How Do I Reset My Harman Kardon Speaker in 2022 | Guides for the Citation, Onyx & More! 

by Michael Dwain

If you’ve ever wondered how do I reset my Harman Kardon speaker?, then you’ve come to the right place.

Imagine this! Your friend is hosting a house party for the summer and calls anyone and everyone. While they arrange everything, they realize they are  short of quality speakers. Just then, they hit you up to arrange for a speaker and promise to do your laundry for a week!

Lucky for you, he doesn’t know you just bought a new Harmon Kardon speaker and have been saving for occasions like these. You arrive at the party in style, show off your new speakers and when the moment of truth arrives, try connecting to your phone but somehow, it doesn’t respond. 

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You try again and again and even allow someone else to connect, but to no avail. Your friend is mad and you are embarrassed. And to add to that, someone suggests, resetting the speaker. Though it is a good suggestion, you are further embarrassed as you have no clue how to reset them. 

Harman Kardon speakers may be the best in the business but they too can lag from functioning at times, needing to be reset. If your Harman Kardon speakers have to go under the reset process as well, you have come to the right place. 

So how do you reset them? Let’s get to it! 

What is Harman Kardon?

A division of the US-based Harman International Industries, Harman Kardon has been in the audio-equipment industry for over six decades now. And they have been known for producing portable, high-quality masterpieces sustaining them as a market leader. 

In modern times, Harman Kardon has been manufacturing Bluetooth speakers with long-lasting batteries, premium output and an aesthetic and sturdy design. To add to it, they are easily transportable for you to carry your favorite tunes, wherever you go. 

While Bluetooth speakers are in fashion and getting better over time, even the best of technology can come with its advantages and disadvantages.

How Do I Reset My Harman Kardon Speakers: At a Glance

ModelReset Button LocationReset Process
Citation 1 – 100At the bottom Press & Hold for 5 secs
Citation 300 – 500Next to the power and service buttonsPress & Hold for 5 secs
Citation Multi BeamNext to the USB and AUX portsPress & Hold for 5 secs
Citation SubBeside the LEDPress & Hold for 5 secs
Citation BarTouchscreenPress & Hold for 5 secs
Citation SurroundBacksidePress & Hold for 5 secs

How Do I Reset My Harman Kardon Speaker?

Like any other Bluetooth speaker or earbuds, Harman Kardon offers an easy way to rest its devices by pressing and holding the ‘Reset’ button for over five seconds. 

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However, the challenge here lies in locating the reset button as it may be located at different places in different models. For instance, Citation 300 to Citation 500 models, the rest button is present bang next to the power and service buttons

How Do I Reset My Harman Kardon Speaker

In Citation 1 to Citation 100 Harman Kardon speakers, the reset button lies at the bottom of the device and is quite conspicuous because of the label. 

In both the variants, you press and hold the reset button for more than five seconds, so the speakers can shut down and restart again. 

Now let’s move over to the other Citation models. 

How Do I Reset My Harman Kardon Speaker

When it comes to the Citation Multi-beam, the reset switch is next to the USB and AUX ports. In the Citation Sub, it is located on the back next to the LED indicator

The process here remains the same as the models before. Press and hold the button for five seconds and the speaker will shut off, restarting again to pair with your phone or laptop

How Do I Reset My Harman Kardon Speaker

Another Harman Kardon model is the Citation Bar, where the reset button is on the touchscreen surface of the speaker. In the Citation Bar, pressing the reset button will delete all the customized settings and factory reset the speaker to resolve any issue. 

How Do I Reset My Harman Kardon Speaker

Citation Surround houses the reset button on the back and follows the same procedure of holding the button for five seconds and releasing it. This resets the speaker to default and then you can tailor it as per your preference. 

Resetting a Harman Kardon Bluetooth Speaker – Step by Step

Regardless of what Harman Kardon model you own, follow the steps below to reset them. 

  • Turn on the speaker (or ensure it is turned on)
  • Unplug all the previously connected devices
  • Delete the speaker from your smartphone (This can be done by going to Bluetooth > Selecting the speaker name > Clicking on Forget Device)
  • Press and Hold the Reset Buttons for 5 seconds (Try Reset + Power Button combo / Reset + Volume Button combo if this doesn’t work)
  • Your Harman Kardon device is reset and ready to be paired fresh

For Harman Kardon Bluetooth speakers like ONYX Studio Wireless

  • Confirm that the speaker is on. Check the LED indicator for this.
  • Press and hold power and volume buttons for 5 to 10 seconds
  • The speaker will beep briefly and then turn off here
  •  If your speaker doesn’t turn back on automatically here, turn them back on manually
  • Once the speaker is turned on, the LED light will blink, indicating that it is in pairing mode 
  • The Harman Kardon speaker configuration will be reset to default and you can pair it again to continue listening to your favorite tunes.


How do I reset my Onyx 4? 

First, ensure that your device is turned on.. Next, press and hold down the Bluetooth button with volume up (+) button.This will turn the speaker off. Switch it back on manually. 

Your speaker will now be ready for pairing. Search for the speaker on your device’s list of available Bluetooth devices. Select the HK Onyx Studio 4 speaker and pair your smartphone or laptop. Your music will flow through clearly from your speaker now.

How do I know if my Harman Kardon speaker is charging? 

First things first, make sure your speakers are plugged-in to the provided USB cable and the charging switch is on. Switch on the speaker through the power button and the LED light will start to shine. Once the charger is connected, the LED will start blinking until the speaker is fully charged. 

How many times can I reset my Harman Kardon speakers? 

While resetting the speakers doesn’t harm its internal structure, it is best to undergo the process only when your Harman Kardon device isn’t responding or not connecting with your smartphone or laptop. 

Will resetting my Bluetooth speaker fix the problem it has?

Your Harman Kardon device may lag or not function to the point at most time because of a failed or unstable Bluetooth connection. Bluetooth connections can fail for a variety of reasons, but the majority of them can be easily fixed. All by a simple reset! Yes, resetting your speaker allows your device to pair afresh, hence eliminating the issues at the root.

How do you put a Harman Kardon speaker in pairing mode?

Firstly, turn your smartphone or laptop or iPad or the device you want the speakers to pair with on. Then switch your Harman Kardon speaker on using the right-side button. Push the left side of the speaker to turn on Bluetooth. 

Once the Bluetooth connection is visible, connect your device. Physical or electronic obstruction will affect the quality of the Bluetooth connection so make sure your phone or laptop is within suitable range. The LED on your speaker will blink when it is connected, indicating the pairing is successful. 

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How can I reset a Harman Kardon mini?

Switch on your Harman Kardon mini or make sure it is on. Press the volume up (+) button and the Play/Pause Button simultaneously for three to five seconds. The LED lights will start to shine as a signal for you to release the buttons. Allow the device some time to restart. The LED will start blinking, indicating that the speaker is ready for pairing. You can now connect it to your desired device and enjoy your favorite tunes on-the-go.

Closing Thoughts

Despite the premium audio output and aesthetic build, Harman Kardon speakers can lag or malfunction at times. But that doesn’t mean it cannot be fixed by a quick reset. 

Harman Kardon have been in this industry for quite a while now, meaning they know what they are doing. The brand name and the devices can be intimidating if you are headed for a new purchase, but you will be surprised to know that they can be affordable than most brands out there. 

Besides, Harman Kardon also pays special attention to the portability factor, battery life and convenience like location of buttons, so you can take your favorite musicians along with you, wherever you go. 

However, we feel their user manual could be a bit more easier to grasp for its users as it is detailed without a doubt, but can fail to hold an individual’s interest. So we hope this article was useful to you in resetting your Harman Kardon device, for no matter what, the music should not stop!

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