Why are my Bluetooth Headphones Not Connecting to my Mac 2022 | 6 Quick Fixes Worth Trying

by Michael Dwain

Are you facing connectivity issues and are wondering Why are my Bluetooth Headphones Not Connecting to my Mac? Read on to find out more!

Connecting Bluetooth headphones to your Mac should be simple because you’ll be up and running in just a few steps. You can sit away from your screen without straining using Bluetooth headphones.

When you’re on a conference call, they also offer you the flexibility to walk around. Unfortunately, when connecting your headphones to your Mac, you may run into issues.

We’ll go over the reasons behind this and how to troubleshoot and fix them in this article.

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Why are my Bluetooth headphones not connecting to my Mac?

Because devices are not configured to discoverable, devices are not in range, headphones are linked to other devices, Bluetooth versions are different, and headphones are low on power, your Bluetooth headphones fail to connect to your Mac.

Your Devices Are Not on Bluetooth Pairing Mode

Why are my Bluetooth Headphones Not Connecting to my Mac

To pair your speaker with your Mac, make sure they’re both discoverable. Follow these steps to make your Mac discoverable:

• Switch on your Mac.

• Go to the Apple menu.

• From the drop-down option, choose “System Preference.”

• Select “Bluetooth” from the drop-down menu.

• Click “Connect” after selecting the device.

Once your Mac is connected to your headphones, it will stay that way until you disconnect it. You may also pair your Mac with Bluetooth headphones by selecting the device to be associated with from the Bluetooth status symbol in the menu bar. To activate Bluetooth pairing mode on your Bluetooth speaker, follow these steps:

• Put your headphones on.

• Press and hold the power button (which also serves as the pairing button) for a few seconds.

• When the light indicator blinks rapidly, release the button.

• Your headphones will now be able to connect to your Mac.

The Bluetooth Headphones and Mac are Not in Range

Why are my Bluetooth Headphones Not Connecting to my Mac

The operational range of headphones, on the other hand, differs from one device to the next. Some headphones have a short range of functioning, while others have a longer range. Bluetooth headphones like the NuForce BE6i and BlueAnt have a range of over 98 feet.

Other Devices Are Connected to your Bluetooth Headphones

Why are my Bluetooth Headphones Not Connecting to my Mac

If you’ve already associated your headphones with your phone, connecting them to your Mac may be difficult. You must first unpair your headphones before connecting them to your Mac in this situation.

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You can unpair your headphones by pressing and holding the power button for a long time, which will allow the procedure to continue. To disconnect your headphones from your iPhone, go to Settings > Bluetooth > Unpair Headphones.

• Select “Bluetooth” from the “Settings” menu.

• From the drop-down option, select “Forget This Device.”

• Tap the I icon next to the name of your headphones.

• Confirm that you want to disconnect your iPhone’s headphones.

Upair on Android by:

• Switch on Bluetooth.

• Select your headphones’ name from the drop-down menu.

• Touch “Unpair” or “Forget” after selecting the device name.

The Bluetooth Version of your Mac is not Compatible with the Headphones

Over the years, Bluetooth technology has undergone numerous tweaks and improvements. As a result, if your headphones and Mac use different Bluetooth versions, you can have trouble connecting them.

Bluetooth is, in essence, backwards compatible. This means that newer versions can still work with older ones. Check the Bluetooth version on your Mac and update it if necessary to improve pairing capabilities.

Furthermore, Bluetooth headphones with the most recent Bluetooth version link faster. As a result, select a headset that includes this feature.

The Battery Life of Your Headphones is Low

Why are my Bluetooth Headphones Not Connecting to my Mac

Low battery impacts not just the sound quality of your headphones, but also their ability to pair. If you’re having problems connecting your headphones to your Mac, it’s likely that your headphones’ battery is running low.

Make sure your devices are fully charged and plugged in before you link them. Even if your headphones still have power, make sure to fully charge them because the remaining energy will drain more faster than you expect.

How to Deal with Stuttering and Distortion when Connected to a Mac

Why are my Bluetooth Headphones Not Connecting to my Mac

Your Bluetooth headphones may relent and allow pairing with the Mac after troubleshooting all of the aforementioned issues. However, the sound quality of your headphones may be poor. The following are some of the factors that contribute to this distortion:

  • Awful Pairing – There may be stuttering in the sound output if your headphones and Mac have not been properly linked. The best method is to turn off and on. Unpair and turn off your headphones, then restart your Mac and pair them again. The sound quality should improve as a result of this troubleshooting.
  • The Distance Between Your Mac and Your Headphones –The Bluetooth connection is at its best when headphones are used within a certain operating range. The sound quality degrades as the range is exceeded. Remove any additional obstacles between your Headphones and Mac for optimum sound. The sound quality may be affected by other devices connected to Bluetooth or Wi-Fi signals.
  • Failure to correctly pair individual buds – You can choose to listen to just one earbud at a time with wire free and true wireless earphones. There is, however, a method for doing so. The sound output will stutter if both ear buds are paired and just one is kept in your pocket. Read the manufacturer’s manual and learn how to use a single-bud earbud correctly to get the most out of it.
  • Several Bluetooth Devices Are Connected – Stuttering may occur if you have many Bluetooth devices connected at the same time. Disconnect any other devices that aren’t in use to avoid this problem. Audio distortion may occur if your headphones are connected to your Mac, which is simultaneously connected to a smart watch.
  • Software that is no longer supported – The sound quality will undoubtedly be harmed if your headphones come with a companion app that uses outdated software. In this situation, you’ll need to update the app’s firmware to fix the audio quality problem. Although a software update may appear to be a simple solution, it may or may not work.
  • Utilizing Companion Apps – If you have the app that comes with your headphones on your phone, you should try to disable the extra features that come with it. Audio distortions may be caused by features such as equalizers and noise cancellation. When troubleshooting, make sure to remove any extraneous features that could be causing the audio distortion.
  • Audio Codec for Bluetooth – Go to Bluetooth settings on your device and tap the I or settings icon next to the headphones. Check out the alternatives accessible to you after touching on this option. Headphones with HD Audio or comparable codecs are available. Fortunately, you can turn it on and off to see if the audio quality has improved.


What Is the Range of a Wireless Headphone?

The Bluetooth range for headphones is rising as Bluetooth technology improves. The normal operational range of most wireless headphones is roughly 33 feet. NuForce BE6i (30 meters), BlueAnt Pump Lite HD Wireless (30 meters), Jabra Evolve 65 (30 meters), Plantronics Backbeat Pro (100 meters), and Master and Dynamic MW60 are some of the top headphones with outstanding range (over 30 meters).

What Is the Battery Life of Bluetooth Headphones?

Bluetooth earbuds can last up to six hours on a single charge, while headsets can last anywhere from six to twelve hours. When features like active noise cancellation are included, some premium brands can last up to 30 hours on average (ANC).

Can a Bluetooth Headphone Be Overcharged?

It is safe to overcharge and over-discharge a Bluetooth headset because it cannot be charged if it is overcharged. As a result, you can use the Bluetooth headphones anyway you like without fear of overcharging.

Is it Possible to Connect Bluetooth Headphones to a Mac?

Bluetooth Headphones can be connected to a Mac. Select “System Preferences” from the Apple menu, and then “Bluetooth” from the Bluetooth menu. Your headphones should now show up in the list of devices to pair.

On my Mac, how can I get Bluetooth to work?

To see if your Mac has Bluetooth, go to the Apple logo, pick “About this Mac,” then “System Report,” where “Bluetooth” will be shown. If you don’t see “Bluetooth,” it’s because your Mac lacks the feature.

Can Two Bluetooth Headphones Be Connected to a MacBook?

Yes, two Bluetooth headphones can be connected to your MacBook at the same time. You’ll need to utilize the Audio MIDI software, which may be found in the Applications folder under the Utilities section.


Bluetooth headphones should work with your Mac without a hitch. However, bad connectivity is unavoidable owing to a variety of causes, including Bluetooth version differences. While these issues are inconvenient, they can be resolved in a few simple actions.

However, troubleshooting each and every possible reason and narrowing down to what is causing the connectivity issue will take time and determination.

We hope that this post has clarified the situation and motivated you to take action.

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