Can a JBL Speaker be Fixed | Troubleshooting Common Issues on a JBL Speaker 2022

by Michael Dwain

Having trouble with your JBL and wondering can a JBL speaker be fixed? Read on to find out more!

When it comes to high-performance portable speakers and professional audio equipment JBL isn’t shy to many ears. They’ve been in the professional audio bracket for years and have found their place as a heavyweight contender in the sound industry. 

Having found a balance between good quality sound at an affordable price, JBL’s series of portable speakers have become a favorite to many and have only gotten better over the years with sturdier builds and robust sound. 

At the end of the day, electronic products have a way of giving in overtime. JBL is known for lasting years and still has a few hiccups that can occur over some time using their speakers and will have a waterproof build and no sign of opening, one might think ‘are these speakers even possible to fix?’

In this article, I’m going to show you just that, and hopefully at the end of it help you save your JBL speaker see another day. 

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Can A JBL Speaker Be Fixed?

Yes, it is very much possible to fix JBL’s series of portable speakers but getting it fixed by a professional sound technician or by yourself should not be your first thought. Opening the speaker can be tedious and risky as there is an easy chance to damage the speaker further.

  • So my first suggestion to you would be to check if you can get help from a JBL technician as they have the entire blueprint of the speaker and they know exactly how to open the speaker without a problem. For this, you need to check if the speaker is still under warranty, if yes get in touch with the service center without tampering with the speaker as it can void your warranty. 
  • If you’ve crossed the warranty period, have a quick chat with the support service at JBL to find a store that can repair it from a professional JBL speaker technician. 
  • If you are living away from the city and find it difficult to get a hold of a technician, I’ve provided some easy steps below to get it done yourself.

How To Fix Common Issues With JBL Speakers

JBL is known for its sturdy build which makes it difficult to understand the problem with the speaker by just looking at the exterior of the speaker. So before you start doing anything to the speaker, let’s understand some of the common problems that can happen to a JBL speaker and understand if you can fix it yourself or require the help of a professional to fix the issue

Fix #1 — Buttons on the speaker dock are unresponsive

This is one of the common problems that I’ve seen my friends face, where one or all buttons on the top of the speaker are unresponsive.

Can A JBL Speaker Be Fixed
  • This can happen when the buttons inside the rubber membrane are stuck to the trigger or dust and sand have created a layer of dirt that does not allow the speaker to trigger the action when the button is pressed. 
  • You can fix this issue by nudging the side of the rubber membrane creating an air gap that separates the button from the trigger giving its functionality back if the button still doesn’t work after doing this.
  • You will have to disassemble the speaker and clean the button where the rubber membrane connects when pressed from the outside. 
  • If the buttons still don’t work after cleaning them, you will have to replace the rubber membrane or the buttons.
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You will have to get in touch with the JBL service center to get the parts required for replacement. 

Fix #2 — Unable to Pair With Speaker

This issue occurs when the speakers have been paired with a lot of devices and the internal memory of the speaker is at its limit and is unwilling to accept any new devices.

Can A JBL Speaker Be Fixed
  • This can be fixed by deleting some of the paired devices stored using your phone or doing a hard reset of the speaker. You can understand how to do a hard reset depending on the model of the JBL speaker you have. You can find this information on the company website or in the instruction manual the speaker came in. 
  • There is a chance the Bluetooth receiver might be damaged in which case it has to be replaced to connect to any device. Since this requires removing a soldered part of the speaker it is best to take the help of a professional to replace it avoiding the chance of any damage to other parts of the speaker. 

Fix #3 — Fluctuating Audio

JBL’s speaker design display two side massive drivers that vibrate aggressively providing excellent low end and feel. But there is a disadvantage to this if the speaker wires inside have a faulty loose connection. The audio will be interrupted and the low-end frequency is provided to the bass driver. 

  • This issue can only be fixed by disassembling the speaker and re-connecting it with a lead solder to secure it from disconnecting again. This again is best suited for a professional to get it done. 
  • This also means the Bluetooth signal provided to the speaker is weak, which can be a Bluetooth receiver issue, or your smart device playing the audio might have a problem with its Bluetooth.
  • The best way to find out is by connecting the speaker to an Aux input and seeing if the audio is interrupted when playing music at a high volume. 

Fix #4 — Battery Issue

This is definitely one of the most common issues you might face having a Bluetooth portable speaker across all brands and not just with JBL speakers. The issue is identified when the Bluetooth speaker is connected to the charger and the speaker fails to recognize the power being fed to the battery and shuts down in seconds from turning on. 

  • This can happen when there is a faulty battery or the battery has gone bad with minimal use. You will need to disassemble the speaker and have the entire battery replaced with a similar charge and design to get it working again. It is best to check with JBL’s customer support on where to find the replacement battery. 
  • There is a chance your charging cable is faulty, a simple way to find out is by using a different cable and seeing if it’s charging.
  • Some of the older versions of JBL speakers used a specific voltage adapter to charge the speaker, it is best to find the exact charger with the same voltage value to avoid damage to the circuit board. 
  • Also, check the port you are using to charge the device, there might be a loose connection that is not providing the speaker with the right amount of power to charge the battery.


Is it safe to disassemble a JBL speaker?

JBL Bluetooth portable speakers are well-designed speakers, that have strategic points to access to be able to unscrew the speaker. If you aren’t good with your hands it’s best suggested you seek help from a professional. There a small parts that can be damaged with just a touch of the screwdriver. Also, your warranty will be void if dissembled within the period of a valid warranty so double check before disassembling the speaker. 

Where Can I Find Replacement Parts For My JBL Speakers?

If you want the best quality replacement parts for your speaker it is best to contact the customer service at JBL who can provide you with the parts themselves. There is also a good chance the parts are available on Amazon or eBay with a warranty, making it worth the money if purchased online.


Now that you have the satisfaction of knowing your speaker can be saved, make sure you follow the disassemble procedure with caution as one slip up can cost you losing your beloved speaker.

And if you aren’t good with electronics, it is best to take the speaker to a local professional technician around you or find out from the customer service center to get the job done. 

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Hope this article has helped you solve the issue with your JBL portable speaker.

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