How Do I Stop My JBL Speaker From Turning Off 2022 | Guide and Quick Fix

by Michael Dwain

If you’re wondering how do I stop my JBL speaker from turning off, then you’re at the right place.

The JBL series of portable speakers have been in the market for quite some time now and has been producing excellent sounding speakers at affordable prices. Some of the speakers are built to be used outdoors making them a must-have on all your camping trips and parties on the farm over the weekend. 

At one such party, I carried my JBL Xtreme 3 which was perfect to cover the whole backyard without a problem with robust bass. This speaker is both dust-proof and waterproof with very little chance of any external damage. 

But as they say, you can never really trust electronics completely. My JBL speaker stopped turning on after a camping trip.

I assumed it was the moisture from the forest but even after two days of being off I still hadn’t any luck. If you’re facing a similar issue, don’t worry JBL products are built to last.

So let me take you through a couple of steps I took to get my JBL Speaker up and running. 

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How Do I Stop My JBL Speaker From Turning Off?

The most common problem that has been faced with JBL speakers for them to turn off is because of a bug in the software. This can be easily fixed by manually resetting the speakers, there are a couple of ways you can do this. 

  • Hold down on the Volume Up button and Play/Pause button together for five seconds. 
  • Hold down on the Volume Up Button and Bluetooth Connect button together for five seconds. 
  • Hold down on the Volume Up button and Mute Button together for five seconds.
  • Hold down on the Volume Down button and Bluetooth connect button together for five seconds. 

Follow any one of the above procedures to reset the speaker, make sure the speaker has sufficient battery before you do the reset. 

Reasons Why Your JBL Speaker Is Not Turning On

How Do I Stop My JBL Speaker From Turning Off

When facing the problem of your JBL speaker turning off frequently and taking time to turn back on.

  • The first thing you need to look into is if the speaker is charging without any interruption of connection. So try turning the speaker on with the device connected in charge to find out if the problem is with the battery. If the device is functioning normally without a problem, there is an issue with the battery.
  • This is a common issue if the JBL speaker is from the first generation of Portable speakers from JBL. Getting the speaker checked by a professional technician who can replace the battery for you can solve this issue.
  • When you look at the more modern series of JBL Speakers they can easily provide audio output for a minimum of 18-22 hours without a problem. With such an amazing backup it is easy for some to forget to charge the speaker. So check the battery meter always to avoid this confusion with the speaker turning off.
How Do I Stop My JBL Speaker From Turning Off
  • In some cases, the wire connecting to your speaker might have been cut internally which might not be visible to the eye. So it is impossible to know unless you check the battery meter to see if the device is charging or not. 
  • The best part of JBL products is that all their connecting ports are universal so if the cable is the issue, you can use any other micro USB cable or C-type depending on the model of the speaker and check if it is charging. It is not a must that the cable has to be from JBL for it to charge. But if the speaker is provided with an adapter from JBL, it is best you use only that charger to avoid any low voltage spoiling the battery of the speaker. 
  • Another issue might be with the circuit board issue, which can happen in situations of moisture developed inside the speaker. This is very very rare for JBL speakers to have excellent insulation and protection from external damage. This can happen only in cases where you traveling with your speaker and the climate of the destination is different from your departure can cause this. 
  • So say the circuit board is damaged, the speaker will not work properly or not work at all. You might find replacement parts with a technician. There is no other way out than getting it replaced by a professional.
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Do not try doing it yourself, technology has come a long way from the initial speaker and parts as small as a grain of sand can get damaged without your knowledge which can lead to your speaker getting completely destroyed. 

Resetting Your JBL Speakers to Factory Settings

How Do I Stop My JBL Speaker From Turning Off

Now that you’ve checked if there is an issue with the wire or the battery or circuit board and they all turn out to be fine. There is a good chance that there might be an issue with the internal software of the speaker.

This is the issue I faced with my speakers and was rectified by doing a hard reset on the speaker to the factory setting. When you reset your speaker to factory settings, the device erases all the information saved from the time you got the speakers and brings it back to the state it was in when you first turned on the speaker.

Note you will lose all the paired devices stored in the speaker and have to start afresh again. I think it is a very small price to pay to get your speaker working fine again. 

With the upgrade in software and design of the JBL speakers every year the method used to reset the speakers back to the factory can be different from one model to the other. 

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Here’s how you reset the factory in some of the new models. 

JBL Xtreme Series

Hold down on the Plus button on the volume dock and the Play/Pause button simultaneously for five whole minutes till it turns off. Once it turns on it should be reset to factory settings. 

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JBL Charge Series

Hold down on the Plus button on the volume dock and the Play/Pause button simultaneously for some time while the speaker is still on. You should notice the light on the dock light up while the speakers are still on. This shows it has reset to factory settings successfully, you will have to turn the speaker on and off once before using it. 

JBL Go Series

Hold down on the Minus button on the volume dock and the Bluetooth connectivity button simultaneously for five seconds till it turns off. Once it turns on it should be reset to factory settings. 

JBL Flip Series

Hold down on the Plus button on the volume dock and the Play/Pause button simultaneously till it turns off. Once it turns on it should be reset to factory settings. 

JBL Clip Series

While the speaker is still On, Hold down on the power button and Play/Pause simultaneously for about 30 seconds till the device turns off by itself. Give it five seconds after turning it off. The device is reset to factory settings. 

JBL Link Series

Hold down on the mute button till the device turns off, once you turn on the speaker again it should be reset to factory settings. 

Once you’ve reset your speaker successfully, try pairing a device that you regularly connect to the speaker. If it recognizes it, the factory reset has failed but if it doesn’t it asks you to pair the device.

The factory reset has been successful on your JBL Speaker. 


Why does my JBL Bluetooth speaker keep shutting off?

There are three reasons why this is happening to you, 

If there is a loose connection or fault in the charging cable that is causing the issue, trying an alternate cable and checking if the battery meter is accepting charge will solve this issue. 

A faulty battery that has lost its capacity to hold a charge can be another reason why your speaker is shutting off. 

A bug in the software can also cause this issue; it can be solved with a hard factory reset of the speaker. 


I hope this article has helped you with sorting your issue with your JBL speaker, It is very rare that a JBL device will stop working without any external damage.

So after you’ve tried all my troubleshooting steps and still haven’t had any luck.

Take it to a professional technician and see what best is possible.

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