Single Din vs Double Din 2022

by Michael Dwain

Planning to get a new stereo for your car or deciding to upgrade your stock stereo? You’re gonna run into a concept called DIN Size and if you don’t know what it means don’t worry a lot of people aren’t really familiar with this term. 

DIN size is the term used to define the size of the stereo chassis in a car that comes in two standard sizes. Single-DIN defines the stereo that comes with a height of two inches and is seven inches wide. A Double-DIN comes with a four-inch height that generally has a large LED screen with a seven inch wide chassis. 

You might also find DIN and Half Size which is the chassis size from older GM vehicles that had a custom chassis. But it is quite rare to find in the present market.

Now that you know what DIN size means, let’s begin with Single DIN vs Double DIN and see what differences lie between the two.

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Single Din vs Double Din

A single DIN stereo holds basic functions like sound control EQ and power and it’s pretty much the same as every other single DIN stereo from any brand. A Double DIN stereo with a four-inch large display space gives room for more controls than the single DIN. This offers a smoother user-interface experience.

The main difference would be that the double DIN stereos have a touchscreen, thanks to their large display. But there are few single DIN stereos that fold out to have a screen come out and display the function of the stereo. This is perfect for cars that don’t have enough space in the dash to support a double DIN stereo. 

Single Din vs Double Din

The Double DIN chassis still stands for its advantages, not just for its touch screen, here are some points below that will help you understand better.

  • Hassle-free user interface thanks to the large, vibrant display.
  • Helpful as a caller ID and helps answer calls if your phone is in your pocket while driving.
  • Can Support Apple CarPlay and Android Auto.
  • Displays the rear-view camera when the car is taking reverse.
  • Display GPS navigation with its own in-build connectivity or with the help of your phone network.

The installation process of the Touchscreen Double DIN units is a little tricky as you have to connect more wires than the Single DIN.

What Do I Do If I Have A Rectangular DIN?

Don’t be fooled by the rectangular DIN Shape, Present car manufacturers make it difficult to remove the factory stereo to fit in your aftermarket stereo. You will need an installation kit for that specific vehicle so you can install the new unit. The installation kit helps trim out the dashboard from rectangular chassis to the double DIN size and shape.

Differences Between Single DIN and Double DIN?

Single Din vs Double Din

Features are one of the main differences between the Single DIN and Double DIN. A double DIN unit provides more room for features that a single DIN will not be able to accommodate because of the space difference between the two.

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Apart from the large screen that comes along with the double DIN stereo. The single DIN also offers some important advantages. Here are some below. 

  1. Varied Features
  • Since the single DIN only takes up two inches of height space. You can install an additional fold-out screen that is larger and better in quality when compared to a double-DIN display. 
  • Simple and easy to control interface makes the single DIN units easy to use without much hassle. 
  • Though compact in size the single DIN unit can support DVD, Blu-ray and USB functions. 
  • Advanced connectivity to your phone, allowing you to answer calls and helps with navigation.
  1. Interface Usability
  • Without a doubt, this is where you will see the main differences between the two stereo units. The double DIN stereo comes with a wide range of smart options like a dash-cam, reverse cam, sync with your smartphone to create a hassle-free experience when driving in your car. 
  • You should keep in mind that even though double DIN units are way more advanced with all the features and functionality it offers. Single DIN units are made to be practical and some unique modes offer a variety of features. 
  • If you want to tally between both of them to see which is better between the single DIN or the double DIN. you should always start by comparing the face place of the stock stereo unit installed in the car from the showroom. 
  • If you have a stock Single DIN head unit, you have the liberty to upgrade to a similar unit but with a double-DIN unit, things won’t be as easy. 

Which DIN is Better?

If you are worried about shifting from a double-DIN stereo to a much more compact single DIN unit, then you shouldn’t be worried. Apart from the larger size and user interface. Double DINs don’t necessarily mean better audio performance or sound quality.

Most of the best car stereos have a pre-amp output that provides a dedicated power amplification to your speakers providing excellent audio quality and clarity. 

So if your double DIN unit does not have a built-in amplifier that resembles most car amplifiers there isn’t much difference between the single DIN and double DIN. The biggest advantage of owning a double-DIN headset is the large vibrant display with a touch screen makes it easier to use while driving. 

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A large display means the ability to play videos in HD quality that is sure to entertain the others seated in the car. 

If you prefer simplicity and good sound response, a Single DIN unit should be your top preference, if you spend a lot of time traveling and require some entertainment while resting up for the night. A large screen and HD quality definitely make it worth it. 

What do you need for your installation?

Present-day cars come with a stock casing and stereo that requires an installation kit if you want to install a single-DIN or Double DIN stereo unit. Here’s what you need to do this installation without a hassle. 

  • First, you will need to measure the size of the aftermarket stereo unit you want to install. 
  • Check if the measurement taken fits the stock dashboard.
  • Check all the wireless and harness are provided if everything is included.

Now comes the difficult part, you will get a mounting kit with your aftermarket stereo, this will help you fix the stereo in place inside the DIN chassis. You will also need a wiring harness to help you with the internal connections. Labeling your wire helps ensure the connections are connected in the right place. 

Single Din vs Double Din

Some cars require additional power to make the stereo unit work, you will be provided with a power adapter with the stereo unit to supply the unit with the required power. 

Some cars provide you with a cutout line that can be either Single DIN or Double DIN grooved to help you break it out to have a perfect fit. 

Single Din vs Double Din

Checking your dashboard for those cutout grooves will help you make the right decision of the stereo unit you need to purchase. Rather than customizing your entire dashboard for it. 


Can a double-DIN fit in a single din?

No, unless there is a stock panel that is still fitted in the dashboard. Where you can measure both the single din units space and the fake panel to get the complete face size of the unit. You can remove the fake panel by cutting it out or removing the dashboard and replacing the fake panel with your double DIN unit. 

Is there any difference in sound between the Double DIN and Single DIN?

No, Both units can come with a built-in pre-amp that may be of higher quality but provides the same amplification to the car speakers. You should prefer a good set of branded speakers with tweeters and subwoofers that will provide you high-quality sound from whichever audio unit you might have, be it single or double. 

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If your unit comes with a built-in pre-amp you will not require an additional one and it is best suggested to take your car to an audio professional that fixes the right quality speakers to bring out the best from your stereo unit. 

Does a Double DIN require more power to work?

Most cars have a standard power supply unit for all stereos to work, in very rare cases it may differ but in those cases, the company provides a converter to power the Double DIN unit. Checking the back of the box of your car stereo can give you the information required for you to see if the power supply for your car is suitable with the stereo. 

This mainly occurs if you’ve bought the head unit from another country, so it is always best to check this info before anything else. 

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