Best Vinyl Record Cleaner 2022

by Michael Dwain

If you’re an avid vinyl collector, you need to make sure that they are well maintained. As vinyls tend to age, dirt and grime can get accumulated within the grooves and this can cause numerous problems including and not limited to skipping of tracks.

To ensure that your vinyl records sound crystal clear and free from any lingering static electricity, you will need to use the best vinyl record cleaner. This is the only way you can get the record to sound just like the first time it was ever played.

There are different types of vinyl cleaners in the market and some are even designed to help repair a damaged record. They’re not expensive and we will take you through the best of the best available in the market today.

Here are the top 6 best vinyl record cleaners you can find on Amazon.

  • Knox Gear Vinyl Record Cleaner Spin Kit
  • Collector Protector – Vinyl Record Cleaner Kit
  • Vinyl Buddy 5-Piece Record Cleaner
  • EVEO Record Cleaner 4-in-1 Cleaner Kit
  • Boundless Audio Record Cleaner Solution
  • Kaiu Vinyl Record Cleaner Kit

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Top 6 Best Vinyl Record Cleaners

Knox Gear Vinyl Record Cleaner Spin Kit

The Knox cleaner kit is a complete in-home kit that is capable of cleaning 7-inch, 10-inch and 12-inch discs. This is an extremely easy to use kit and can clean both sides of the record, thus saving you time. It has been designed to be a manual system and does not come with any electrical components. 

You can wash upto 40 records with a single wash cycle and it’s even equipped with an air-drying rack which helps thoroughly dry your vinyl.  It’s probably the best vinyl record cleaning product available in the market and is definitely worth every penny.

This cleaning kit uses a solution which has been formulated to keep the record in mint condition and the washers are capable of removing dirt, grime or fingerprints across the record. Each kit comes with everything you need to get your records clean allowing you to preserve your records for a long time.

Compatible with7” (45rpm), 10” (78rpm), 12” (33rpm)
What’s in the BoxWash basin, Air-drying rack, 2 x Vinyl cleaning fluid, 2 x Rollers, 2 x Cleaning brushes, 1 x Microfiber cloth, 1 x Record drying cloth

Collector Protector – Vinyl Record Cleaner Kit

The Collector Protector record cleaning kit is an affordable and efficient vinyl cleaning kit that’s designed to keep all your vinyl clean. This kit is one of the best products available on Amazon and based on customer reviews, it’s pretty effective at what it does.

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Each kit includes a record cleaner brush which comes with more than a million bristles that are capable of easily removing dust from the record. This brush is also designed in such a way that it can effectively remove static charge lingering on the vinyl.

The cleaning solution has been formulated to deep clean the records and will not leave behind any residue. This cleaning liquid does not contain any ammonia or alcohol which can damage vinyls and a few sprays on either side of the vinyl will do the trick.

We found this product to be a cost-effective solution to cleaning your records. The best part about it is that you can use the anti-static carbon fiber brush and cleaning solution on any vinyl size.

Compatible withAll Records
What’s in the BoxAnti-Static carbon fiber cleaning brush, LP cleaning liquid, Carry pouch

Vinyl Buddy 5-Piece Record Cleaner

Here’s another brilliant and cost effective product to clean your records. The Vinyl buddy is a popular and affordable cleaning kit that can be used by all. This set includes everything you need to ensure your records are kept in mint condition and static free.

The kit includes a velvet brush, a microfiber brush, stylus brush and a cleaning solution. Apart from this you will also get a nice little pouch that can hold all the components of the kit. Each item has been tested so they meet the highest standards and are safe to use on vinyl records.

What we liked about this cleaning kit was that it worked really well on extremely old vinyls and we were able to restore them completely. The solution comes in a nifty spray bottle and does not contain any ammonia or alcohol. The stylus cleaner is safe to use on any brand of record player out there and regardless of the size and rpm of your vinyls, you can get them all cleaned in no time.

Compatible withAll Records
What’s in the BoxVelvet brush, Microfiber brush, Stylus brush, Cleaning solution, Storage pouch

EVEO Record Cleaner 4-in-1 Cleaner Kit

The Eveo record cleaner kit is an extremely popular product to use on your vinyls today. It’s priced in a reasonable range and does everything you need from a record or vinyl record cleaner. It offers the right amount of care and is effective at removing dirt and scratches from your older vinyls.

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This kit comes with an ultra-soft velvet brush, a spray bottle of cleaning liquid, a brush cleaner and finally a tub of stylus cleaning gel. The Eveo cleaning kit is a high-quality product that does not cost much and is one of the best vinyl cleaning products you can find anywhere.

Each component of this kit has been specifically designed to be gently on your record player and vinyls. The cleaning gel, fluid and brushes are completely safe to use on your records and we suggest that you give this kit a try simply because when we used it on our records, we found a great amount of difference in the quality of the audio.

Compatible withAll Records
What’s in the BoxVelvet brush, Cleaning liquid, Brush cleaner, Stylus cleaning gel

Boundless Audio Record Cleaner Solution

Boundless Audio is a records maintenance company that specializes in products that keep your record player and vinyls clean. There are a number of cleaning products available in their inventory and the most effective product is the record cleaning solution that comes with a vinyl cleaning cloth and record label protector.

Each bottle of cleaning solution contains around 200ml of liquid that can be used to clean up to 500 vinyls (both sides). The cloth provided is highly absorbent and has been designed in a way that it can easily get in between the grooves and clear out the dirt.

In order to keep your record label safe from the solution, Boundless Audio has included a silicone rubber label protector that sits on your label and keeps it safe from fading or damage. It’s the ideal vinyl cleaning kit available and is one of the best record cleaners you can find today. 

Compatible withAll Records
What’s in the Box200ml Spray bottle, 12” x 12” Cleaning cloth, Rubber label protector

Kaiu Vinyl Record Cleaner Kit

If you’re looking for a high-performance vinyl cleaning kit  then this one from Kaiu is the right one for you. This heavy-duty kit comes equipped with some pretty out-of-this-world items that ensure your records are kept static free and free from dust.

This kit is quite similar to the one from Boundless Audio, but the only difference is that this vinyl cleaning kit comes with a stylus cleaner and a carbon fiber cleaning brush. When you use the cleaning liquid from the spray bottle, it is capable of cleaning dust and eliminates any residual static on the vinyl.

The kit is a must have in your collection and if you know someone who’s a DJ or music producer, this kit will make a really good gift. Based on other customer reviews, this product offered deep cleaning abilities and using all the components of this kit together will ensure your vinyls are kept in the best condition possible.

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Compatible withAll Records
What’s in the BoxVinyl record solution, Anti-static carbon fiber brush, Velvet brush, Label protector, Microfiber cloth

How many types of vinyl record cleaners are there?

There are 4 different types of record cleaners available, each one offers a different level of cleansing for your vinyls and it’s always best to use more than one, but in limits so you don’t damage your vinyl.

  • Anti-static Brush – The first kind of cleaning tool is the anti-static brush. This tool is a horizontal brush that is capable of removing any low level static electricity that’s residing on the vinyl surface. This tool is also great for cleaning loose dust on the surface of your records.
  • Cleaning Liquid – A cleaning liquid solution is meant to get rid of small quantities of dust that’s lightly attached to the surface of the record. It does not have the best anti-static capabilities, but it’s decent enough to eliminate low levels of SE. Cleaning liquid is also good if you have a record that has dirt accumulated between the grooves.
  • Cleaning Gel – Cleaning gel is slightly more effective than regular cleaning liquid as this can not only remove lingering static electricity, but will also take care of scratches and ensure the vinyl does not pop or skip.
  • Cleaning Machine – Finally, we have the cleaning machine which is a tool that cleans vinyls. It’s meant for those records that have been kept in unsafe conditions and the vinyl has been either scratched or mildew on the surface. These cleaning tools will clean both sides of the record at the same time thus cutting your workload in half.

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