Why Cant Callers Hear Me On My AirPods? | All You Need to Know!

by Michael Dwain

If you’ve ever wondered why cant callers hear me on my AirPods, then you’re not alone.

Imagine, you are expecting an important call from your boss and are waiting for it all day and when it finally arrives, you get set with your new AirPods and attend the call. But the entire time your boss fails to hear a thing and suddenly you are more worried about your new AirPods not functioning. 

More than what they have to say! However, you disconnect them and place your phone on your ear to discuss things but your mind still revolves around why couldn’t your boss hear you through your AirPods? 

While the earphones and headphones industry has seen an evolution like no other, AirPods stand as the Optimus Prime of in-ear headsets in today’s day and age. One of the best pieces of tech discovered by mankind, AirPods stand as the epitome of brilliance. 

However, even the best face criticism at times and AirPods have been in the tabloids for the very issue you are facing – Callers on the other side unable to hear through the device. 

Well, let us save you any more Google searches and get right to the point as to why AirPods let down their users during calls.

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Why Cant Callers Hear Me On My AirPods?

There are a number of reasons why callers won’t be able to hear what you say if you use AirPods. But two of the primary reasons are:

  • Your iOS or Android device requires a Software Update
  • There might be a problem with your AirPods Microphone

Let’s take a quick look at both these problems and how you can fix them at home.

Your Device Requires a Software Update

If your iOS isn’t updated these troubles may occur. However, if you are using a third-party or external application for handling your calls, make sure you have the latest iOS update of the app installed on your phone.


If you just found out it isn’t the latest version you are using, download the update and reset your AirPods. 

For iPhone software update:

  • Visit Settings
  • Select General
  • Tap on Software update to check if available

For Android phones software update:

  • Go to Settings
  • Scroll down to Software Update
  • Tap on Check for Updates

Issues with the AirPods Microphone

There are some possible microphone related issues that can result in people not being able to hear what you say when using your AirPods. These issues can range from your microphone settings to additional features such as automatic detection and even network issues that can play a role here.

Let’s take a quick look at each of the possible scenarios and see how we can fix them.

Fix 1 — Modify the AirPods Primary Microphone Settings

The most common root of this issue lies in the microphone settings. AirPods microphone may not be set as the primary microphone during calls and hence, your callers may fail to hear you. 

  • Click on the Settings app
  • Go to Call interface
  • Select Audio
  • Tap on AirPods and you’re done

Fix 2 — Switching Between Left and Right Ear

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By default, your AirPods’ microphones are set to ‘Automatically Switch’. This option swings the microphones between left and right as per its convenience. And at times, this causes one of the AirPods to lag or fail to pick up sound consistently. Setting either the Left or the Right AirPods as your primary microphone can help resolve this matter. 

Here’s how you do it:

  • Visit Settings
  • Open Bluetooth
  • Select the “i” icon next to your AirPods
  • Tap on Microphone
  • Choose your left or right AirPod as your primary microphone and you are good to go!

Fix 3 — Disabling Automatic Detection on your AirPods

Any bugs or glitches can also cause your phone call to be disrupted and create hassles. To resolve this, disabling the automatic ear detection can be useful. 

Here’s how you can do it:

  • Go to Settings
  • Open Bluetooth
  • Select the “i” icon next to your AirPods
  • Switch off the toggle next to Automatic Ear Detection

Fix 4 — Your AirPods are Dirty

While this is a known fact, dust, dirt and earwax can clog your expensive earbuds and thus, fail in performing their functions. A simple hack of using a cotton swab to clean the inner portions of your AirPods can do the trick. 

Fix 5 — Reset your Device Network Settings

In some cases, resetting the network settings might just do the job! Besides, this also clears all saved Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connections.

For iPhone users:

  • Go to Settings 
  • Tap on General 
  • Click on Reset 
  • Select Reset Network Settings

For Android users:

  • Visit Settings 
  • Choose General management or System, whichever your device shows
  • Select Reset
  • Tap on Reset Network settings and you are done!

Fix 6 — Your AirPods are on Mute 

While this seems childish, this may be a reason you often overlook it because of how trivial it is. Probably your phone is on mute and all you need to do is raise the volume. 

Also, some smartphones entirely disable sound input and output from wireless headsets even if connected at times. If this is the case for you, check your audio output and input settings time and again, before calling. 

Fix 7 — Disabling Sound Check on AirPods

Sound check often reduces the volume output in your device. Disabling it allows you to raise your volume to the maximum level and clear the issue. 

If you are an iPhone user, here’s what you can do:

  • Go to Settings 
  • Scroll down to Music 
  • Switch off the toggle next to Sound Check. You can also select the Volume limit and raise it to the maximum level.

If you are an Android user, here’s what you can do:

  • Open Settings
  • Tap on ‘Sounds & Vibration
  • Select Volume
  • Adjust the volume

Fix 8 — Checking Low Power Mode on AirPods

Low power mode restricts certain features and reduces the capability of most specs. This includes Bluetooth-connected devices. If you have it turned on, disabling low power mode can be the fix you were looking for.

  • Go to Settings
  • Scroll down to Battery
  • Switch off the toggle next to Low Power Mode if it is switched on

Resetting your AirPods

When your phone goes through a system update or you just tried resetting your network settings, it is a good idea to reset your AirPods as well. This might just resolve the issue with no real effort. 

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If you haven’t done any of these things, then you need to ‘Forget’ your AirPods from your list of connected devices in Bluetooth. 

Next, make sure your AirPods have at least fifty percent of battery power. 

  • Keep the AirPods in the charging case with the lid closed
  • Leave them for about half a minute
  • After 30 seconds, open the lid
  • Press and hold the button at the back of the case until a white light flashes
  • This should take about fifteen seconds
  • With the case open, check your list of available Bluetooth devices and follow the procedure listed on your smartphone

How Do I Test Sound on AirPods?

If you’re using an iPhone, you can test your AirPods in just a few steps. 

Here’s how: 

  • Go to Home screen
  • Tap on Utilities
  • Select Voice Memos
  • Tap on the Record icon to start recording
  • Speak into the microphone
  • Once done, stop by clicking on the same button
  • Tap on Play to hear the recording 

You can also attempt a FaceTime call or use Siri to test the audio and ensure your AirPods are functioning as expected. 


Do AirPods have in-built noise cancellation?

The AirPods Pro and AirPods Max possess a kind of active noise cancellation function. On the Active Noise Cancellation option, the outwards facing microphones on the AirPods will pick up any outside noises and scan them through the anti-noise system. 

This external noise countermeasure works for sounds both inside and outside your ears. This also ensures that you hear only what you are looking to hear. 

The AirPods also possess a ‘Transparency mode’ feature. In this mode, the AirPods will partly let through external sounds, allowing you to hear and have a sense of what’s going on around you.

Finally, the Off mode of the noise cancellation feature is much like the Transparency mode, but the Off Mode does not allow any kind of sound to enter as the Transparency mode does.

Can I talk to Siri through my AirPods?

Apple devices become apple devices when they can communicate with Siri. Since AirPods are a product of Apple, talking to Siri is very much possible on them too. 
Interacting with Siri through AirPods is quite easy and can get easier, depending on the AirPods you possess. 

If you are using the AirPods Max or AirPods Pro, all you have to do is say “Hey Siri,” as you would on your iPhone, Macbook or other Apple devices. 

For the standard issue AirPods, you will have to double-tap either of the connected AirPods to make Siri appear and communicate with you.

Are AirPods Waterproof?

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In this matter, AirPods may be the ‘black sheep’ of the Apple family as unlike any of its cousins, AirPods are not waterproof. 

But you can’t blame Apple for that as it is next to impossible to make speakers waterproof and of premium quality. You can only choose one. 

Maybe Apple can make note of this issue or is probably working in some corner of the world trying to build excellent audio devices that have the ability to withstand water to a certain extent but unfortunately at present, that is not a reality. 

Although if it is any consolation, Apple claims that their AirPods are both dust and sweat-resistant.

In Conclusion

While AirPods may offer some technical difficulties now and then, it also offers one of the best audio experiences in everyday life. With a host of useful features in its price range, it is one of the best consumer headsets for a reason. 

Now that you know why this issue persists, make sure you help out those facing the same problem while calling. And if you are planning to buy a pair but are hesitant because of similar experiences with your friends or family, rest assured, Apple’s confidence in its products is way more than any other brand in the market. 

These problems will come and go but the service the brand provides to its customers in exchange for their loyalty is unparalleled and probably will be for a few years to come. 

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