Why Has All My Music Disappeared From Apple Music and How To Fix It 2022

by Michael Dwain

If you’ve ever wondered, why has all my music disappeared from Apple Music and how to fix it, then don’t worry because you’re not alone. In fact millions of Apple users have faced this issue off late and have brought it up with Apple’s Support team.

Apple Support states that main reasons your music library could get deleted from Apple Music is if you’ve recently updated your iPhone to iOS 14, logged out of iTunes or if your Apple Music subscription has ended.

I’ve managed to figure out some quick hacks and solutions to get you back on track with your missing playlist.

Read on to find out everything you need to know about why your music has disappeared from Apple Music and how you can fix it.

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Why Has All My Music Disappeared From Apple Music and How To Fix It

Reasons Why Your Music From Apple Music Has Disappeared

New iOS 14 Update Has Some Possible Bugs

Apple iOS security is one of the best in the world and this is possible by providing regular updates to their iOS product, from their Macbook Pro to their AirPods all their products go through regular updates every week or so. And a whole operating system updates every year. 

The most recent update is the iOS 14 which provided iPhone’s with amazing new features and lighting fast processing. Some of the new features included the super cool picture in picture and compact phone calls. 

Siri has been completely revamped and functions extremely well with better response to commands. 

On the downside, a lot of Apple music users lost their music during this update.

I’ll show you a couple of troubleshooting steps later to help you solve this issue. 

Your Apple Music Subscription May Have Expired

Why Has All My Music Disappeared From Apple Music and How To Fix It

Apple Music provides a free trial to their music where you can download your favorite music into the device and listen to them offline as well. Usually, it is for three months and we tend to forget that it’s a paid service that needs to be renewed every month. 

If this subscription expires your downloaded music will fail to play and if left that way, it will be cleared out. So have a quick check with the subscription by checking your iTunes on your Apple device. 

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There is also a chance you’ve changed your payment credentials and apple was unable to renew your subscription. Going to your Apple ID credentials and double-checking your payment info can help you solve this issue. 

So if you’ve not renewed your Apple music lately that’s the reason why your songs are missing. Once you renew it, your music should be back if the songs are still in your internal storage. If deleted you’ll have to add all your music back again. 

You May Have Logged out from iTunes

Why Has All My Music Disappeared From Apple Music and How To Fix It

Usually, Apple security works in a way where if you’re not logged into your Apple ID in your MacBook book for a while and you’ve not entered it when prompted on the MacBook screen.

It will log you out on your MacBook as well as your other devices linked to the same Apple ID. 

When this happens it disables your iCloud and iTunes and reverts back to anything that involves the Apple ID, if not logged back in. But the moment you do log back in, everything will be updated across all devices to the way you’ve set it. Including your downloaded Apple music.

How to Restore Your Music Library After the iOS 14 Update

So we’ve understood that there can be three possibilities of why your downloaded music from your Apple Music has disappeared. After eliminating the possibilities of an expired subscription and being logged out of iTunes. The most common cause has been after the most recent iOS update. 

So here’s how you can get your music back by following the below steps. 

Deleting Unwanted Junk Files

Why Has All My Music Disappeared From Apple Music and How To Fix It

If you’re low on storage or have a lot of unwanted files taking up space on your iPhone or iPad can cause your music to disappear. This can be due to the low storage space for the phone to function. 

Clearing out and backing up all your photos to iCloud can help free up some much-required space to rectify this issue. I would suggest keeping at least 25 percent of your space free for your Apple device to function to its full potential.

Restart the phone and check if your Apple music has reverted back to your iTunes playlist. 

Resetting Your Apple Device

Why Has All My Music Disappeared From Apple Music and How To Fix It

There is a chance your Apple device has a bug in the OS that is causing your music to disappear. This can be easily be resolved with the manual reset of the phone. Follow the below steps to do a hard reset. 

  • Turn off your iPhone or iPad
  • Hold down on the volume down button on the side of your iPhone or iPad while simultaneously holding down on the power button and don’t let go. 
  • Wait till you see the Apple logo, once it comes up you can remove your fingers from the volume and power button. 
  • It might take longer than usual, this means you’ve done it right. 
  • Once turned on, check your iTunes for your music.
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If it still hasn’t reverted follow the next troubleshooting step

Check if Apple Music Toggle is Turned On

Why Has All My Music Disappeared From Apple Music and How To Fix It

There is a good chance that your Apple Music might be turned off in the phone setting, this can happen when updating your phone to iOS 14. 

  • Open the Setting option on your iPhone or Apple device.
  • You will see the Music icon in the list of options, tap on it. 
  • Once opened you should see an option to turn on “Show Apple Music”.
  • Check if it’s turned on.
  • Turn it off and on and restart your Apple device and check if your music is back.
  • If turned off, turn it on restart and check if your music is back. 

Enable Your iCloud Music Library

Why Has All My Music Disappeared From Apple Music and How To Fix It

When your Apple device goes through the iOS 14 update your iCloud Music Library is automatically turned off and back when the phone reboots but in some cases, it might have not turned back on because of internet connectivity issues. 

Manually signing back into your iCloud account on your Apple device can easily solve this problem. Follow the steps below to re-sync your iCloud. 

Enable Your iCloud Music Library on iPhone and iPad

Why Has All My Music Disappeared From Apple Music and How To Fix It

Open your iPhone and go to the Settings, scroll down to the Music icon and open it. You will find the toggle to turn on the iCloud Music Library.

When you turn it On it will request your login credentials for iTunes.

Login and you should be good to go. 

Enable Your iCloud Music Library on Macbook Pro/ Macbook Air/ iMac

Why Has All My Music Disappeared From Apple Music and How To Fix It

Open your Mac device, Open your Apple music in iTunes. Once you’ve opened Apple Music, open the iTunes preference option of iTunes which should be available to you on the top right-hand side of the screen. 

Click on the General tab in the preference menu, you will see the option “Sync Library” click on it and refresh your playlist or restart your Mac to see results. 

Note: Once you’ve turned on the iCloud Music Library, you will find an option called Keep Music. Activate the option, once done your computer will take some time but you will soon be able to listen and view all your music from Apple Music. 

Restoring your Music Library from iTunes

Why Has All My Music Disappeared From Apple Music and How To Fix It

If the music that has disappeared from your Apple music has been purchased from iTunes. You can easily recover it by following the below steps. 

  • Open the Apple device you want the music restored on and open your iTunes.
  • Once opened, log into your iTunes account with your Apple ID that you used to purchase the music. 
  • Now choose the option Account.
  • Under the account, you will find the Purchased option.
  • All your purchased items will be displayed now.
  • Choose Not in My Library option.
  • You will be able to see all the music that is purchased.
  • Choose the music you want back and tap re-download.
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This process is long but it will definitely get your music back. 


I hope by following all the above steps you were able to recover all your favorite music, this error has recently been an issue from the most recent update and chances are Apple won’t allow this to happen again being a premium brand it is.

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