How To Pair JLAB Bluetooth Headphones in 2022

by Michael Dwain

If you’re looking for a new set of headphones, there are plenty to choose from. While most of them are fairly expensive and not suitable for budget shoppers, JLAB offers a large choice of value for money and reasonably priced earbuds.

Even at such a low price, these headphones provide excellent audio quality. These headphones also come with a number of useful features that make for an excellent user experience.

If you’ve recently purchased a new pair of JLAB headphones, you’ll want to get started using them straight immediately.

However, you must first pair your JLAB headphones with your phone or any other device that you wish to utilize. We are here to assist you if you are unable to figure out the same from the provided manual.

Today, we’ll teach you how to pair JLAB Bluetooth headphones with any device you might wish to use them with.

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How to Enable Bluetooth Pairing Mode on JLAB Headphones?

The pairing method for each set of JLAB headphones is different. Most devices just require a few seconds of pressing and holding the pairing button to enter pairing mode. Then, on your device, look for the headphones and click connect to start the connection. Once you’ve paired the devices the first time, they’ll continue to pair automatically as long as they’re close together and both have Bluetooth switched on.

How To Pair JLAB Bluetooth Headphones

JLAB Audio has designed their devices to work in a unique way compared to other brands. However, after you’ve completed the process once, it’s not difficult.

They have a few of well-known headphones that provide high-quality music over Bluetooth.

The JLAB Neon, JLAB Go Air, and JLAB JBuddies are just a few of the most popular models. We’ll go through how to pair some of these headphones with Bluetooth devices at home and on the move in this guide.

Enabling Bluetooth Pairing Mode on the JLAB Neon

JLAB Neon is one of JLAB’s most popular products, and for good reason. It has enticing features, a stylish design, and good audio quality. With a single button, you may control the level of audio, pause, play, and skip tracks.

It can also be used to accept and refuse phone calls. It’s an attractive gadget because to its dual-color design.

  • When the device is turned off, press and hold the power button for roughly 10 seconds to link the headphones.
  • As it searches for available Bluetooth devices, the LED lights glow blue and blink swiftly.
  • Make your device discoverable by turning on Bluetooth on your computer, phone, or vehicle radio.
  • The JLAB Neon should appear on your smartphone.
  • To begin the connection, go to your device’s JLAB Neon app and select connect.
How To Pair JLAB Bluetooth Headphones
  • The blinking blue light will stop blinking after the connection is established, and you may begin streaming your audio.
  • After a successful pairing, the devices will automatically connect whenever they are in range, so you won’t have to do it again.

Enabling Bluetooth Pairing Mode on the JLAB JBuddies Pro

JLAB provides a variety of JBuddies models. A kid’s version, a wired version, and a wireless version are all available. There is one with a microphone that allows you to listen and communicate at the same time if you are a player. For the greatest audio quality, it has built-in volume regulators and simple controls.

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To connect the gadget to other Bluetooth devices in your house, car, or business, first turn them on.

  • Before you switch on the Bluetooth pairing mode on your JBuddies, make sure the devices are discoverable.
  • Press and hold the two buttons on the ear cup of the JBuddies headset to enable pairing.
How To Pair JLAB Bluetooth Headphones
  • Repeat for roughly seven seconds, or until the white light begins to flash.
  • The flashing light on the headphones indicates that they are ready to pair with other devices.
How To Pair JLAB Bluetooth Headphones
  • To begin pairing, look for the JBuddies on your phone, computer, or car radio and click pair.
  • The headphones are ready to use once they’ve been paired.

Making this first connection will make it easier for you to build future connections.

Enabling Bluetooth Pairing Mode on the JLAB JBUD Air

JLAB’s Air series is the most advanced that the company has to offer. These headphones include more advanced functions that allow them to play higher-quality music and are easier to operate.

The JLAB Neon connects to the Bluetooth device in the same way.

  • When the Neon is turned off, press and hold the power button for around 10 seconds.
  • It is ready to connect once the blue light starts blinking.
  • Turn on Bluetooth on your smartphone or other connected device and look for the headphones. You should be able to disable Bluetooth from your device’s settings.
How To Pair JLAB Bluetooth Headphones
  • Click on JLAB JBUD Air to begin pairing. Once done the device is then ready to begin playing audio.

After the first pairing, the devices should automatically connect whenever they are in close vicinity.

Troubleshooting JLAB Bluetooth Headphones Connection Issues

To pair most JLAB headphones, you must press and hold the power button for approximately 10 seconds. After that, the two devices will automatically connect without you having to repeat the pairing process. However, the headphones may occasionally fail to connect.

If this happens, the problem is most likely with the headphones or the connecting device, which you should be able to troubleshoot.

Switching off the headphones and turning off Bluetooth on the connected device is the most basic troubleshooting step. Wait about 30 seconds after restarting the connection before pairing the two devices again. This easy method should resolve any minor software issues that are interfering with the connection.

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If your headphones aren’t showing up on your connecting device, check sure the device is discoverable so the headphones can find it and connect. Test the headphones on another device if they still won’t connect.

Using a different device allows you to determine whether the issue is with your headphones or with the connecting device.

What if the headphones are connected, but the audio quality isn’t up to par?

The Burn In Tool from JLAB helps you to get the most out of your headphones. Learn more about this tool and how it can help you improve the quality of the audio you listen to by visiting the JLAB website.

Even better, if you have earphones, you can switch out the silicone tip. The business includes a variety of silicone tips with the earbuds, allowing you to select the level of acoustic isolation that best suits your needs. You should examine your connection device if the audio quality is still bad.

Check the volume on your connected device, as well as any equalization settings on your device. You may never achieve the quality you desire if the audio device’s equalization settings provide poor sound quality.

How to Make Bluetooth Pairing Mode Work

For Android users

  • Go to Settings, then Connections, and thenĀ 
  • Bluetooth‘ in the Connections box.

For iPhone users:

  • Select ‘Bluetooth‘ from the ‘Settings‘ menu.
  • Turn on Bluetooth by clicking the ‘Turn on Bluetooth‘ button.

Mac OS:

  • Select Apple menu > System Preferences on your Mac.
  • Select ‘Bluetooth‘ from the drop-down menu.

Windows 10:

  • In the Windows search box, type “Bluetooth.”
  • Make sure Bluetooth is “On” when the Bluetooth & other devices window appears.

You’ll be astonished at how simple it is to connect your JLAB Neon, JLAB JBbuds Air, or JLAB JBuddies Studio wireless headphones to your Bluetooth device. You won’t have to lug around your tangled corded headphones any longer. You also won’t have to worry about constantly untangling your headphones.

However, be cautious about losing an earbud, as you can lose one when working out or relaxing at home listening to music without realizing it. If you want to be safe, keep your earbuds in their case once you’ve finished using them. Replacing one earbud essentially requires buying a new pair of headphones, which may add up quickly

Is it Possible to Use the JLAB App?

How To Pair JLAB Bluetooth Headphones

Only the JLAB Epic Air series is supported by the JLAB App. You can connect and have the control you need if your headset is one of the two Epic Air earbuds versions.

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The app lets you change your earphones’ settings, like as volume levels, equalizer settings, and much more. If you’re having trouble saving your personalized settings, try reinstalling the program.

Final Thoughts

JLAB is one of the greatest options for obtaining economical and budget-friendly headphones out of all the many options available. Not only does it provide fantastic sounding earbuds on a cheap, but most of these options also have a slew of useful features.

And, if you’re intending to buy a pair of JLAB headphones, understanding how to link JLAB headphones with your phone or any other device is critical. Even though all JLAB headphones come with a user manual, following the pairing tutorial provided above should be significantly faster and easier.

Users can choose from a wide range of products at JLAB. Their headphones are designed to provide the best fit, high-quality audio, simple controls, and Bluetooth connectivity to all audio devices.

Although they pair differently than other Bluetooth headphones, most JLAB models follow the same procedure. All you have to do is press and hold until the pairing light blinks. Once you’ve paired the devices, the blinking light will begin to slow down and the audio will begin to play.

The pairing instructions are on the first page of the user manual that comes with all of the headphones. If you’re ever unsure, consult the handbook.

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