6 Ways How to Fix Sound Issues on a Sony TV in 2023

by Michael Dwain

For those wanting to learn how to fix sound issues on a Sony TV, there are a few things you can do to resolve the problem. 

First, try looking for Software Updates available for your TV. These updates may contain new software that can help to fix the sound issue. 

If that doesn’t work, you can try resetting your TV. This will restore all of the settings to their factory defaults, and may resolve the sound issue. 

However, if none of these methods work there are others that you can try to troubleshoot any sound issues on a Sony TV.

How to Fix Sound Issues on a Sony TV

What causes sound issues on a Sony TV?

There are many reasons why your Sony TV might be facing sound issues.

Sometimes it’s due to buggy software or because the TV is connected to a pair of Bluetooth headphones or it could simply be a worn out IC chip on the motherboard that has caused the issue.

The following troubleshooting tips will help you rectify any sound issues on your Sony TV.

However, if the issue still hasn’t been fixed after troubleshooting the TV, then it’s time to visit the nearest service center and have them take a look at the TV.

6 Quick Fixes for Sound Issues on a Sony TV

Fix #1 — Power Cycle the Sony TV

One of the oldest tricks in the book is to power cycle the TV if there’s any issue with the sound or display.

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Power cycling is basically the process of turning off and turning on the TV with a couple of minutes gap in between.

What we’re going to do here is with a small twist. We’re going to remove the power cable from the wall while we wait for a few minutes before powering on the TV again. This is done to clear any remaining charge on the IC chip and capacitors.

How to Fix Sound Issues on a Sony TV

So once the TV is plugged back in and turned on the fix should resolve any transient problems or electrical related problems that are causing the sound issue. You can follow these steps to get this done.

  • Turn off the Sony TV
  • Unplug the power cable from the wall port
  • Wait for 5-10 minutes
  • Connect the TV to the power source
  • Switch on the Sony TV

Fix #2 — Run the Built-in Diagnostics Test

Running a diagnostics test is probably one of the most effective ways to determine what’s causing the sound issue on any TV. 

Luckily, Sony TVs come with a built-in audio diagnosis tool that you can use to determine what the problem is, whether it’s software related or hardware related.

To use the built-in audio diagnosis tool on a Sony TV,

  • Switch on the Sony TV
How to Fix Sound Issues on a Sony TV
  • Press the Menu button on the TV remote and then click on
  • Apps  > Help for newer TVs
  • Help for older TVs
  • Now, locate the Status & Diagnostics option and click on it
  • Click on Self-Diagnosis and then click on Start

The self-diagnosis tool will now check the picture and sound, any external devices connected to the TV and internet connectivity issues.

You can also visit the manufacturers service center and get the issue fixed for free if the TV is still within the warranty period.

Fix #3 — Change the Input and Output Mode

Another likely cause would be mode selected. Normally choosing the wrong input/output mode will not only result in sound issues but even display issues.

A quick fix for this case would be to change the input and output settings to the right configuration.

One of the most common scenarios is when you have a speaker system connected to the TV.

How to Fix Sound Issues on a Sony TV

Unless you select the right output mode, you will not be able to hear anything play through the speakers and vice versa, if the speaker system is turned off and the output device is selected as external speakers then you will not be able to hear anything from the TV until the speaker system is turned on.

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To change your TVs output settings,

  • Switch on the Sony TV
  • Press the Settings/Home button on the TV remote and then click on Sound
  • Locate and tap on Audio 
  • Now select Speaker Setup and then choose whether you’re connected to an external system or you’re going to use the internal speakers.
  • Restart the TV for the changes to take effect

Fix #4 — Disconnect any Bluetooth Headphones or Earbuds

If you regularly use your Bluetooth headphones or earbuds with your TV then one likely cause of there being no sound from the TV speakers is because your headphones or earbuds are still connected to the Sony TV via Bluetooth.

Disconnecting the headphones will fix the problem and you will be able to hear audio from your TVs built-in speakers.  

How to Fix Sound Issues on a Sony TV
  • Tap on the Menu button on the Sony remote
  • Navigate to Network and Connections
  • Open Bluetooth
  • Disconnect the connected headphones / Turn off Bluetooth
  • Restart the TV

However, if you do not use Bluetooth headphones, but you’re still facing sound issues, check the 3.5mm audio port on the TV and make sure that nothing is connected and the port is clean.

At times, the TV will recognize debris in the port as an actual audio jack and will not know where to route the audio. 

Fix #5 — Update the Firmware

Here’s an easy one, sound, display and networking issues can easily be fixed if the problem is caused by a bug in the software. 

Generally, Sony releases bug fixes in their updates and making sure your Sony TVs software is up to date is key to preventing any sound or display issues from cropping up.

How to Fix Sound Issues on a Sony TV

To update the firmware of your Sony TV,

  • Press the Home button on the Sony TV remote and then click on Settings
  • Scroll down and then tap on Support
  • Select the first option labeled Software Update
  • Search for an available update and then click on the download and install button to update the firmware
  • The TV will restart and it will now run the latest firmware with the necessary patches and bug fixes installed.

Fix #6 — Reset the Sony TV

Another quick fix that can resolve most of the issues on a Sony TV is to reset the TV to its factory settings or stock configuration.

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Resetting a Sony TV will help fix any software related issues and provide the TV with a fresh start.

How to Fix Sound Issues on a Sony TV

To hard reset your Sony TV to fix sound issues:

  • Press the Home button on the Sony TV remote and then click on Settings
  • Scroll down and then tap on Erase Everything

If you have created a PIN for your TV and do not remember what it is, you will not be able to reset the Sony TV and you will have to get in touch with the Sony support team via the chat method and get a resolution.

Visit an Authorized Service Center

Finally, if the sound issue on your Sony TV is not caused by any software problem or bug, it’s most likely a hardware issue and unless you’re a certified technician, it’s best to take the TV to Sony’s authorized service center and have the specialist take care of it.

Most of the time, with age, capacitors, IC chips and even sound cards can fail. This will result in either bad sounding audio or no audio at all. The only fix here is to replace the component and hopefully that will rectify the problem.

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