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by Michael Dwain

Vonyx is a new European Dj equipment and professional sound solution brand that has taken the world by storm with its excellent quality and affordable price. They’ve earned their spot as a reliable PA brand all over Europe and are slowly making their way up the ladder.

They provide DJ stands, DJ decks, and event lighting all designed in Europe with excellent build quality that is made to last. The brand stands out for its sound and equipment solutions for mobile DJ’s and portable PA sound to take on tours. 

Their new range of PA speakers and equipment for 2022 is remarkable and is giving a lot of premium brands a run for their money. 

Today I’m going to show you some of their new PA speakers that I’ve had the chance to check on the road and have exceeded my expectations.

So let’s get started with the best Vonyx Speakers.

Best Vonyx Speakers Overview

Top 6 Vonyx SpeakersFeatures Best for
Vonyx XP50Bluetooth connectivity 
Built-in Mp3 Media Player
Studio use and DJ monitoring 
Vonyx VPS102A 10″Bluetooth connectivity 
Mp3 Media Player
Comes with stand and mic
Karaoke and conferences 
Vonyx VSA15BT Active PA Speaker Bi-Amplified 15″Bluetooth connectivity 
Mp3 Media Player
Two Amplifiers 
15-inch drivers
Live outdoor events and club environment.
Vonyx AP1200Bluetooth connectivity 
Mp3 Media Player
12inch drivers
Affordable outdoor speakers
Vonyx CVB12Bluetooth connectivity 
Mp3 Media Player
Carpet exterior
Rectangular 2-way bass-reflex
Piezo high-quality horn woofers
Indoor club environment 
Vonyx SPJ-1000ADBluetooth connectivity 
Mp3 Media Player
10 inch driver
Excellent clarity
Touring and portability with high-quality sound

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Best Vonyx Speakers – Buyer’s Guide

  • When buying professional PA speakers like Vonyx, to get the best results from them you need to understand the amount of power required to cover the area you want to have the speakers in. Have a sound engineer check the area out to advise on how much power you. This need will help you avoid unwanted disturbances in your sound. 
  • Choose between active and passive speakers, if you are planning on a super portable to take with you on tour active powered speakers should be your first choice. If you’re planning on large events where the speaker requires you to cater to more than 1000 people, passive speakers with heavy power Amps will work out best.
  • Understanding the purpose of the speakers will guide you to the right decision to make, if you want speakers for your home studio – Active monitors are best, Jam room – Powered speakers to the job with ease, Large outdoor venues passive speakers will do wonders.

Top 6 Best Vonyx Speakers

Vonyx XP50 Active Powered Studio Monitor

These DJ/Studio Monitors from Vonyx are designed for bedroom DJs and producers. When setting them up I felt the wood used to make the exterior of the powered monitor was of good quality and sturdy, the first sign of a well built speaker. 

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The uniqueness about these speakers is that one of the speakers is active and the other passive, so a 100w built-in amp supports the amplification of both speakers. Advantages of this is that you only need one power socket to power the speakers saving energy and power. 

I found the connectivity options provided very convenient without the need for a computer or smartphone to enjoy my favorite tunes when I’m not practicing my mixes. You can play music through its internal Mp3 player or connect any device with an AUX cable or use the built-in Bluetooth connectivity to connect any smart device. 

For analog connections, the monitor is fitted with RCA inputs to connect to the DJ mixer or can easily connect to your music production sound card. 

The MDF insulation inside the speakers restricts unwanted resonances at higher decibel providing you solid robust sound. 

Sturdy Wooden Material for Warm SoundDriver quality looks and feels low quality
MDF insulation for reduced resonanceWireless provided are quit thing 
Energy Efficient using only a single socket to power both speakersDrivers cannot handle low end well.
Multiple connectivity options like Bluetooth, AUX, USB.AUX is the only analog input

Reason to buy : Affordable Monitors with MDF insulation for reduced resonances. 

Vonyx VPS102A 10″

This large 10 inch powered PA speaker is a powerhouse that is designed for monitoring your mix in the Dj booth. They come as pairs or can be bought individually that you can order as per your requirement. 

I got the complete set that comes with stands, cables, microphone, and remote control, I didn’t need to purchase anything extra to start using the speakers making it a pocket-friendly purchase. 

When purchasing the complete two-speaker kit, you get one active and one passive monitor just like the XP50. So only one power socket is required to power both speakers making it energy efficient and convenient to set up.

The speakers come with multiple connectivity options like Bluetooth, an internal Mp3 media player that uses a USB port to receive data to play music. You can control the player using a handy remote control. 

One of the coolest things I found about the speakers is that a funky LED ring brings the speaker to life when an audio signal is running through the speakers. I definitely didn’t expect this from the brand as it came as a pleasant surprise. But you really have to crank up the volume to get the LED light going . 

You can also connect a mic directly to the speaker so you can have karaoke fun in the comfort of your home.

The speakers might not be ideal for a big club environment but can definitely do the job at your local clubhouse or bar and can easily be set up thanks to its user-friendly setup. 

Multiple Connectivity Options Poor Noise suppression
Rhythmic LED light at higher decibels Hissing noise at loud decibels 
Direct Mic Input Available 

Reason to Buy : One of the most affordable 10 inch PA speakers with mic input in its range.

Vonyx VSA15BT Active PA Speaker Bi-Amplified 15″

We’ve checked the Vonyx studio speaker and small space speaker. Now let’s get started with their heavyweights that can handle club and outdoor spaces. The VSA series from the brand is built to be sturdy with high-quality plastic material with a metal grill in front to protect the massive drivers and side handle for easy portability. 

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When it comes to amplification these speakers are fitted with two built-in amplifiers that are assigned to the two separate drivers. One for the LF driver for solid bass and low mids and one amp for the HF driver for crisp higher mids and top end. Giving you a well-rounded sound and fullness to the audio coming out of it. 

Best Vonyx Speakers

With the maximum output of 1000W coming from the large 15-inch driver, I found the speakers easily cover large closed spaces but for open spaces, I required an extra set for speakers to cover it completely without blowing up the decibel levels. 

Apart from amazing sound and amplification, the speakers have a built-in Bluetooth receiver so the speaker can be used as a stand-alone unit. It also has a USB port for a pen drive to be connected for MP3 playback that can be controlled and displayed from an LCD display on the back of the speakers. 

15inch DriversHeavy Power Consumption 
Multiple Connectivity OptionsNot easily portable
Excellent LF and HF amplification
LCD display

Reason to Buy : Excellent for outdoor events offering 1000w of power from 15 inch drivers.

Vonyx AP1200

The AP1200 is the smaller version of the VSA series as seen above with a comparably smaller driver of 12 inches when compared to the large 15-inch driver of the VSA series. 

The same material used to make the VSA series is used in the AP1200 making it excellent for outdoor events and I found it to be quite light as well when compared to the other 12 inch speakers I’ve used in the past.

Best Vonyx Speakers

I personally find these speakers to be excellent for monitoring my mix in a club environment as well as outdoors. It provides amazing mids and lows thanks to its large woofer but the highs are something the brand can work on as I felt the brightness is better in other brands like DB and Samson. 

The exterior of the speaker was well insulated and could take a beating making it worth the money, I would recommend these speakers for small clubs and outdoor setup. If you’re planning on investing in a sound rental company, these speakers are perfect to start off with.

Pros Cons
12 Inch DriversLacks Top end
Multiple Connectivity options Not easily portable
Sturdy body and build

Reasons to Buy : Direct mic input is available making it excellent for Karaoke and to cover small spaces bars

Vonyx CVB12

The CVB12 are the newest addition to the Vonyx catalog this year and man did it look and sound sweet!. 

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These speakers were designed to rock the club with heavy bass and robust mids thanks to its rectangular 2-way bass reflex speakers that were meant for the dance floor. The Piezo high-quality horn woofers are a treat to listen to in a club-treated environment but the VSA series takes the cake again for a better outdoor experience.

The speakers offer multiple connections and is equipped with options like Bluetooth streaming and an MP3 player that can be used via USB. High-quality line in and out option with build echo can support direct DJ mixer input as well as microphone inputs making it versatile to handle any situation with attitude. 

I found the exterior design old school and sturdy as it had a complete carpet exterior insulation that just wanted to be touched. 

Pros Cons
Echo Function Buzzing/humming sound.
DJ Mixer Compatible Not easily Portable
Carpet Material Exterior
Multiple Connectivity Options

Reasons to Buy : Carpet Material Exterior works excellently well in a closed disco club environment. 

Vonyx SPJ-1000AD

The SPJ-1000AD is the twin of the Yonyx AP1200 in terms of exterior design, honestly, I couldn’t tell them apart when I saw them. But I could tell the difference once I heard both of them next to each other.

The AP1200 definitely sounded louder because of the larger 12 inch driver but lacked clarity in the top end and higher mids which was noticeable to any audiophile. But the SPJ 1000AD stood out like a boss with excellent clarity and full-range sound from its 10-inch driver. As they say, size doesn’t matter in this case it definitely doesn’t.

Both speakers are powered with built in-amplifiers that provide 400 watts of power to the 10-inch driver. 

I used these speakers when I had to play for a friends’ event and didn’t have much space for a large speaker and had to be carried to an exotic location. With these speakers, it was easy as pie as they were light in weight and had an extremely strong exterior body made of ABS that doesn’t give in so easily. 

ABS Sturdy Body400 watts maximum output
Super Portable and light
Excellent quality sound from high quality drivers 

Reasons to buy : Most affordable high quality 400w 10 inch speaker in the market at the same level as AP1200. 


Are Vonyx speakers any good?

It is as good as the money you pay for it, Vonyx provides good and decent sound for home and small entertainment establishments. But other speakers can do better but not for the price Vonyx comes in. So if you’re an audiophile, you find things to complain about but a novice will find them worth every penny. 

Who makes Vonyx?

Vonyx is a European brand that has made its presence in the audio recently for affordable DJ and sound equipment. They’re a sub brand of Tronios who have been in the industry for over decades. 

Can I trust Vonyx Speakers?

Yes, apart from the low price range they provide their products. They provide a minimum of two years warranty on their product which I feel is worth trying out. 

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