How Can I Connect Multiple Bluetooth Speakers To My iPhone 2022

by Michael Dwain

If you’re planning on hosting a party and are wondering “How Can I Connect Multiple Bluetooth Speakers To My iPhone“, then you’ve come to the right place. Read on to find out how you can connect more than one speaker to your iPhone via Bluetooth.

The Apple iPhone is an amazing device with limitless possibilities with every new edition of the brand. One of the best upgrades to the iPhone is the Bluetooth allowing for fast and seamless connectivity. 

I have small get-together’s with family and friends usually over the weekends and I can’t use my stereo because it creates too much vibration and forces people to talk louder. I usually play music from my iPhone as all my online streaming platforms for music are well sorted for any occasion in it. 

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A friend advised me that he connects two speakers to his iPhone and plays music in the kitchen and living room at the same time and found the answer to my problem for the meets at home. I did a little research online and found multiple ways I can do this.

In this article, I’m going to take you through the various ways you can connect multiple speakers to your Apple iPhone. 

Let’s Begin!

How Can I Connect Multiple Bluetooth Speakers To My iPhone

This feature is available from the most recent iPhone series to be specific, from the 12 series of iPhone’s. You can connect to multiple speakers using different methods, the most common one being Bluetooth. There is also a method that allows all smart devices to connect multiple speakers but before we get into all that. Let’s start with connecting your iPhone to multiple speakers first. 

How to Connect Multiple Speakers to an Apple iPhone?

How Can I Connect Multiple Bluetooth Speakers To My iPhone

Just as you connect any other Bluetooth device, you will need to open the settings on your iPhone.

Open Bluetooth settings and see all the devices available to connect to, choose your primary speaker to connect to first.

After you’ve successfully connected the first speaker, exit the settings and follow the same steps to connect the second speaker.

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With iOS 13 and above, it is possible only to connect two speakers to an iPhone, there is also an option to connect more speakers using third-party apps that allow the speaker to interconnect to more speakers than having the iPhone directly connecting among them.

One such brand that offers multiple speakers to connect is the JBL series of Bluetooth speakers that use the connect+ feature. 

How to Connect Multiple Speakers to an Older iOS Version

If you are using an older version of the iPhone look further below on how to connect multiple speakers using Apps. 

  • The ability to split an audio signal to two different speakers on an iPhone is called Audio Sharing. Before doing this you need to add each of the speakers you want to connect together one after the other from the list of available Bluetooth devices. 
  • Marking the first speakers as primary, connect it to your Bluetooth first and play an audio or video from iTunes. 
  • Now connect the second speaker, marking it as the secondary. Marking this speaker helps balance the levels later on. 
  • Open the control center by pulling down on the screen, you will get the Airplay icon visible to you on the control center. Tap on it.
  • You will see both the connected devices, select both of them. Deselect any other device that may be connected to your iPhone like your AirPods.
  • Go back to the control center and tap on the music icon. 
  • Check for the additional options where you will find all the devices that are connected and playing music.
  • Now on the primary speaker connected choose to share the audio with the other connected speaker. 
  • The iPhone should automatically prompt you to connect to the other available device. If not try and do it manually by tapping on the info button and sharing the audio.
  • Once both devices are connected you will be able to adjust the audio coming out of your iPhone individually on each speaker from the control center.

If you have problems trying to connect the speakers to Airplay try checking if the secondary speakers are connected along with the primary. If not, disconnect both speakers and reconnect them.

Alternate Methods How to Connect Multiple Bluetooth Speakers to iPhone


How Can I Connect Multiple Bluetooth Speakers To My iPhone

Once you play the audio on your Apple device running iOS 11.4 and above or your iMac or MacBook Pro.

The main thing you should look out for is the Airplay option if in case you can find it. Just type Airplay on the search tab and you should find it.

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Now stream the running audio to Airplay, here you will find both the connected devices, first connect the primary speaker and then the second speaker and share the audio through Airplay.

Both speakers should have the audio played from the source iPhone. It is also possible to individually control each speaker from the control center. 

Pairing with HomePod 

How Can I Connect Multiple Bluetooth Speakers To My iPhone

You will need two HomePod speakers for this, it is an expensive affair as home pods don’t come cheap but if you do have two HomePods available to you, here’s how you interconnect them.

This option is called HomePod Stereo Pair which is very similar to the Dual Audio from Samsung. This option is only available to Apple devices running 11.4 and above, so please double-check before starting. 

Keep both HomePod speakers next to each other and connect to both speakers through the Bluetooth setting on your Apple Device, once connected you can separate the speaker from each other and space it according to your liking within the range of the Bluetooth.

Third-Party Apps

This method is most commonly used for Apple Devices that lack Bluetooth 5.0 which allows the possibility of connecting two speakers simultaneously.

With the help of third-party apps such as Ultimate Ears, Ampme and Bose Connect it is possible to connect multiple speakers from devices with Bluetooth 4.2 

Speakers With In-built speaker Interconnecting

How Can I Connect Multiple Bluetooth Speakers To My iPhone

Top brands like JBL, Bose, and Sony have curtain models that allow you to interconnect speakers with speakers of the same brand.

Let’s take the latest JBL series for example, by pressing down on the connect+ or Party Boost mode it is possible to interconnect not two but as many as 99 speakers from one main output from your iPhone.

So if you’re using a JBL speaker, getting another of the same and using this option is an affordable and convenient option as your friends can connect other speakers of the same brand to the link as well.

Through this method, you can have your entire home covered with your favorite tunes and connect extra speakers if needed.

Advantages of Connecting Multiple Speakers to an iPhone

Creating the perfect surround sound environment can be difficult, without shelling out a bomb on professional sound equipment. And a single boombox can only cover a single room which creates an imbalance when you have more than four guests over.

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Having two portable Bluetooth speakers can be a blessing as you can keep the speakers on either end of the room which can provide music that spreads out evenly among everyone, giving you an excellent listening experience in your gathering. 

With the introduction of the latest Bluetooth 5.0, the possibilities are more compared to the previous versions of Bluetooth offering more faster connectivity and further distance between the connecting devices. 

After reviewing a couple of speakers and smart devices, it is clear that it is not possible for devices with Bluetooth 4.2 and below to connect to multiple devices. If you are using such a device try using speakers with apps like Bose Connect or Ampme to help you connect multiple speakers.


I hope this article helps you solve the issue of how you can connect multiple speakers to your Apple iPhone or any Apple Device.

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