How to Pair Blackweb Bluetooth Headphones in 2022

by Michael Dwain

If you want to learn how to pair Blackweb Bluetooth headphones with your smartphones, laptops and more, check this out now!

The Blackweb range of Bluetooth headphones was designed to be cheap and good quality headphones for anyone looking out for wireless headphones that aren’t too heavy on the pocket.

Designed and distributed by heavyweight Walmart, Blackweb headphones have made their name in the market as a trustworthy and reliable brand. In this article, I’m going to show you how to solve one of the common problems that people have faced in the past while using Blackweb Wireless headphones. 

The pairing issue with the Blackweb headphones is most common where one headset will connect to the headphones while the other doesn’t. Most people think that they’ve purchased a defective piece of hardware, before you jump to that conclusion you can follow the steps below that will help you connect your Blackweb headphones effortlessly. 

Let’s Begin!

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How to Pair Blackweb Bluetooth Headphones – A Summary

To pair your Blackweb Bluetooth headphones with your device, simply turn on the headphones by pressing on the power button for up to 2 seconds. Once the device is on hold the power button for another 5 seconds to turn on Bluetooth pairing mode. Now switch on the Bluetooth of your smartphone/laptop and search for the Blackweb headphones. Click on the headphones from the list and when the light on the headphones stops blinking this means that they are paired and you can use them to listen to music or watch a movie.

How to Pair Blackweb Bluetooth Headphones

How Do You Turn On The Bluetooth On Blackweb Headphones

Both Blackweb Headphones and Blackweb Wireless earbuds have a similar design in terms of functionality and have the same method to turn on Bluetooth.

All you’d have to do is simply hold down the Power Up button to activate the pairing mode and this method works on all Blackweb headphones. 

You will have to hold down on the power-up button for about 2 seconds for the Bluetooth headphones to power up and once the Bluetooth light flashes rapidly it means that the headphones have entered the Bluetooth pairing mode.

If paired before, then turning on the headphones will automatically pair them with that particular device. However, if the headphones are brand new then you will be able to pair the headphones with a device of your choice.

How Do You Pair Your Blackweb Bluetooth Headphones?

Let’s start with the pairing for their most sold pair of Bluetooth headphones the BWA18AA003, I know it’s not a very catchy name but it does the job when it comes to good audio quality and battery life. Let me show you how I go about connecting these headphones. 

  • Hold down the ON button on the headphones to activate the Bluetooth, these particular headphones are interconnected with a bridge frame. So the chance of the headphones not syncing with each other is less. 
How to Pair Blackweb Bluetooth Headphones
  • After a min of the Bluetooth being on, turn on the Bluetooth on the device you want to connect it to. 
  • Now search for the Blackweb headphones in the device you want the headphones to connect to. Once you have it you should get the option to pair. 
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How to Pair Blackweb Bluetooth Headphones
  • Once successfully connected you will see a notification on your phone or laptop indicating the headphones have successfully been connected. 
  • Now check if the Bluetooth headset is able to playback the sound and answer the call to confirm a successful connection. 

If you see the headphones connected but not playing back the sound or music played on your phones. There is a chance it didn’t connect properly. Follow the above steps again to see if it works, if not there is a chance there is a software issue in the headphones. 

Sometimes there is a chance your phone or laptop Bluetooth might have an issue that is preventing a successful connection. You can check this by connecting the phone or laptop to any other Bluetooth device and see if the same issue happens.

If it does connect then you can try following the steps mentioned above after restarting both the headphones and your laptop.

Pair your Blackweb Headphones with an Android Device

You can pair Blackweb headphones jut like you connect any other Bluetooth device to your android phone or tablet.

First, you go to the setting of the android device found on the menu. 

Once you’ve entered the settings option, find the Bluetooth setting options and tap on it. You will get the option to pair the new device, make sure you turn on the Blackweb Bluetooth device beforehand. 

How to Pair Blackweb Bluetooth Headphones

Once you see the Blackweb headphones pop up on your device, tap on the name of the headphones pair with the device. You should get a notification on your screen that the device is successfully connected.

Your Blackweb Wireless Headphones have successfully been paired with Android. These steps apply to any android device or Tablet. 

Pair your Blackweb Headphones with an iOS Device

The user-friendly interface of the iPhone has been loved by all Apple users and when it comes to pairing your Blackweb headphones it  pretty much the same comfortable experience.

To pair the device, open your iPhone settings from the menu. Search for the Bluetooth setting and once it pops up, tap on the toggle button to turn it on. 

Before you turn on the Bluetooth of your iPhone, make sure you turn on your Blackweb headphones and hold down on the power button for 5 seconds to activate pairing mode.

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Now go back to the Bluetooth setting on your iPhone and turn it on. Once turned on, your iPhone should pick up the Bluetooth signal from the Bluetooth Headset. 

When you see the device name on your iPhone/iPad tap on it to pair. Now that the headphones have successfully paired with your iOS device you will see a headphone icon on the top right-hand corner of the phone.

This is confirmation the headphones have connected successfully to the iPhone/iPad and this method applies to any iOS device. 

Pair your Blackweb Headphones with macOS

Apple is known for its profound iOS operating system and this is the base of all their devices from the iPhone to the Macbook Pro. But when pairing with a macOS computer their process is slightly different from an iPhone. 

Once you have your macOS device open, turn on the pairing mode of the Blackweb Wireless Headset by holding down on the power button for five seconds till the device blinks red and blue, this confirms the pairing mode has been enabled on the headset. 

How to Pair Blackweb Bluetooth Headphones

Now go to the top right corner of your macOS device to the Apple symbol and click on it. Once you’ve clicked on it, you should get the system preferences options as a drop-down. 

Click on it to get the Bluetooth settings, once you’ve opened the Bluetooth settings, you will get a toggle to turn on the Bluetooth.

How to Pair Blackweb Bluetooth Headphones

Turn on Bluetooth and you should find the Blackweb Headphones on the right side with other discoverable devices. 

The Pair option should be right next to the Blackweb Headphones, tap on it to pair the device. Once successfully pair the device should display the same and you can use the headphones on your Mac.. 

Pair your Blackweb Headphones with Windows OS

Pairing with Windows can be a little tricky but follow my steps below to successfully pair your headphones.

First, open the Bluetooth and other devices setting at the right-hand bottom corner of the screen on the toolbar. 

How to Pair Blackweb Bluetooth Headphones

When the options pop up, find the Bluetooth symbol and click on it to be directed to the Bluetooth settings.

Now Click on the option to show Bluetooth devices to find the discoverable Blackweb headphones. Make sure you hold down on the power button of the Bluetooth headset for five seconds to activate pairing mode. 

If in case you don’t see the Bluetooth option at the bottom of the toolbar, click on the upward-facing arrow. That should show you the Bluetooth setting in case the icon is hidden from you.

How to Pair Blackweb Bluetooth Headphones

Now click on the Bluetooth option from the add new device window. Search for the Bluetooth Blackweb device from the list of devices the laptop can connect to, if not hit the search bar and try and find the headphones. 

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Once you find the device, click on Add Bluetooth device from the list and pair it with your computer by hitting the pair or connect option.

You can follow the same steps for a Windows 10 and 11 tablet as well.

How do I know if my Blackweb Bluetooth Headphones have successfully connected to the Headphones?

Once you’ve successfully paired the Headphones to your desired smart device, the LED that was blinking red and blue to show active pairing will stop as an indication of a successful pairing. 

If you have the Bluetooth headset on your ears, you should hear a beep or voice confirmation to let you know the headphones are successfully connected.

Troubleshooting your Bluetooth Connection

If you have tried the above mentioned steps and you’re still unable to pair the headphones with your PC/Mobile, then you can try troubleshooting your Bluetooth connection.

  • Ensure the Bluetooth is switched on
  • Check and see if it’s in discoverable mode
  • Make sure both devices are within range
  • Try restarting both devices
  • Delete the connection from your device
  • Make sure the headphones are charged
  • Reset your headphones


Blackweb Bluetooth Headphones are Walmart’s’ best-selling super affordable Bluetooth headphones, this does not mean they are made of cheap quality material. After using them for over a year, I’ve found them to be reliable and durable. What more do you want for headphones below 50$. 

The pairing on these devices is straightforward and shouldn’t create issues for you, if any you can always come back to this article to get it sorted.

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