Which JBL Speakers Can Connect Using The JBL Connect Function in 2022

by Michael Dwain

If you’ve heard about JBL Connect+ then article will tell you which JBL speakers can connect using the JBL Connect function. It will also cover how to connect two JBL speakers wirelessly and how you can connect other JBL speakers simultaneously.

Over the last couple of years, we’ve noticed JBL put out some of the most premium portable speakers and headphones that have grabbed the attention of most audiophiles. With most of their speakers and headphones offering robust bass and crisp highs, there is nothing not to like about their line of audio equipment. 

JBL has upped their game with their new line of speakers that offer super-fast connectivity and new features that have only gotten better. I’ve noticed their lower range of speakers has current features removed but are added with interconnecting options like the JBL Connect+ app. 

With this app you and your friends can interconnect their JBL speakers to create a better listening experience anywhere they feel like. It has a louder sound and can be set up according to the space you are around. 

Not all JBL speakers support this option, so I’m going to be taking you through the ones that do and how to interconnect them using Connect+.

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What is JBL Connect and Connect+ Function?

Connect and Connect+ is an inbuilt patented feature on the JBL series of portable speakers. The purpose of this feature is to help interconnect all JBL speakers allowing them to sync with one another and play music simultaneously without any lag between them. 

By doing this you can create a better and louder listening experience that can cover a large area and can interconnect over hundred speakers to create infinite possibilities. This also creates a perception of listening to sound with a stereo understanding. This works amazingly well when trying to create an ambiance in an outdoor setting. 

Which JBL Speakers Can Connect Using The JBL Connect Function

List of JBL Speakers Can Connect Using The JBL Connect Function

The Connect+ is a new and improved feature compared to the old connecting portal that was available in the previous generation of portable speakers. Below is the list of the latest Bluetooth portable speakers that support the Connect+ function.

  • JBL Xtreme 2 – One of the best-selling portable large speakers that are perfect for outdoor parties and picnics. It supports Connect+, comes with the latest Bluetooth connectivity, and is waterproof. 
  • JBL Charge 4 – The charge 4 is very similar to the Xtreme 2 but comes in half the size. It supports all the features of Xtreme along with ANC on calls. It supports Connect + and is waterproof.
  • JBL Flip 4 – The Flip 4 is a smaller version of the Charge 4, with fewer features that exclude the ANC on calls. It supports Connect+ with the latest Bluetooth connectivity and is waterproof. 
  • JBL Pulse 3 – Known for its super cool light animation of the exterior grill of the speakers, the pulse 3 is a common hit among youngsters. It supports Connect+ with Bluetooth connectivity and is waterproof. 
  • JBL Boombox – This is a powerhouse of a speaker that is larger than the Xtreme 2 with a design close to an old-school boombox. It supports Connect+ with fast Bluetooth connectivity and is waterproof. 
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The latest generation of speakers has upgraded the connect+ option to the new improved PartyBoost feature that allows you to do the same as the connect+ feature. Some of the new JBL speakers with the new feature are. 

Some of the speakers with the older Connect option are.

As you see the interconnecting technology has gotten better and better over the years taking different names with the new series of JBL portable speakers. But the intention is the same, to help create a louder experience with surround sound set up to your liking. 

How Does JBL Connect+ Work?

Almost all the portable speakers from JBL support the option to connect with each other, but each gen of portable speakers has a different software name to connect to and can only be interconnected with that platform. 

The first two generations of JBL portable speakers can interconnect with each other using the Connect feature. This feature is not compatible with the JBL speakers that have Connect+ or PartyBoost.

The third and fourth generations of JBL portable speakers use the Connect+ feature; one easy way of identifying this is by checking for the Connect+ icon on the options dock of the speaker.

Which JBL Speakers Can Connect Using The JBL Connect Function

This feature will not be compatible with the connect feature of the previous generation of portable JBL speakers that support just Connect. 

The latest generation of JBL portable speakers have the party boost option which does the same as the above but connects way faster with lower latency than the above connecting options.

How to Connect JBL Speakers Using JBL Connect+

The JBL Connect+ features are a remarkable advancement for portable speakers where you can use two-three small speakers and set them up in sync rather than buying oversized difficulty to carry speakers. With present-day Bluetooth, it is possible to interconnect over 100 speakers in sync and JBL took advantage of this and has been able to put out some amazing sound using this method. 

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If you are new to connecting speakers together or using the Connect+, here’s how you can get it done. 

Which JBL Speakers Can Connect Using The JBL Connect Function
  • Turn On your JBL speaker and hold down on the pairing mode of the primary speaker. This speaker will be the first one connected to your phone and will be the source of musical data to be provided to the speaker you want to connect it to. 
  • Now turn on the other speaker you want the primary speaker to connect to using the Connect+ feature.
Which JBL Speakers Can Connect Using The JBL Connect Function
  • Make sure the Bluetooth is off on the secondary speaker in order for the Connect+ to work.
  • Now open your Spotify, Apple Music, or any music app that you are comfortable with and play it on the primary speaker. 
Which JBL Speakers Can Connect Using The JBL Connect Function
  • Once you hear the music being played on the primary speaker, press the Connect+ button on the secondary speaker. 
  • Now, wait till the speaker searches for the primary speaker, once it is identified it will automatically connect to the primary speaker and play the music coming out of the primary speaker. 
  • You can confirm the connection by looking at the LED indicator for a solid connection. 
Which JBL Speakers Can Connect Using The JBL Connect Function
  • It usually takes half a minute to get the speakers paired so don’t rush the process and wait.
  • If you want to disconnect an individual speaker for the series of speakers, you can do so by hitting the Connect+ on that particular speaker. 
  • The procedure is the same as the older gen portable speaker with just connect as well as the new party boost edition. 
Which JBL Speakers Can Connect Using The JBL Connect Function


Can Connect and Connect+ work together?

No, JBL has designed these speakers to sync with only their generation of speakers, by doing this JBL provides a more constant sound when using the feature.

If the older version with older parts interconnects to the latest speakers. You can audibly hear the difference between the two creating an unbalanced listening experience from both. 

That’s why they have made sure speakers with only connect can connect with each other and the same with connect+ and Partyboost. 

Can Connect+ and PartyBoost interconnect?

No, Connect+ can only be interconnected to other JBL speakers that also have connect+. This is done to create a uniformity in the sound and avoid any unbalanced elements being heard when played together. 

How many JBL speakers can you connect simultaneously?

You can connect up to 100 JBL Bluetooth speakers at a time and this will increase your audio output by up to 100 times.


I hope this article has helped you understand exactly how the interconnecting feature of JBL works. This feature is here to stay and is definitely one that will make JBL stand out from the rest when it comes to completely creating a 360 surround sound atmosphere by using just these unique portable powerhouses. 

As a personal note, I would suggest you wait for a while if you are planning on investing in a JBL portable speaker with PartyBoost to use the feature as there are few models as of now and a whole lot in the pipeline. So if you’re planning on getting it just for this feature, the older version of Connect+ will offer connecting possibilities. 

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