Bluetooth Speaker Hidden Camera Review 2022 | Tried and Tested

by Michael Dwain

Here’s our review on the latest Bluetooth speaker hidden camera to come out in the market – Sanprov Portable Bluetooth speaker with camera. Check it out!

Having a full-time job and a newborn in New York can be super taxing, I and my wife both are working professionals and leave our 2 years with the care of the babysitter in our apartment.

Most recently she has decided to move out and we’ve found someone new but we are skeptical as it’s really difficult to find good help and not sure if she’s doing her job or not. 

It is not possible to have cameras installed as our landlord has issues with installing them, so I needed a way to have a portable camera that can be discussed so I can find out if this new nanny is worth it without getting in trouble with my landlord. 

I did some research online and found an amazing product that disguises itself as a speaker and has a built-in camera that is linked to my phone. This particular one stood out to me the most for a whole bunch of reasons I’m sure you’ll find alluring. 

In this article I’m going to take you through all the features of this product in detail.

So let’s get started. 

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Bluetooth Speaker Hidden Camera Review

Sanprov Portable Bluetooth Speaker with Camera

After going through all the main aspects required for a good portable Bluetooth speaker that has good sound with the camera tucked away discreetly.

The Sanprov Bluetooth speaker checked all the boxes for me and my requirement I’ve also added an extra product that might interest you but first let’s start with the features the Sanprov has to offer. 


When it comes to the Sanprov Bluetooth speaker design, they have chosen a simple but logical circular design with the membrane of the speaker placed on the top of the Bluetooth speaker. 

The circumference of the speakers is about 3.2 inches with a height of about 4 inches. This makes it ideal to suit any background you place it in. From your home office to your living room, there is not a place it does not sync into the ground.

Thanks to the simple black outlook with classy two silver ring outlook. 

Below the second silver ring, you will find the camera hole discreetly kept so that you can direct to the location you want to cover. 


The Sanprov Bluetooth speaker stood out the most to me because of the combination of excellent features that adapted to my every need.

From the HQ camera to the motion sensor that alerts and captures. Let’s get into the details of all the unique features this speaker has to offer. 


Bluetooth Speaker Hidden Camera Review

The unit is fitted with a High-Quality HD 1080p camera that has a lens that is capable of rotating 180 degrees in both left and right direction, perfect to cover almost any room or living area. This makes it very convenient to cover a larger area than what most home security systems can offer. 

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The lens present in the camera moves very discreetly without giving the chance for anyone to know they are being monitored. You have absolute control over the camera lens using the Sanprov camera App. 

This is the latest 5g edition of the speaker that has super-fast connectivity providing you with a seamless projection of the camera to your smart device.

Thanks to the 5G it also supports live streaming, so you can check up on who is in your home anytime without any lag. This is one of the main features that most cameras lack in the range. Making this camera worth every penny. 

The device provides the camera’s live stream option for up to 4 different devices that have the Sanprov camera installed. This was excellent for me as not only I could view what our nanny was up to but my wife as well.

One of the features I found really cool was that I could interconnect two three different Sanprov cameras in my home and can simultaneously monitor them at once, using the App provided with the camera.

Bluetooth Speaker Hidden Camera Review

Then being blindsided only to a specific room. It still costs lower than a single camera home security system, truly a value for my money. 

It is possible to take pictures as well from the camera, as the lens is recording the live stream video. The App provides you with the option to instantaneously capture a photo or snippet of videos with the help of the Sanprov App. 

The camera is integrated with motion sensors that immediately focus on the object that is moving and provides you with a real-time notification so you are alerted at all times. The only drawback of this feature in this unit is the fact that it can only pick up motion in a lit room. 

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The camera captures with a resolution of 1920x1080p Full HD with a frame rate of 15 fps and stores the recorded content in an external SD card in MP4 format.

There is also an option to directly download the recorded content to your smartphone using the Sanprov App.

Among all these fantastic features the camera doesn’t have capabilities of Night vision, but for the price tag it comes in, it’s still pretty worth it. 


The unit comes with both 2.4G Wi-Fi and the latest Bluetooth that work independently from each other. The Wi-Fi is used for super-fast conversion of visual data so you get a real-time view of what is happening.

Bluetooth Speaker Hidden Camera Review

The Bluetooth is used to connect to any of the devices locally available which also provides live streaming options. 

The Bluetooth is also used to play music from all your favorite music streaming platforms as well as your inbuilt music player from your smartphone. 

It is not possible to install the Sanprov software on any windows or Mac OS desktop or laptop, making this unit a smartphone exclusive device.



The device holds storage from an external SD card of up to 128 GB, if in any case, the storage is full the device automatically deletes the oldest video and has the new data recorded.

So it is best to back up all the data in the SD every 15 days to your computer using an external card reader as the device does not have any USB slots to connect the device to the computer directly. 

Note: The memory is not included and has to be purchased separately. 


The camera comes with an inbuilt 3000 mAh battery which provides a battery backup of 4-5 hours of continuous video playback and recording.

This is provided in the case of a power outage the camera will still record till the last of the battery, but the device is intended to be connected to a power outlet at all times. 


The unit is fitted with a single membrane full-range speaker that can cover a room easily but not a loud decibel.

The speaker is perfect for you to play your child’s favorite lullaby if they wake up at night which is a huge benefit to comforting your children at night. 

Key Features

ConnectivityWi-Fi 2.4g, Wired, Bluetooth
Battery Capacity3000 mAh
Resolution1920 x 1080p 4K
Frames per Second15 fps
StorageTF card, up to 128 GB
Max Recording Time12 hours


  • Live streaming using the Wifi 2.4G directly to your smartphone using the Samprov APP
  • Motion detection with immediate image capture and notification to the linked devices. 
  • 4K resolution provides excellent image clarity and recording.
  • A 180-degree rotating lens can be manually controlled using the Sanprov App, providing maximum coverage. 
  • 1080p recorder provides clear video recordings
  • A small driver that provides above-average sound from the speaker
  • Well thought body and design that completely disguises the camera.
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  • The device will not be able to connect to wifi devices with 5 GHz, only 2.4 G.
  • The device cannot be connected directly to any PC. 
  • Does not have night vision capabilities.


Now that you’ve understood all the features and capabilities of the Sanprov Bluetooth Speaker with Camera.

You can compare it with the options you have in mind to make your final decision. 

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