How to Fix AirPods Case not Charging in 2022

by Michael Dwain

Are you facing a charging issue with your AirPods and are wondering “how to fix AirPods case not charging?”

The Apple AirPods have become a staple in most iPhone users’ lives for their amazing sound quality and their user-friendly interface to answer calls. From the gym to the office, there isn’t a place where the AirPods don’t fit in your life. For this, you need to keep your AirPods in charge on a daily basis to support your listening lifestyle.

When changing the charging location often there is a good chance for a loose connection to take place or dust accumulation in the ports of the AirPods that can cause issues in charging your AirPods which can also lead to connectivity issues. 

Knowing Apple’s premium quality it’s not too often that you face such issues with their products, But if you do. This guide will help you fix the charging issue and breathe life back into your AirPods giving it a second chance before getting it replaced.

So how to fix AirPods case not charging?

It’s an easy fix that you can perform at home. Simply check the charging ports, the charging brick and also the charging case to determine the root cause of the problem. Proceed to clean the ports and the terminals of the charging adapter and try again. You can also try resetting the AirPods to their factory settings. This will revert the device to it’s original state and should begin charging. If all these steps fail, approach your nearest Apple Care center and hand over your AirPods to the staff so they can check what the problem is.

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How to Fix AirPods Case not Charging

Finding The Problem

Below are few the common problems I’ve come across myself and with some of my friends’ AirPods along with their fixes.

  • Software Issues with the AirPods Charging Case
  • Using a Faulty AirPods Lightning Cable
  • Using a Faulty Charging Brick
  • Charging Ports are Blocked 
  • You Can Factory Reset AirPods

Software Issues with the AirPods Charging Case

Let’s understand one thing first, there aren’t many places the AirPods can go wrong for them to lose the ability to charge. The first one is the most common one where the AirPods charging case has a good amount of charge left but fails to charge your AirPods. 

How to Fix AirPods Case not Charging

It is quite easy to identify this problem when you connect the case to the wall socket. The green light gets illuminated indicating the case is able to charge and hold a charge to top up your AirPods. But when you put the AirPods into charge, the battery indicates zero percent charge and fails to charge the pods. 

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This happens because of an internal software issue that requires the software to be updated or reinstalled which is a good thing as it confirms that there are no hardware issues with the AirPods, which can be resolved by taking it to the Apple store. If your apple care warranty is still active, I suggest not doing it yourself as there is a good chance your warranty on the AirPods can get void as it was tampered by you.

Using a Faulty AirPods Lightning Cable

If you’ve tried connecting your wireless AirPods case to the wall socket to charge or via USB to your computer and you don’t see the green light coming on when connected. There is a good chance that there might be a problem with the lighting charger cable you are using. 

How to Fix AirPods Case not Charging

There is a good chance that the gold-plated pins on the cable might have some dirt covering the connecting points that provide power to the case which is causing the problem.

A quick spray of cleaning liquid and a wipe down with a soft cloth can sort this issue. If the problem still persists after cleaning and drying the cable, the wiring is at fault.

Using a Faulty Charging Brick

If you’ve been using the wall socket adapter to charge your AirPods case and has suddenly stopped working. Try connecting it to another wall socket adapter with the same voltage that is required to charge the AirPods. If you use a lower voltage adapter, it will not have enough power to supply to the AirPods hence cannot hold charge or charge. 

How to Fix AirPods Case not Charging

To double-check it is an adapter issue, unplug the lighting cable that is connected to the wall charging adapter and connect it to your PC or Apple MacBook which should provide the exact voltage to supply to your AirPods to charge. If the AirPods start charging after connecting it directly to the computer, It’s time for you to get yourself a new adapter on amazon.

Check out the adapter I purchased to charge my AirPods that works brilliantly for my AirPods as well as iPhone from the link below.

Charging Ports are Blocked

No matter how much of a cleanliness freak you might be, your AirPods will accumulate dust and fabric lent over time of using the pods. If you don’t have an AirPods travel case to carry your pods there is a high chance this can be an issue. 

I’ve removed a ball of fabric lent from over just six months of me using my AirPods because I carry them in my jeans most of the time. So how do you get rid of this dust and lint that’s covering the connecting ports for the AirPods to get charged.

How to Fix AirPods Case not Charging
  • First, do not use any cleaning liquid inside the port, you can damage them permanently if you do so. The pins are very close to each other and the liquid connects both pins which can cause the AirPods case port to have an electric short. 
  • You can use a dry plastic toothbrush or a toothpick to gently remove the dirt from the port. You’d be surprised by how common of an issue this is with an iPhone as well. Try not to use any metal pins, as this can cause an electric short as well. 

Once you’ve removed the dust and lent, try connecting the AirPods case to charge and see if it did the trick.

You Can Factory Reset AirPods 

This brings us back to our first issue on my list that involves a corporation in the software of the AirPods. Please go through the above two sets before you come to these conclusions as the most common issues are the above two. Software issues are quite rare with apple products but I’m not going to say it can’t happen. 

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So if it is a software issue what do you do? 

By doing a hard reset of the AirPods, which can be done by holding down on the circular button you use to pair devices with the AirPods with. Hold it down for 15 seconds till you see the AirPods change color to amber and then switch to white. This confirms the AirPods have been reset to default settings. This also means you will have to re-pair the AirPods to your device, now try connecting the AirPods to charge, and see if it works. 

How to Fix AirPods Case not Charging

What do you do if the case is at zero percent, how do you reset it to default then? 

In this case, you can try connecting the AirPods to your computer and let it charge for five mins and then open the top flap of the AirPods case with both pods inside the case and try resetting by holding down the button behind the lid. This should reset the AirPods to the default factory setting. 

By now I hope you’ve had luck with turning on your AirPods. If not, check out these other issues I’ve come across. 

Check out Apple Warranty

How to Fix AirPods Case not Charging

By now if all the above have failed to bring life back to your headphones, we can say for sure that there is an internal hardware issue with the AirPods that cannot be fixed by the normal human. You will need the help of an Apple technician from the Apple store to have a look and confirm the issue to get it fixed. 

This is going to be an expensive affair but you will have the confidence of your AirPods getting fixed. If you still have an Apple Care warranty active on the product, walk in and get your replacement.


Can the AirPods charging case be repaired?

If the charging case is within the warranty of Apple Care you can get a free replacement of the Airpod case as long as it’s not having any physical damage or water damage which they can find out easily in the Apple store. 

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If your warranty is done, you can pay a standard out-of-warranty repair fee and get the AirPods fixed. You can try getting it fixed from a tech outside the apple sort but this will void the warranty of the AirPods. 

Why won’t my AirPods case light up?

If you don’t see the green light turn on when you open the lid of the AirPods, your AirPods battery must be drained. If it doesn’t charge through the wall charger try connecting it to your Mac or PC.

If it emits an Amber light the AirPods need some time to charge as they have been dead for a while and require some time to charge, say about 2-3 mins. After the AirPods are completely charged the light turns green. 

If you still don’t see any light turn on, follow the above steps to find the problem.


After trying out the above troubleshooting sets there is a good chance your AirPods case should charge. Apple products are known for high-quality parts and premium build, so I hope this article has helped you solve your problem.

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