How Do I Reset My JBL Speaker in 2022 | Resetting Different JBL Speaker Models

by Michael Dwain

If you’re stuck in a predicament and are wondering how do I reset my JBL speaker? Then this article is for you!

There are chances that your JBL speaker might not work as intended and this would be due to one of many reasons. However, when you do face such an issue, it’s necessary to reset your speaker. You can check the speaker’s power cable and Bluetooth connection, however if neither of these things work, the device may need to be reset.

It’s customary to recommend resetting a JBL speaker if it’s having problems with charging, pairing, battery drain, and other concerns. This is due to the possibility that anything went wrong, such as a bug or a new setting being altered. But how do you reset a JBL speaker when it’s not obvious how to do it?

Resetting a JBL speaker is simple and can address a variety of issues, including connectivity issues. The following is a step-by-step instruction to resetting a JBL speaker.

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How Do I Reset My JBL Speaker

You can reset your speaker by simultaneously pressing the volume up (the + button) and play buttons. In some other models, you must simultaneously press the volume up (the + button) and Bluetooth buttons, while in others, you must press and hold the mute button.

Resetting your speaker refreshes it and returns it to the state it was in when it was new. The action deletes the history of paired devices and previous connections. You will need to re-pair all of your devices after the reset because the speaker will not recognize them automatically.

It’s worth noting that you might not be able to pair the same devices you did on your speaker after the reset. If you have problems that you can solve without resetting the speaker, you should do that before.

If you do not want to pair with the same devices, you can simply reset your speaker and start again. We have described how to reset various JBL speaker models in the sections below.

How Do You Reset a JBL Flip 4, JBL Extreme, or the JBL Clip 4?

To reset a JBL Flip 4, it must first be turned on. After the reset, the Flip 4 is one of the speakers that may have trouble connecting to the same devices.

How Do I Reset My JBL Speaker

Once it’s turned on, hold down the volume up (+) and play buttons at the same time. The + button is used to increase the volume. Keep pressing the two buttons together until the speaker goes off.

The light turns off after a guitar sound is produced by the speaker. Your speaker will be reset to factory defaults, and you can begin pairing Bluetooth devices. To check if the resetting process was successful, turn on the speaker.

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If the reset was successful, the power button will turn blue, indicating that it is not connected to any device. If the button is not blue, the reset procedure must be repeated.

How to Reset the JBL Charge 4, JBL Boombox, and JBL Go 2?

When you reset your JBL Charge 4, all previously linked devices are erased, and any devices that were previously associated with the device may fail to pair again.

How Do I Reset My JBL Speaker

The first thing you should do is turn on your speaker. The power button will light up when you do this. The on/off button and the speaker’s Bluetooth button will light up if you haven’t associated the speaker with any Bluetooth device.

To reset the speaker, simultaneously press and hold the volume up (+) and Bluetooth buttons until the rings surrounding the buttons light up. Allow the speaker to turn off before turning it back on. You’ve already reset the speaker if the power and Bluetooth lights come on.

How to Reset a JBL Link 10 Speaker?

How Do I Reset My JBL Speaker

Press and hold the power button to turn on the JBL speaker. When you turn on the speaker, it makes a guitar sound.

Hold down the mute button on the speaker until it turns off. Turn on the speaker and see if it is in pairing mode. The reset was successful if the speaker forgot all previously connected devices.

How to Reset a JBL Pulse 3 Speaker?

How Do I Reset My JBL Speaker

Turn on your Pulse 3 until you hear a guitar strum. Press the volume down (-) and Bluetooth buttons simultaneously until the unit displays different colored lights and then turns off. Even after the unit is turned off, the on/off light remains illuminated.

You must turn off your speaker completely by pressing and holding the power button until the speaker turns off completely. Turn on your speaker and see if it has any memories of previous Bluetooth connections.

What Should I Do If Resetting Doesn’t Fix the Speaker Issues?

You do not need to reset your speaker if it is working properly. Resetting is only necessary if the speaker no longer connects to Bluetooth devices or if you have unknown devices paired that you want to remove. If the problems persist, you can try any of the solutions listed below to try to solve them.

  • Bluetooth Pairing Issues – If you’re having trouble pairing your speaker, try resetting it. Even before you reset the Bluetooth devices, you should attempt un-pairing, forgetting, and re-pairing them. If it doesn’t work, you can now attempt to reset the speaker. If the speaker still won’t connect, make sure the Bluetooth on your audio device, such as your smartphone or computer, is turned on. There’s a chance the connection won’t work if the device you’re connecting your speaker to is an older Bluetooth model. The majority of JBL speakers use the most recent Bluetooth version, which may fail to connect to earlier Bluetooth versions.
  • The Speaker will not Turn On – If the speaker does not turn on, there may be a charging issue, in which the device does not charge, or the gadget’s battery may be destroyed. It’s also possible that the power button is malfunctioning. If your gadget won’t turn on, take it to a technician or contact JBL customer service for assistance.
  • Paired with an Unknown Device – Resetting your Bluetooth device will address the problem if it has paired with an unfamiliar device and won’t connect to other devices. If the gadget still won’t pair with other devices, you’ll need to reset it.
  • Battery Life Is Limited – Check the battery rating if your device’s battery isn’t lasting as long as it should. If your speaker’s battery is rated to last 12 hours, that time is for the speaker to be used at low volume. The battery may not last as long as it should when the speaker is turned up loud. When the volume is turned up high, the battery quickly drains. If your speaker is old, the battery may be not last for long.
  • Audio Quality Is Poor – The speaker may be getting old if the audio quality it generates is poor. When you stress your speaker by playing music at a high volume for an extended period of time, the audio quality of your speaker may suffer. You may need to replace your speaker if it is old and has been used at a high intensity for a long period. To guarantee that your speaker plays as it should, check the audio settings of your speaker and your audio device.

What Are the Benefits of Resetting a JBL Speaker?

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JBL speakers are currently among the most advanced in the industry. These speakers produce nearly perfect audio quality and can connect to a variety of audio devices via WiFi or Bluetooth. The majority of JBL speakers only connect via Bluetooth, but they are sophisticated enough to provide a variety of functions.

Some speakers include more complex features, such as displaying the battery percentage. When there is a problem with the battery, most people reset their speakers. Either the battery isn’t charging or it’s draining quickly. A reset will help you if you run into such problems.

You can also reset your speaker if it has connection issues, such as new devices failing to pair or unrecognized devices being paired to it. You may also need to reset some settings on your speaker if you have forgotten about them.

It’s also conceivable that your speaker has soft-bricking issues. Soft-bricking occurs when your device becomes inoperable, but you can repair it by resetting it. This is distinct from hard-bricking, in which a speaker becomes unusable and cannot be restored using traditional methods.

Final Thoughts

JBL is one of the oldest audio companies, having been in business for over 70 years. The company is part of Harman International Industries, which is part of Samsung Electronics. JBL speakers are the preferred choice of many professionals and large corporations.

Most JBL speakers include a subwoofer, which provides the deep bass required for listening to hip hop and other modern music. Whether you play at low or high volume, the speaker delivers the bass you require.

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Again, JBL speakers can run on battery for up to 24 hours, making them excellent for travel. Despite the fact that they are not the lightest speakers, you may still take them on your next adventure. Even better, they support Bluetooth 4.2, which is a more powerful Bluetooth version that allows for faster connections. JBL speakers have been tested and found to be excellent for playing music in the home or in the car.

Once you know the exact button combinations to push and how long to hold them down, resetting all of JBL’s speakers is quick and easy. We hope this troubleshooting approach solves any issues you’re having with your speaker. If not, use the suggestions above to see if the problem can be solved more easily than you believe.

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