List Of Free Music Download Apps For Android 2022

by Michael Dwain

Music has the power to move your body and heal your mind.

Gone are the days when we used to download music on our computer and have them transferred to our MP3 players. Thanks to the numerous improvements in the mobile industry, we are now able to store thousands of songs on a single smartphone.

On Google Play there are hundreds of applications that claim to provide you with free MP3 downloads, the only problem with these apps is that they’re riddled with ads and some don’t actually work.

I’ve managed to come up with the following applications that can be downloaded on your Android smartphones. They’re by far the best free MP3 download applications Android has to offer. 

Here’s the List of the Top 10 Free Music Download Apps for Android:

  • YMusic
  • SONGily
  • Songflip
  • AudioMack
  • SoundCloud
  • NewPipe
  • Fildo
  • My Mixtapez Music
  • SuperCloud Song Downloader
  • Amazon Music

List Of Free Music Download Apps For Android

Being able to find free music is relatively easy as compared to just a few years ago. Now, you can find almost any song online for free without having to resort to piracy. 

Let’s take a look at the best free music download applications for Android.


List Of Free Music Download Apps For Android

The fist on our list is YMusic, a well known Android music player and downloader that is capable of playing YouTube videos while the screen is turned off.  This application is one of the best free music download apps available for Android but unfortunately you will not be able to download YMusic from Google’s Play Store. 

Yes, you can only download the APK file for YMusic off their website.


  • The main feature of YMusic is its ability to stream YouTube videos with your smartphones screen turned off. This feature is available only with the Premium version of YouTube but YMusic provides you with this feature for free.
List Of Free Music Download Apps For Android
  • YMusic can play YouTube videos as audio only files making it seem like you’re listening to a MPP3 playlist off your phone.
  • This application has multiple capabilities and one of them is the ability to download videos as audio files, namely MP3 and M4A. These downloaded songs can be transferred to your phone’s internal memory and played back at a time when there’s no internet connection.

Click here to download YMusic APK


List Of Free Music Download Apps For Android

SONGily is a free application that can be downloaded from the Play Store. This app lets you download songs for free and has a simple user interface making it pretty easy to navigate. 

The free version of SONGily supports ads which is a little frustrating but all in all you get to access every kind of music you could think of, new and old this app has it all. Each song you see in the search results can either be played via the app or downloaded for later playback. 


  • The SONGily app has the ability to search, discover and download MP3 music on your Android Smartphone. With the latest update, you’re able to download HQ Videos for free right from YouTube.
List Of Free Music Download Apps For Android
  • SONGily comes with an in-built video player that supports HD video playback and an easy user interface.
  • As a user you’re provided with a list of suggestions made available by the application itself, if you’re looking for something specific then you can skip the system generated recommendations and manually search for the track.
  • Videos can be downloaded in either low quality 3GP format or MP4 with higher resolution.

Click here to download SONGily APK


List Of Free Music Download Apps For Android

Songflip is by far the best free music download app for Android. Think of it as the Android version of SpinTunes (iOS app). This app gives you unlimited access to free music of various genres and can be streamed online when you’re connected to the Wi-Fi or you can simply download the music so it can be played back at a later time when there’s no internet.

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You can download Songflip from Google Play Store.


  • Songflip allows you to search, stream and download millions of songs for free, making it one of the best free music download apps for Android.
List Of Free Music Download Apps For Android
  • You’re able to create playlists of your favorite music that can be played back at any point in time.
  • The interface is quite simple with the search bar located at the top of the screen, the player controls at the footer and the list of music and playlists on the main screen.

Click here to download Songflip APK


List Of Free Music Download Apps For Android

AudioMack is one of the best music sharing and discovery platform that’s completely free to use. This wonderful application allows you to upload and download music apart from having your playlists shared with millions of users.

You can download AudioMack from Google Play Store.


  • AudioMack is a free to use platform that lets you find and stream music that is either trending or new in the industry. It features a “Trending” section that provides you with the best songs and albums out now.
  • This application has a robust content-filtering system in place to make sure you have good quality music to listen to at all times.
  • The free version of AudioMack permits you to download songs to your smartphone so that you can listen to it at a later time or whenever there’s no network
List Of Free Music Download Apps For Android
  • .As a creator,  you have the ability to monetize your music along with creating customizable embed players which can be placed on third-party sites. This lets you broadcast your music to the masses.

Click here to download AudioMack APK


List Of Free Music Download Apps For Android

SoundCloud is by far the most popular online music streaming service that offers well over 150 million songs. While it’s a platform where you can upload music and play tracks by other artists online, you’re able to download music (though there’s a limitation) onto your Android smartphone so you can play it later via your in-built music player.

You can download SoundCloud from Google Play Store.


  • SoundCloud has one of the largest collections of music covering a wide variety of genres. There are remixes, EDM, Podcasts, PsyTrance, Hip-hop, Pop and more that you can download for free.
  • Another great feature of using SoundCloud is that it offers good streaming speeds and you can listen to music even on regular 4G network speeds without your Wi-Fi on.
List Of Free Music Download Apps For Android
  • It has a very intuitive UI that makes it easy to use, the search capabilities are accurate and you will find that there’s something on SoundCloud for every kind of mood or ambiance.
  • With the Premium version ‘SoundCloud Go’, you are able to download popular titles so you can play them back at a later point in time even if there’s no internet.

Click here to download SoundCloud from the Play Store


List Of Free Music Download Apps For Android

NewPipe is a down-to-earth application that allows you to download music with ease. Though the app may require a bit of work, the UI opens to a YouTube look-a-like page where all you have to do is simply select the video you want to download and click on the download button. It permits you to even choose the format and if you would like to download the file as video or audio. 

Unfortunately, NewPipe is only available on their official website and not on the Play Store.


  • NewPipe is open source so you can contribute to their design and functionality by accessing the source code on GitHub.
  • You are able to play videos in the background which helps save your battery and RAM. It can even be reduced to a pop-up screen that can be adjusted and moved around your phone’s home page allowing you to multitask.
List Of Free Music Download Apps For Android
  • While downloading on NewPIpe you have to choose between audio, video or captions download depending on what you’re looking for. You can even pick the file format and resolution for your download.
List Of Free Music Download Apps For Android
  • Subscribing to channels is easy with a one tap option, all you’d have to do is locate the artist and click on the subscribe button so that you have unlimited access to all the new tracks from that artist.
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List Of Free Music Download Apps For Android
  • NewPipe has a UI that is similar to YouTube, the tabs, bookmarks, history and subscriptions all have the same functionality as that of YouTube so it’s easier to navigate.

Click here to download NewPipe APK


List Of Free Music Download Apps For Android

Fildo comes in two versions, you have the Music Player that can be found on the Play Store but if you’re looking for the downloader you can only get that from their official site. You can use the in-app search abilities to find a specific song from a rather large collection that’s available online. Fildo is not a file hosting service so you won’t be able to upload music or share files.


  • The broad search page lets you pick from a variety of music and you can pick from individual tracks to full length albums to download.
List Of Free Music Download Apps For Android
  • Once you have found the song you wish to download, simply tap on the three dots next to the name of the song and click on Download to have the file downloaded onto your phone.
List Of Free Music Download Apps For Android
  • This application is free to use and comes with a few ads. The user interface is not complicated at all making it great to use. 

Click here to download Fildo APK 

My Mixtapez Music

List Of Free Music Download Apps For Android

My Mixtapez Music is one of the best music download applications for Hip-Hop lovers. It’s already a popular application and has well over 10 million users around the world. With My Mixtapez, you can search for new and upcoming hip-hop artists apart from well-known ones.

You can download My Mixtapez from Google play Store.


  • My Mixtapez Music comes with an easy to use interface and allows you to discover new music faster than you would on other apps.
List Of Free Music Download Apps For Android
  • You’re able to mark your favorite songs and download music for free. In order to download songs from the app, you will have to be connected to the Wi-Fi and you can later playback what you downloaded even when there’s no internet.
  • This app even lets you alter the quality of the music and lets you share your favorite songs on Social platforms such as Instagram or Twitter.
List Of Free Music Download Apps For Android
  • You can create custom playlists that can be played at any point in time. This is great because you wouldn’t have to search for the music manually, simply tap on your saved playlist and begin.

Click here to download My Mixtapez APK

SuperCloud Song Downloader

List Of Free Music Download Apps For Android

This is by far the most simple music downloader available for Android and the UI only features two buttons, Search and Downloads. 

The SuperCloud Song Downloader will have to be downloaded from one of the file hosting sites such as UptoDown.

The search tab allows you to search for music by either typing out the name of the artist, album or genre. The search results are populated based on the songs present in the database. While the downloads tab will list all of the songs that were downloaded onto your phone.


  • SuperCloud features a clutter-free user interface that is free of ads. Yes, though a free application, SuperCloud does not feature ads which is good.
List Of Free Music Download Apps For Android
  • You’re able to preview songs before downloading them to your smartphone, this lets you check if it is the song you’re looking for before wasting your data.
List Of Free Music Download Apps For Android
  • The downloads will be stored in a folder of your choice and the format used will be MP3 so you can play it on any device without having to worry.
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Click here to download SuperCloud Song Downloader APK

Amazon Music

List Of Free Music Download Apps For Android

Another great music download app for Android smartphones is Amazon Music. This great app lets you stream millions of songs and even download them for offline playback. A great thing about Amazon Music is that you can use it on your desktop or if you’re an Android user then you can get the Android app from the Play Store.

You can download My Mixtapez from Google play Store.


  • Amazon Music offers specially curated playlists for every type of mood and from a variety of artists. It has an in-built music player with a smooth and easy to understand UI.
  • This app is best suited for those already running an Amazon Prime subscription as it comes as a part of the bundle. You can login to the app using your Amazon Prime account to gain access to everything Amazon Music has to offer.
List Of Free Music Download Apps For Android
  • Amazon Music comes with different subscription packs that you can opt for over the Amazon Prime account. Here you will gain access to well over 70 million songs with absolutely no ads and these tracks will be streamed and can be downloaded in the highest quality possible.
  • What ever music you would have purchased from Amazon such as MP3’s CD’s or Vinyls, you will be able to play them on the Amazon Music app easily.

Click here to download Amazon Music from the Play Store


There are numerous applications that can download MP3 files for free, some of the best are listed above. Of all these APKs I feel that though AudioMack and NewPipe are really good downloaders, they still have ads being presented which tends to get frustrating after a while.

Some apps are not available on the Play Store though they are safe to use, these applications have either been removed or banned from Google’s Play Store simply because they don’t comply with Google’s Policies but the APK files can be downloaded from their official sites.

In my opinion, SuperCloud Song Downloader is a simple to use application with loads of music to choose from. You can opt for any of the downloaders I have listed as they have all been tried and tested. Each downloader grants you the ability to choose the quality and format of your downloads apart from letting you decide if you want to download a video or a MP3 song.

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