB digital optical audio cable. These cables are mainly used in Toslink ports that are used for high-definition devices, making them super versatile and can be used in various devices. 

The connectors used in this subwoofer cable are gold-plated that are made to be corrosion-resistant, which is a common problem faced with many cables. The cable is braided with high-quality cotton making it flexible and sturdy to use. 

The unique thing about these cables is that they have buffer tubes that are used to send optical signals along with analog signals. This is something most subwoofer cables lack and is used in a very clever way to enhance your listening experience and also makes it versatile to be connected to various devices other than your home theater. 

Best Subwoofer Cables


  • Connector tips are corrosion resistant
  • Braids are made from high quality cotton
  • Great for sound transmission
  • Improves audio quality


  • A little too long in my opinion

#7 Audioquest Irish Red Subwoofer Cable

If durability and thickness are what you’re looking for, this heavy-duty, double-shielded cable is my top choice for you. These are perfect for subwoofer connections and can be used to connect speakers to a receiver or amp. 

What you get from using these particular cables is a tight, full bass that sounds punchy with tight mids. The cables also remove any possibilities of RF noise and EMI giving you clean robust sound without dropping any frequencies.

The conductors used are made of silver rather than the usual aluminum which helps remove a jitter or strand distortion when used to connect a sub to the receiver. It has a long grounding wire on both sides of the cable. Removing any chance of external energy being carried by the wire that would cause hiss and distortion in your sound. 

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Though it falls on the expensive side of town, these cables don’t disappoint in terms of quality and that is what you want when you invest in a home theater. This is made for all the audiophiles out there. 

The red cable shielding is super reliable with a metal-based coating than the usual carbon-based. It comes with a 5-year warranty guaranteeing top-quality performance to bring the best from your home entertainment system.


  • Awesome cable with a reasonably long grounding wire
  • Delivers superior sounding audio
  • No buzzing or static sounds


  • Ground wire may no be necessary

Can I connect multiple subwoofers together?

In short, Yes you can connect multiple subwoofers together. However this depends on the make, model and power output of the subwoofer. You can connect more than one subwoofer together in one of two ways; through a single RCA Y-adapter (parallel) or through dual outputs where each sub is connected to a single terminal.

If your subwoofer comes with a RCA line-out and a line-in, you can connect your amp to the first subwoofer via the pre-out and to the second subwoofer via the line-out.


Can I use these subwoofer cables for my normal speakers?

Yes, It is possible to use the cables for your regular speakers provided if they have an RCA input connection. Most home theater systems come with copper lead to switch connections then it wouldn’t be possible for you to use these cables. If that’s your cause you can search for high-quality speaker wires than cable which should do the same.

Does having a longer length of cable drop signal strength or lag?

Yes, it does but this is only if you are using normal cables that you receive from your stock home theater installment. The whole point of the above cables is to have your desired length of the cable without losing signal strength. So if you are planning for a large wide space set up. You need these high-quality cables. 

Do subwoofer cables make a difference in the sound quality?

Yes, subwoofer cables do enhance the overall quality of the sound that’s plying. However, you have to pick the most appropriate subwoofer cable for your needs as they are all designed differently and have different properties.

Do subwoofoers use coaxial cables?

Yes they do. Since coaxial cables are 75ohm cables, similar to the ones supported by subwoofers, they will work without any hiccups.

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