Can You Control Volume With AirPods in 2022 | Everything You Need to Know

by Michael Dwain

If you’re wondering “Can you control volume with AirPods“, then i’m here to tell you that you can. This article will cover the various ways you can control your volume using just your AirPods.

One unique feature of the AirPods is the ability to control the volume of the media running on your iPhone. This is really helpful when you’re working out and need to reduce the volume or increase it without having to use your phone. Which I’m sure you know is pain with sweaty palms. 

To control the volume using only your AirPods, you can either use the double tap feature by activating it on your iPhone or you can use the Siri and ask her to control the volume level on your AirPods.

In this article, I’m going to show you how to take maximum advantage of this feature and how you can apply this even on the older versions of the AirPods. 

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Can You Control Volume With AirPods

Yes, it is possible to control the iPhone volume with your AirPods. It can be done with two primary methods that are possible on all AirPods. Let’s start with the primary methods that are used by most iPhone and AirPods users. 

Use the Double Tap Feature on your AirPods 

This is how you can control the volume using your AirPods, Let’s understand a couple of things before getting this set up for you.

Can You Control Volume With AirPods

First, both AirPods the left and right sides have the tap feature. You can customize in the setting of your iPhone which side you would have to tap to increase the volume or decrease and how many taps for the AirPods to understand its actions. 

Controlling The Volume of Your AirPods Using Siri

Apple AirPods First Generation

If you’ve got the first generation of Apple AirPods, you will need to first adjust the setting of the double tap on the AirPods.

To do that open the settings option of the AirPods on the iPhone, Once you are in the settings section of the double-tap. You will be prompted with four options that the AirPods offers. 

  • Rewind or forward the running track on your iPhone.
  • Play Previous Track.
  • Pause or Play the media provided from your iPhone.
  • Be compatible with Siri.

You will need to choose the option of “Be Compatible With Siri” Once you have followed the instructions below to customize Siri. 

Can You Control Volume With AirPods
  • Connect your first-gen AirPods to the desired Apple Device.
  • On your Apple device go to the settings icon and open it. 
  • Once inside the setting open the Bluetooth settings.
Can You Control Volume With AirPods
  • In the Bluetooth setting you see will your AirPods settings available. 
  • Tap on the info sign next to your AirPods. 
  • Now you will see the option double tap on AirPods available, Tap on either the left or right AirPod of which you want to adjust the settings.
  • Activate Siri from the list of options provided.

Now that you’ve set Siri to listen to you when you double-tap on either AirPods, You will have provided the command to control the volume of your AirPods.

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You can either provide a percentage of how much should be increased for example “Hey Siri, reduce volume by 50%” or you can command Siri to just lower the volume or increase volume, it will increase it or decrease it by 10-15%. 

Apple AirPods Second Generation

The Second generation of AirPods had major upgrades to it internally and to its software where Siri could operate at any time and point without having to go to the setting and adjust it to activate.

These AirPods were designed to support with voice only so you don’t have to double-tap, just say “Hey Siri” and it would activate. 

Can You Control Volume With AirPods

Again you will have to follow the same command as for the first generation, you can either have the iPhone choose the reduction or increase levels of volume by giving the command of “Hey Siri Increase the Volume or Hey Siri reduce the volume.

Or you can specifically ask how much volume to reduce or increase for example “ Hey Siri, reduce volume by 20%” Siri will reduce 20 percent from the present volume running on the media from the Apple Device. 

Apple AirPods 3 & AirPods Pro

The method to increase the volume on your AirPods 3 and AirPods Pro is quite similar to how it’s done on the 1st and 2nd Generation. You will have to activate the double tap command on your iPhone and then using Siri, you will be able to ask her to reduce or increase the volume.

Commands like Hey Siri – Raise the Volume and Hey Siri – Lower the Volume by 40% work and you can verbally use these commands to control the volume on your AirPods 3 and AirPods Pro without touching your iPhone.

Controlling The Volume of Your AirPods Without Using Siri

There can be situations where you might be in the subway or marketplace where using Siri can be difficult in such situation Here’s how you can control the volume of your AirPods without having to use Siri. 

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The best way is the old-school way of controlling the volume using the volume dock on the side of your Apple Device. 

Can You Control Volume With AirPods

Another way of controlling the volume is through the display by accessing the control center.

On the latest iPhone, you can access the control center by pulling down on the screen at the top right-hand corner. On Older iPhone’s previous to the iPhone 8, just pull up on the bottom of the home screen to access the control center.

Can You Control Volume With AirPods

Once you’ve opened the control center, you will find the volume slider on the screen. You can now adjust the volume by sliding it up to increase and down to decrease. 

If your phone is locked, follow the same method to access the control center and then control the AirPods volume by sliding left or right. 


Can I Control the Volume of my AirPods from a different room?

Yes, you can do this using the help of Siri. As long as you are connected to your Apple media device you can control the volume of your AirPods. For example, if your Apple Device is in the other room and you’re doing the dishes in the kitchen.

You can just access Siri by giving the voice command Hey Siri and request it to reduce or increase the volume. You can also request it to reduce or increase the volume by a percentage for example Hey Siri reduces volume by 30 percent. Siri will reduce the volume of your AirPods by 30 percent from the current volume it is in.

Can I Control The Volume of my AirPods using only one AirPods?

Yes, if you’re the type that uses your AirPods one-sided to answer calls and generally has only one AirPods on most of the time. You can still control the volume of the AirPods using that one AirPods. 

Again it is Siri to the rescue, Just voice out the command Hey Siri and request it to reduce or increase the volume. By default, it reduces and increases by 10-15 percent every time you request it to or you can be specific and request it to reduce volume according to the percentage you like. For example, Hey Siri, reduce volume by 35 percent. Siri will reduce the volume of the AirPods which is connected by the specified percentage.

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Can I Control the Volume using any generation of AirPods?

Yes, there are currently two generations of AirPods available and it is possible to control the volume of both generations as I’ve mentioned above. Even the AirPods Pro and AirPods Max follow the same method of controlling the volume using AirPods.

Can I Control the volume using AirPods on Android Device?

AirPods use the voice assistant Siri to help reduce and increase the volume, in an android device depending on the brand has different voice assistants that might not have the same commands to do so. So yes if your voice assistant allows it there is a chance your volume can be controlled using AirPods with the help of the Right voice Assistant. 


I hope the above methods to control the volume of your Apple media device using AirPods will help you make your life a little easier and a lot more entertaining with the right volume. 

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