Midbass vs Midrange 2022

by Michael Dwain

Are you the type of person who loves driving while grooving to your favorite tunes with the windows down? I know I do. A good speaker system in your car can make a whole load of difference to your journey and can help make it a pleasurable one as well.

If you have an older model car, you must have stock speakers that come along with the car. Which honestly don’t sound that great, and if you check the market for the most recent speakers you will be amazed by the quality the speakers put out. 

You will definitely need to know what speakers will suit you and your car if you’re looking to upgrade and at times it can be confusing to understand the difference between Midbass speakers and Midrange speakers and which one would be best suited for your needs.

So I’m going to take you through a crash course on how Midbass and Midrange speakers work and how they sound. We’ll highlight the similarities and differences between these two types of speakers and help you understand which one of them you should consider buying.

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Midbass vs Midrange

What are Midbass Speakers?

If you’re an audiophile who likes investing money into car speakers and car accessories I’m sure you would have come across midbass speakers. These speakers are designed to handle high-frequency bass that improves the depth of the sound for a pleasant listening experience in your car. 

These speakers are great to have in your car to improve the low-end frequencies if you have just mid and high speakers installed. If you listen to songs with a slower tempo with vocals it might not sound as great on high-pitched speakers. But with these midbass speakers, it enhances the low-end quality by producing high-quality low-end frequencies. This gives the song a good sound range leaving you with an excellent listening experience.

Midbass vs Midrange

Most people don’t install the traditional midbass speakers but rather have a combination of midrange and subwoofers to create the same listening experience. If you decide on the same, you will have to shell out more money from your pocket as you’ll need to purchase both separately. 

Also with the midrange and subwoofer setup, the music might sound dispersed when both speakers try to blind with each other. However, midbass speakers do a phenomenal job at merging with mono-subwoofers with ease and setting the frequencies in the right direction. 

Using midbass speakers will help you avoid a lot of sound distortion as the major frequencies are handled by the speaker rather than being split into two speakers. What you get is excellent sound quality that will make your car listening experience more pleasurable. 

What are Midrange Speakers?

Midrange speakers focus mainly on the midrange spectrum which means the speakers are designed to handle the Mid-range of frequencies. Most midrange speakers focus between 500Hz to 4kHz frequency, this range is where midbass and mid-high of a song are. So if you like listening to vocal music such as pop, jazz, rock these mid frequencies play a big role. 

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When purchasing a midrange speaker you should always keep in mind that they aren’t meant for bass-heavy music or high sound notes. That is the reason why they sound flat with very little high frequency characters. 

Midbass vs Midrange

The sound they put out depends on the type of music you want to listen to, if you want more low end than what is provided from the Mid-range speakers you can always add a woofer to your car setup to give it that extra thump and low end. 

Midrange speakers are placed in the center of the car in most cases creating a balance from the front to the back. Audiophiles do this aswell and ad tweeter in the front mids in the between and 

a woofer in the back to achieve seamless clarity and sound. 

The Similarities Between Midbass vs Midrange 

Midbass vs Midrange

It is easy to get confused between midbass and midrange speakers from just the look of it. If you’re not an audiophile and a newbie to speakers and sound you might not understand the difference unless you listen intently. 

To understand which speaker would suit you best you need to first grasp the similarities and differences to get a better picture. Below are some of the similarities between midrange and midbass speakers. 

  • Exterior Shape and Design 

The similarities that are very noticeable between midrange and midbass speakers are the body and shape of the speakers. Both the speaker have a conical shape which is designed to enhance the sound and clarity. 

Both speakers have a sound coil installed at the neck of the speaker’s design, that helps with increasing the range of sound to a wider spectrum.

Both speakers have a similar way of evenly dispensing sound, A cone-shaped radiating diaphragm helps provide a wider range of sound that helps the music travel seamlessly within the car. 

  • Body Material

The body and material used to make it are of the highest quality that can absorb vibration and provide a wide range of sound. To increase the vibration dampening so there is no unwanted distortion or sound caused by the body of the speaker.

In most cases, the speaker material is impregnated with paper between the high-quality resin and polymer material to help to enhance the sound clarity by dampening the vibration created by the speaker in higher volume levels. 

Both midrange and midbass speakers are made from the same kind of material but their internal frequencies are different from each other. But the delivery is a similar listening experience. If you feel the cone material of the speakers, the first thing you notice is that it is made from a combination of high-quality plastic which includes carbon fiber, polypropylene, and fiberglass. 

  • Distortion
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One obvious factor that is noticed between the two speakers is that they handle frequencies well and provide excellent sound quality for a good listening experience. They provide a distortion-free and exceptional range that will enhance the listening experience within your car. 

The sound cones are designed to a 90-degree angle for even sound distribution and are mostly covered with a film made of plastic and cloth. The whole point of the design is to deliver a robust and rich quality of sound. 

The speakers are constructed in such a way that they create very little vibration with minimal distortion. The cloth mesh is put over the top of both the cones to deliver a rich and seamless sound. 

The Differences between Midbass and Midrange Speakers

Midbass vs Midrange

Both midrange and midbass speakers might look the same and have a similar design as well but there are a lot of differences when it comes to the way they work and are put together. Below are the differences between midrange and midbass to help you make your decision for the best speaker for your car.

  • Frequency

The biggest difference that clearly draws the line between the two speakers is the frequency range both speakers put out. Midbass speakers put out the middle sound spectrum that focuses mainly on the frequency range of 80Hz to 350 Hz that falls under the low-frequency spectrum. At the same time, midrange speakers focus more on the middle-frequency spectrum which is above the low-end frequencies. The spectrum these speakers focus on is 350 Hz to 5kHz excellent for vocals and mid-highs. 

Both speakers have their pros and cons if you like your music to shine in your car with crisp highs and mids. Midrange speakers are the speakers for you with an add-on subwoofer to handle the low-end frequencies. Midbass speakers provide a similar effect but from just one speaker which is definitely a cheaper alternative than buying two speakers. 

  • Sound effect

The midrange and midbass speakers sound similar but have unique differences that must take some time to notice. If you listen to music at high decibels with high pitch sounds. Midbass speakers might not cut it for you. Midbass is designed to work well with soft music as it puts out the low-end frequencies. 

Midrange speakers don’t have the ability to catch the low end of the sound spectrum, in most cases, they sound flatter compared to a midrange speaker. A lot of music enthusiasts merge their midrange speakers with a subwoofers and tweeters to achieve a similar effect. Some don’t have the idea of mainly so many speakers and don’t like investing more money, this is where midbass speakers are a better option for you. 

  • Speaker Size
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Another difference between midrange and midbass speakers is the size between the two speakers. A 4” inch midrange speaker that is perfect for delivering a high pitch and high-intensity sound. Whereas an 8-inch midbass speaker provides a seamless sound experience. 

Midrange speakers provide frequencies of the higher spectrum that sound seamless giving them their shape for reduced vibration to enjoy bass-heavy music.

The speaker size can vary from brand to brand, midrange speakers are excellent for listening to vocal classical music that focuses on the voice of the artist. Midbass is perfect for electronic dance music and hip hop.


Well, there you have it. Midrange speakers and Midbass speakers while they might look the same, they are actually different on so many levels. Ultimately, you’re going to need to get the right speaker depending on the kind of music you listen to, the level of bass and sound output you’re looking for and the size of the speaker.

Midrange speakers are perfect if you’re someone into classical music or vocals whereas midbass speakers would be best suited for deep bass and hip hop tunes.

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